uni commuter spotted in Sunnyvale
from an 'article in rec.bicycles.misc' (http://tinyurl.com/a3jm4 ): > This morning, I saw a commuter unicycling. He seemed dressed for work > - > quite neatly...

Long pants under leg armor?
------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http://www.unicyclist.c...

LX,DX, or DX?
I an't decide whether I should get the Torker 20'' LX, 20'' DX, or 24'' DX. I had a friend that used to have a few unicycles and he tought me to ride. I could ride as far as I wanted...

i built my own bc!!!
i just finished building my bc wheel, it has a tire of the front wheel of my old bmx b*ke and it looks awsome!! i just put the pegs i had on the front tires but i didnt tighten them al...

crnk slide movie
well I know this isnt fasinating to all of the people here but i did learn how to crank slide so i thought I would show you guys to of the better clips..... 'movie' (http://...

Unicyclist Needed in Calgary, AB!!!!
URGENT! I am trying to find a unicyclist in Calgary, AB. My company is hosting a scavenger hunt for charity, part of the hunt is to have a picture of a team member ride a u...

Re: Freestyle crank lenth?
is shorter cranks better for freestyle and what lenth do you recon is the best -- Butty - bout level 5/6 )-0 yer you're right, but only when i say you a...

150 cranks for 04 kh 24?
Does anyone know where i can get (in the u.k) 150 cranks?I want to go smaller than 170,s and can only see 140,s on unicycle .com. Thanks in advance, Stu. -- ...

Santa Barbara Riders, what size wheel for CA Muni Weekend?
Other than my KH20 for the trials. What is the perfect wheel size for the riding we will be doing? I want to make sure I bring the right tools. Ive only seen a few pictures. ...

I UPD'd on the weekend at got some sand in my shinpads and through out the day it mixed with sweat and made quite an effective grinding paste and removed a 3cm square area of skin from...

Lars Clausen on Evening Magazine
Lars Clausen was on a TV show called Evening Magazine tonight. Evening Magazine is a local TV magazine show for the Washington state area. Some might recall that Evening Magazine did...

Art for Cyclists
Art for Cyclists Visit http://BikingArt.com Great Art and affordable prices! Sign up for our newsletter while visiting our site.

Unicycle article in Globe and Mail
August 30 page A7 of Canada's national Globe and Mail news paper. A well written article about unicycleing. The rider is Bryan Corry from Victoria BC and there is a photo of him ridei...

So is Defect coming out tommorow?
I heard the release date was the 31st. Any word if that date is going to be met -- Ingo van Thiel - The Duke of Hazzards I am nothing, and nothing is perfec...

Does anyone have instructions on installing the UDC magura hydralic breaks on a GB 36 frame? Thanks. -- tuck ------------------------------------------...

Re: Large Marge 24
Live Wire built me a Profile/Large Marge 24 which I'm running with a Duro 3 incher. The wheelset slips straight onto my Lightrider (Lyteryder??) frame. I've only ridden with it yeste...

Scarboro' Uni/Juggly Convo
Thought I would drop a reminder in here for the Scarborough Juggling and Unicycling Convention, as no-one else has, certainly not recently. This weekend: Friday evening to Sunday for a...

What size of tire for Muni ?
ALright I wanna get my self a muni so Im wondering between 24 and 26 I was wondering what you guys suggest ? Im think aobut big offroad with drops and stuff . -- ...

Re: my new bc
yay, after waiting for ages i finally got a bc wheel :D i got it for my birthday, which was almost a month ago :rolleyes: and its really really cool :cool: -- a...

Thinking of my KH29, Anyone interested?
Its still in really good condition, and I'm planning on getting it tune up. THE BAD THINGS ABOUT THE UNI: -The seat post is really short -The seat post is really scratc...

The Road Razor. Suggestions
new cranks fitted. The 700c now weighs 10.8 pounds - complete with front and rear lights and computer. Compared to my Nimbus 20 in standard trim which weighs 11.4 poun...

Thank you Uincycle dot uk dot com
Service second to none. A week ago, I ordered some parts. They arrived on the working day after I ordered them. Due to a packaging error, I received two left sided cr...

unicycle lessons in los angeles
hey all, i need some help finding some sort of unicycle school or any sort of unicycle classes in the los angeles area. any ideas? justine -- justine ...

old antique Schwinn 20" bike-StingRay ? EBay-$25

where is everyone staying for ca muni weekend
my fam desnt want to camp or doesnt wanna go to motel 6, where is everyone else stayin at? also how hard / tecchnical are the muni rides? thatnks -- ben_unruh - u...

How to keep my wheel from wobblin'
dose anyone have any tips for me on how to keep wheel strait when im going at high speeds 'cause im starting to ware holes in my 661's when the tyre rubs them -- ...

Re: progress? hmm
Twice today I made a full revolution on the uni :) With all the questions I think about (correct posture, seatpost height, balancing, etc) I felt pretty good about that little baby st...

Minnesota Muni Weekend
September 23-25, a group from the Twin Cities will head up to Lutsen, Minnesota for a muni ride up, down and around one of the ski slopes in the area. As I understand it, we will be a...

Cali Muni Weekend early registration almost expired
Notice: Early Registration for Cali Muni Weekend, at a discounted rate, expires this Wednesday, August 31st. So, this is a reminder to get those reg forms in to me, postmarked by Wed...

eventfull skatepark hour
so i just got back from a very eventful hour at the skatepark. i got there figure i would just ride right up the 2 foot box on my 24 inch torker cx, no go it was very hard and i fell(t...

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