unicycle.com sold out
Unicycle.com ran out of Miyata seats. I dont know why we have to to wait until spring, but until then can anyone recommend sites I can buy them off? -ParadoX

Unicycle math problem appears in school textbook
This is an actual page from Brad's sixth grade math book. We were extremely surprised when he turned the page while doing his homework. Bruce +--------------...

why get a 26'er?
Well I was musing the other day..ok,ok, it was today actually....that it would be cool to have a uni stashed at work for some quick lunch time rides and the occassional blast home from...

Any help on one footed riding ?
I'm trying to learn how to ride one footed and just wanted to know if anyone had some good tips. -- squeegy - Level 3er Squeegy -----------------------...

Does anyone know a Dave Guerrero
Yes I just got my unicycle fixed by a man named David Guerrero, and he said that he is good friends with someone who is really good at unicycling and that he lives somewhere other than...

Self-designed Seat Cover
Here is a photo of a seat cover I designed for my KH20 Unicycle (Fusion saddle). Made of denim material, with draw-string attachment underneath. What do you think of the prototype? <...

New Hunting reality show
Have you heard about this new hunting reality TV show that's seeking participants? It's called "Hunting for Bambi" and it's like Fear Factor meets Girls Gone Wild. 6 guys get to hunt 12 nake...

New Club Logo Help
As some of you know I started the Memphis Unicycle Club about three years ago now. This year I started teaching at a suburban, private school and the administration has asked me to st...

24" kh test drive
well on the weekend I whent to the northshore (the best place ever) and got to test drive the 2005 kh 24" and it was the smoothest thing I had ever riden and soooper oober light . also...

Will a Nimbus 20" trials hold up for a beginner trialist?
I was wondering just how well a Nimbus 20" trials unicycle would hold up for a beginner trialist. I just started unicycling christmas of 2004 and do about 3ft. drops am 5' 8" and weig...

Dynamo on a Uni for GPS/PPC power
Has anyone ever tried a dynamo on a Uni? I've just got a PocketPC with built-in GPS. Battery life is around 2 or 3 hours which is pretty hopeless if I want a constant fix & a tr...

ive been unicycling since chrismas and i hope to get a new frame and wheel for my bday but i need to no if i buy a thicker wheel then what i have do i need a new rim. and do rims u buy...

Kris Holm giving MUni demo and workshop at VJF
Hi all, I'm a fairly newbie unicyclist, but I just wanted to let people know that Kris will be coming to the Victoria Juggling Festival in Victoria BC, Canada for a demo of ...

Viscoelastic foam as seat padding?
Has anyone used viscoelastic foam (also called slow-memory foam) as padding for a unicycle seat? Thoughts? Thanks, -mg -- mgrant - Eve...

How did this advertising rear its head in my post?
I posted to the "Honored Guest" thread and used the words "chin up bar" in the post. Somehow, the phrase generated a url link to an advertisement for chin up bars. I did not create t...

Florian Schlumpf in Austin, Feb 11th
Here's an email we received from a recumbent bike shop owner: > From: Librik or Babich <[email protected]> > Reply-To: [email protected] > > Subjec...

Hill climb races in the Northeast.
Hey all, There are a couple more mountain climbs I found online: Mt. Ascutney, VT on 7/23/2005 Fee is $35 http://www.bikereg.com/races/register.asp?EventID=1864 ...

Uni Fest - Austin, TX - Feb 11,12,13
We'll share some uni tricks. We have this weekend a big event with 100 unicycler in Dresden/Germany. We make Sa/So Hockey and Competition. look www.einradtag.de.vu We have a Baby corner...

Unicycle identification required
Hi, I got into an argument with a friend (who should be reading this) about what one of my unicycles is called whilst at the Bradford convention this saturday. We figured the ea...

RSU auction page (killer stuff for sale)
ive posted a bunch of awesome stuff ive been hording for awile. its in the Auction page of RSU http://www.unicyclist.com/auctions/ happy bidding... PM me with any ques...

Re: Best saddle?
What is the best saddle that has a good price?(Must have a good handle on it) My Torker LX's saddle elsucks. -ParadoX -- ParadoX - Hopping Maniac/Compu...

Re: Veering to the left
I've been riding a unicycle for a couple of weeks now (24"). The problem I'm having lately though, is that I seem to veer to the left when riding, and to keep my balance, I have to act...

curved bmx seatpost on a coker
Hi, I remember a few weeks ago, someone posted picks of a coker that was red and he talked of lowering himself to cut drag. some responses warned of being stooped over woul...

Pashley frame question
hello, does anyone know if profiles will fit on a pashley frame? justin -- unibrow An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.... -...

Should I get a unicycle help me
Hey, I have been thinking of getting a unicycle for a while now. This christmas my friend got one and i am starting to get good at it but i dont know if i should get one. i already rid...

Seatpost question
Does anyone know of a dealer who sells a seatpost that attaches to both the bottom of the seat and under the handle? Or is that just something some people do because they can weld?

Freestyle unicycle
I am planning to buy/Build a freestyle unicycle in the near future. I am looking for the best but still inexpensive components. Here is what I have so far please make any suggest...

Magura Evolution adapters
Has anyone tried the maggie evolution adapters on a unicycle? The evo adapters allow you to use Maggie's on v-brake posts. I'm thinking this could be a no-weld alternative for those wh...

Re: Busteduni.com
http://busteduni.com/index.php is a pretty cool site. i decided to start a thread on it cuz there isnt that many people registered on it i dont think. any way i like it. jsut thought i...

Re: Muni Pic on Patagonia Website
I was looking around the internet for some outdoor gear and I was surprised to see a picture of a guy on a muni on the front page of the Patagonia online store. Anyways just curious if...

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