Looking for more information.
Hi I am interested in more information. Where is the best spot? You can email me at any of the following addresses: Thanks, Sam [email protected]

Re: will KH Saddle bumper fit a viscount?
Speed, speed, and more speed! My 110mm cranks are coming tomorrow, WHOA WHOO! Meanwhile while attempting to break the 15mph speed barrior, I had couple severe UPD on my Coker; onc...

Hop on wheel unispin
I landed a perfect hop on wheel unispin(ya know tire to tire) I started tryin like 10 min ago cause Evan asked me if I could, and I landed it perfect after like 10-15 tries. Its hard c...

what do you think is the best kind of of music to go with freestyle unicycling. name genres, or just say which artist you think is best. it is for a video me and my mates are making.:)...

Hiya all, just a quick thread on my experience with this online bike parts shop. I don't know how popular they are in the US, but here's my positive experience with them. No...

Getting into/riding out of standupww?
I am really improving on standup wheel walking, and would like to learn how to get into/out of it. riding out of it sounds easier, you just sit down into 1fotww, right? Getting up into...

Czech unicyclists
I'm going to move to the Czech Republic in August to teach English and was looking at unicycling.org's roster of unicyclists there. I emailed all 8 of them. I've been in touch with o...

ringing rocks PA muni/trials ride
last weakend i went to ringing rocks park and it was amazeing there it a very tecknical tral and great bolders for trials this being said i want to get togather a grope of riders for t...

Any denver trials, street thingys?
Hey I'm heading down to denver this summer for 6 weeks and I was wondering if there any good trials/street spots in the downtown area. Big city's usually have some good places to ride....

An extra day to ride for Memorial Day
Anybody take advantage of the extra day this past weekend and get some riding in? I rode every day. :) One day I went downtown and hit a couple of bars. The next day did a muni ride ...

Re: equilibrium
Kinda fun. I don't think it's been posted before (I did a quick search) http://www.naive.it/games/equilibrium/equilibrium.htm If its appear repeatedly, apologies. ...

New Pictures.
[image: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v98/endsinashes/uni.jpg] [image: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v98/endsinashes/uni4.jpg] [image: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v98/end...

Hill Unicycles
Has anyone else clicked on the link for hill unicycles in the advertising bar on this forum? I've never heard of them before but they look interesting, just wondering if anyone else ha...

Unicycling from Beginner to Expert - publisher?
I was hoping to cite Sebastian Hoher's book, "Unicycling from Beginner to Expert" in a research paper I'm writing. I have quotes from online sources (that I'm assuming are accurate), b...

How much to tighten cranks, pedals, bearings, etc ???
Tyler's current bearing problem brought something to mind. (Tyler thinks his LBS overtightened a bearing and broke it.) It looks to me that many people over-tighten EVERYTHING on their...

add on trading post
Hey Ya'll I just put an ad in the tradingpost section, Don't know why, but It didnt post the frist 3 times I tried to put it up. Can i delete the blank threads somehow??

could someone post a video of a spin. i understand that it is small circles but i still don't think i can do it. could someone post a video so i can see what it is supposed to look lik...

Like Betty Beford? You'll love this new shirt!
If you loved Betty Beford even half as much as we do, then I know you are going to love this shirt. If you where one of the people who hated Betty, well then you just better ...

Just ordered my new Muni
I ordered a new Kris Holm 24" XC Muni today from Unicycle.uk.com. It should be with me on Thursday, I can't wait. Innes :D -- innes - Unicyclist ...

perfect Coker gel seat cover
After three days of Cokering; uphill, downhill, gravel, etc....my rear and crotch area was about to mutiny never to sit on a uni again. Then, purely by chance, I discovered while shopp...

DFW dirt dawg time trial
This thursday evening there is an informal offroad time trial I am plamming on racing on my bike and muni. It will be held around 6:30 at Arbor Hills park which is about a 3 mile loop....

Uni web sites
Does anyone know any good websites for buying unicycles. besides unicycle.com and i dont read german or any other language. -- bigjohn_117 -----------...

Bearing problem
I was at a park today riding around on my Nimbus when the bearings started clicking loudly at the same spot every rotation and when they clicked the tension in the pedaling would get r...

Pretty Rad Street-Freestyle Vid....
Hey heres a pretty good freestyle-street what ever u want to call it video.....tell me what you think http://tinyurl.com/btlz9 -- khtrials ------...

universe 1 or 2?
wich video is better of those two? i hear universe 2 is better but is it? I want to buy one but dont know wich one. -- musketman ---------------------------------...

Suspension uni with disc brakes and handlebars!
My mate Adam sent me these pictures from Japan. This uni has three internal springs as the spokes to the wheel same design as suggested by Pete66 and discussed on this forum a few mont...

buying websites
i want to buy a KH 24 freeride but i want a website to buy it off of. i looked at unicycle.com but i want one where i can pick out optional seats and hydraulic brake to come with the u...

Self-designed Coker/Giraffe unicycle
Reading the previous forum inspired me. I started yeasterdy and have completed the ultimate speed deamon!! I took a free 27" road bike chopped off the frame and bolted in some tubing t...

Wheelsurf - a commercially available monowheel
Yes you can now buy a motorised monocycle (not sure of the correct term) if you're in Europe: 'Wheelsurf.nl' (http://www.wheelsurf.nl/). While these have been built by several differen...

48 spoke Qu-Ax rim
Does anyone know where to get a 48 hole Qu-Ax trials rim? I looked on Qu-Ax dot com, but I couldn't figure out where to buy one. I also heard that the Alex DX-32 comes in a 42 hole ver...

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