My new toys (in black&white)
I got a couple of new toys. Here's the white one: +----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Attachment filename: trials un...

world record??
does anyone know the world record for highest sidehop?. and how about the highest rolling hop? and last question does anyone have video of this -- brockfisher05 -...

calling all vancouver unicyclists
It has come to my attention that our yahoo group thing is down. Does anyone know why this is? its really hard to keep intouch so if anyone from this group reads this, is now informed ...

Serious Torker Bearing help.
Okay, I ordered some bearings for my torker DX going by the exact bearing size labeled around the bearing seal. 6203-2RS Anyways when they came in the mai I quickly to...

miniature bikes that are only 30, 20 and 10cm
Karoli, the Wheel Man An incombustible character. Professor Karoli travels around inside his motor driven single wheel, combining his wit and talent with a variety of stunt...

KH airseat?
Who is riding with a KH airseat and how do you like it? How does it compare to a Miyata airseat? Did you leave some of the original foam and were you able to use a small bike tube i...

Unicyclists not welcome at Australian 24hr Champs
Just got a disappointing email from the organisers of "The Mont" 24hr race in Canberra: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Li (*my Aunt*), I have asked the Race Director for t...

Update on my 1,000 mile coker goal
Early this year I posted one of my goals as doing 1,000 miles on my coker this year. My plan was to do 100 miles per month, which would give me a 2 month buffer. I plan on making Nov...

gallery of unnesseccary, excessive posts
in the spirit of galleries...bam -- chosen - for the cause formerly allthingsuni

Where can I get this part?
Where can you find this part? All the handle bar mounts I've seen terminate the tube rather than clamp around it. +------------------------------------------------------...

$300 USD trial uni?
what would be a good trial uni for me? i can just afford and uni around the $300 USD mark. i won't be doing extreme stuff, maybe 2 foot drops. please keep in mind i'm from australia so...

Re: Trust cheap bearing on ebay?
I am going to need some new bearings for my two unicycles with Suzue hubs soon. I was looking at UDC and saw that they cost 6 bucks each plus shipping. So I checked out ebay and foun...

Re: e-mail
Sorry if I'm nieve to this problem, but everytime I tried to look at my email it says that I either hvae an incorrect password or acreen name. What's up with that? It's like this....

Wheel trueness
Yo, My wheel on my Nimbus X is now really wobbling, and I can really notice it on my smooth garage floor. It's like it has a little bump in the same spot on every rotation....

Thank you!!! 24hr Record Donations NZ$3827
Sorry this is a wee bit late, but I've been so busy the last two weeks (trying to buy a house, train for a 445km bike race, submit my Guinness attempt, etc etc)! Just want to thank ev...

Uni-pychos Hey sorry if i posted in the wrong forum and all but i was wondering if anybody knew where to buy a uni-psycho (u no that unicycles with handlebars on them) they ...

juggler unicyclist comedian ,bicycles 10,20,30 cm Spain
+Ramon Muņoz is Karoli Juggler and apassionate unicyclist, comedian, skilled combiner of humor and whells,cofundador of the "Boni and Caroli" duo that during eighteeen years tra...

16x3.0 Tire
I am not sure if this has already been posted, But the smaller sting ray has a 16x3 rear tire. A little bit ago many people were talking about the advantages of a 16" trials unicycle, ...

Karoli, the wheel Man
Karoli, the Wheel Man An incombustible character. Professor Karoli travels around inside his motor driven single wheel, combining his wit and talent with a variety of stunt...

Chilly Hilly Ride, Seattle, 27 February 2005
Today we had ten Coker riders for the 'Chilly Hilly Bicycle Classic' ( that takes place on Bainbridge Island annually. The riders were ...

Re: Your favorite wheel size
What is your favorite wheel size overall? -- ParadoX - lvl 3 Unicyclist -"There is nothing to fear but fear its self." -------------------------------------...

Barton in the Beans Blubberhouses Ride report
Today, five intrepid cokeurs hauled themselves out of their respective beds at the crack of dawn and reported to two meeting points, my house in Nottingham and a car park somewhere in ...

What uni
Hi i've been riding for a while and am looking for a new unicycle, i want to do some muni, trials, freestyle and street riding aswell but as yet i cannot find a suitable uni for a...

Schlumpf Geared Uni.
I still haven't purchased one but I think I'm going to shortly. My problem is I'm wondering if I purchase one am I going to paying out the nose for an item that will be udpdated the n...

Muni routes in the lake district
I've got a week off work and I'm going to be heading up to the lakes. I'm planning to be doing some riding around grizedale forest which I've ridden on a duocycle. But was wondering if...

Why I prefer Unicycle Racing to Bicycle Racing
The Race: Christchurch to Nelson (New Zealand) The Distance: 445km Total riders: 67 Total Unicyclists: 0 My bike: Cervelo Super Prodigy '04 (10 days old) The mess:...

wheel walking
I decided to try and learn how to wheel walk the other day, and I was wondering what the best way to learn is. -- jgherr -----------------------------------------...

looking for a unicyclist in Moscow ID
hey all, Josie I., who sometimes posts on these forums, told me he saw a unicyclist right outside the restaurant Zips in Moscow ID today. the unicyclist came up to him and a...

Free: Two Trials Boxes
Hey All. I once was unable to jump 2' on a unicycle. that has long since changed. Back when I was learning to jump 2', I had a set of wooden boxes I built. Now that I have ...

newbie uni here....advice needed getting started
Hey All! Here's to teaching an old dog a new trick...I bought a 24" Torker DX for my 39th b-day and am trying to ride it. I'm using the std. 4 o-clock step-up mount, and using a g...

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