just a ride...and pics!
So I decided that I would finally post something on here after a lone unicycle deprived work schedual. This is my third ride this entire summer, so I havent upgraded to high performan...

Internet Videos?
Yo, what's up everyone? I will be posted my street videos on the internet after defect is out, and kinda wondering what people think of that. It goes against what i've said in the...

Back to Back Epic Uni Rides
Back to Back Epicís Part I Day 1 Crack, the sound of a truck door closing awakens me from my deep sleep. I tried to stay up for the arrival of my nephew, Ukiah, but m...

ok well i know everything takes practice but im wodering about jumping.. i see all these videos and you guys are jumping up onto benches and stuff and other really tall objects. I hav...

Uniroids anyone??
OK i know this isn't the most pleasant topic, but 'roids have gotten me. I have never had the asteroids before, but it seems that Viscount seats are good instigators. Does anyone else...

Re: Northstar videos with corbin
Corbin Dunn, Mike S. Colin Daw, Chris L. Jess Reigal, Bevin, and I went to northstar yesterday. we took a couple of videos, they give no justice to the steepness, rockyness, and loosn...

Re: weird kid, weird coach
i was at this baseball tounement this weekend(yes the same one i popped my tire at) and this coach was giving his kids a pep talk they were maybe like 10 and i rode by and they were al...

hey, me corbin, colin, mike s., jess, chris, and bevin went to northstar yesterday. these are the videos we took. http://gallery.unicyclist.com/free4all?page=8 starting with: Nor...

AWESOME Muni Ride!
yep, it was cool.....nothing too imprssive, the view was killer though! 'here' (http://totaluni.com/v-web/gallery/album10) is a link to the gallery. ...

Photos of my 700c
By popular request, on other threads, prob'ly from people who think I'm 104, don't own a unicycle, and make it all up to fool the gullible... If I can get this upload thing to wo...

Riding in the dark
Hi all, I am thinking that, due to various life circumstances (ie going to Uni miles & miles away), if I want to ride regularly & not just at weekends over the winter (which I do)...

Offer: Original Schwinn 20" unicycle tire
I have an old Schwinn 20" unicycle tire that I don't want anymore, so if somebody here wants it, you can have it. If only one person wants it, you can pay me for shipping and I'l...

Tales from the Seaside
Hi all, Having not been on my 29er for about 3 weeks due to aweful weather and a bad dose of the man-flu and since I was feeling a little better I decided I had to go out on her. ...

The Dancefloor Effect
In rock climbing, you sometimes struggle to get onto a really narrow and precarious foothold. You wonder whether you are strong enough or good enough to stay on it. You try the next ...

uni tire
Does anyone know where you can buy a shwin unicycle tire?????? -- xeaza - Try unicycling off a 10 foot cliff ----------------------------------------------------------...

what are some good unicycle gloves
what are some good unicycle goloves with finger and wrist support. are kris holm's the only ones? does 661 make some good ones? thanks -- ben_unruh - unicycling gan...

When idling, should your weight be dispersed the same as when you're riding? or should you put more weight on the wheels? Also how long did it take you to learn to idle?

I need to hop further
does anyone have any tips for me on gapping large distances right now i can consistantly gap about 2 feet -- Radical Reed ----------------------------------------...

Whites Creek Muni Video
I put together a video of the riding I did Friday, and what I'll be doing tomorrow. It isn't terribly exciting, and there isn't any EXTREME riding, just me cruising the easier sections...

Muni with Penny Farthing? (Coker Wheelman)
I'm seriously thinking of getting a Coker Wheelman, you know, the penny-farthing thing on the UDC wesite. Has anyone ever riden one of these? 'Coker Wheelman' (http://www....

Some sweet unicycling:}
I've been unicycling for 3 years i've got a web sight www.wrightsanson.com/taylor And i'm rilly good at unicycling, -- xeaza --------------------------------...

Muni track from Hell -- Venezuela
Hey-- There's a slew of oh-my-God steep, limestone trails following long (many miles) ridges just above my wife's hometown of Valencia, Venezuela. I've hiked these trails f...

what do i do now?
Ok its been exactly 1 week since i picked up my first unicycle and i can ride perfectly well for id say about 250m or so probly more. i can turn 90 degrees and can ride off curbs perfe...

step around
After reading the 'description of the "step around"' (http://www.unicyclist.org/cont/standard_desc.cfm?168a), I always kept wondering how it should be executed. 'Like this' (http:...

My uni parade (PICTURES)
Here are some pictures from a parade I just did today. I rode my giraffe half of the way and my freestyle for the rest. I felt so famous; the club had a special "advanced tricks" (ev...

Evolution of the Road Razor
Inspired by the success of my recent conversion from 110 mm cranks to 102 mm cranks on the 28, recent discussions in this forum about weight saving with lighter tubes on Copkers, and a...

Backwards rolling hop?
I was just wondering if any pros or people can do a good switch rolling hop... It would be a nice street move to do stairs or whatever starting backwards and 180 forwards. Can anyone d...

Hello i am chris, an Australian rider. I have been riding for 2 years now, i am an intermediater rider, i am currently uni-less as she is in another state. I am willing to talk to ever...

Re: Where's Gilby?
Gotta get in touch with him regarding my web hosting account and domain registration. He hasn't been responding to emails or PM's for 3 weeks. -- dogfeathersvt - Forme...

Circomedia Visit pictures, Some for you Klass :)
I went to Bristol this week to look for a room and job but I also went into Circomedia for a visit. So i took some photos and here they are. 'Photos' (http://gallery....

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