Re: Register NAUCC
Hi, I have some quick questions about registering for NAUCC 2005. I realize its to late to register to be a competitor, unless i pay $100 on-site. I was looking on the regestration for...

Craziest man of Minneapolis
38 mph is fast... and now somebody is 'seaching the craziest man of Minneapolis' ( (yes, I'm wondering why as we...

MUNI frames ?????
I am getting a MUNI but i dont know what the best frame to get is. i have looked at the DM engeneering, kris holm, and hunter. i want a 26" so if you have any advise that would be very...

What I’ve learned while unicycling
This thread is about all of those things that we’ve learned while unicycling. It may be a technique that you’ve been working on and have discovered some trick to make it easier. It co...

how to become level one rider, help with level two please
i know you cant learn on only advice but does anybody have any for level two? also i was wondering if anybody knew if you have to be a member of the usa to become a level one ride...

Level 1!!!
------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http://www.unicyclist.c...

Crappy nick-knack
Here's the perfect gift for someone on this forum I can hear the one-liners already: 'Here' ( -- roadkill - Crash Test Dummy ...

re-starter unicycle
About an hour ago I had a whim. Get back on a unicycle. Calls to my therapist, attorney, S.O., state senator, kids,......prayer.......resulted only in laughter. But I'll show 'em. Any...

lost 10 lb. riding my uni!
After my wife commented I looked thinner, I weigh myself last night and found I lost 10 pounds! Since I got my Coker 2 months ago, been riding it every spare time I had. Guess thi...

Minneapolis Meetup
Hey, Im from chicago and im going to be in minneapolis for the weekend. I want to know if anyone wants to get together and ride? Im a level 4. I would like to do trials or M...

Auction question
I put a uni up for auction but its not up for auction.. what did i do wrong? -- E-rod ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Re: almost there just a bit of help
i have almost learned how to static mount i just need a little bit of help, i can get on the peddle just fine every time but as soon as i do i fall off to the left, i do this because t...

Versatility of the KH 29er with 150mm cranks?
Has anyone logged some miles on the KH 29er? I'm looking at getting myself a new Muni for XC type-riding. I like the agility of a smaller wheel when it gets rough, but wouldn't ...

Uni Traitor
Since my pedal ripped out of my crank the other day, requiring a week-long wait for a new pair, I've been riding my bike around. I haven't been on one in at least 8 months and I'll te...

Puzzled by this uni for sale on ebay UK
This is the sort of thing that niggles away at the back of my mind when I should be spending my time doing something more productive (well, anything really). This uni crops ...

backwards wheel walk
has anyone got any tips for backwards ww? i can go about 4 or 5 pushes which is about one 1 rotation of the wheel, but i can't seem to do any better than that. thanks ...

make bc wheel?
i have an old bmx bike with pegs, what if i just took off the wheel and keep the pegs on would that make a good bc wheel or would it not work, please help me cause i wont one of those ...

Which 24" to buy?
Hi all. I have been riding a cheap 20" freestyle for a couple of months now and I have made a lot (i.e. I can ride it - nothing fancy) of progress. I do like "exploring" the...

Convering a trials uni into a freestyle.
I'm working on converting my trials uni into a freestyle on the cheap. I'm slapping some good plastic pedals on there, cleaning the whole thing up, and might even take off my black Kin...

Unrealistic uphill MUni expectations?
Aside from hopping & pecking your way up short steep sections, is it realistic to ride up miles of trails like this? [image:] <...

Hey Everyone!! New Uni Movies
hey everyone there is a new movie of me riding my uni and two pics, they are on my site: -- habbywall It takes twic...

mounting help please?
i was trying to learn to mount my uni today and i was having some problems, see when it get my foot on the left peddle(the second foot on a peddle) i cant get going please help <...

back in the saddle
i started unicycling again recently, after a break of just over a year. (well, i've been unicycling in my show for about a month now, so i realy mean practicing again.) ...

muni in richmond va
Can anyone tell me if there's any mountain unicycle riders in the Richmond VA area? Looking to do an article for the local mag. Thanks. Dave -- honusbjones -...

muni in richmond VA
Does anyone know any off road unicyclists in the Richmond VA area? I'd like to do an interview for a local mag. thanks, Dave I can be reached at (804)677-5728. dave

Unicyclists in Arkansas
I'm new to this board and I would like to say hi to any unicyclists in Arkansas :D so if you are one or know one please leave a post. -- arcane - See my power! <...

Re: my uni movies
my uni movies have officially been posted: go there it is the very top album where it says no highlight and it is called untitled te...

Starring in my next film
Yo. I'm looking for people to be in my next film. If you have a good camera and can film yourself then send the footy to me ([email protected]) I can find a place for you. If you h...

hill climbs and smaller wheels
I've determined to experiment and do my next hill climb race on a 24" wheel rather than slowly mashing in a "gear" (wheel size) I couldn't spin. The only such cycle I own is...

4 Minute Mile?
Having recently ridden a coker (for the first time) on the track where the first 4 minute mile was run by Sir Roger Bannister, it got me wondering, how hard would it be on a coker? 15 ...

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