Implode, die section/zeropointzero
Hey anyone else here with universe II notice that the url for implode the song done by "die section" and now renamed zeropointzero, no longer exist? it was I beliv...

Giraffe in Austin
It's brand new and it scares me.... I'll sell my new Torker 5ft Giraffe for $100 to anyone in Austin (I don't want to ship it). Ideally, I would like to trade it for a...

Hey everybody!!!
Hey everyone just thought id introduce myself and let everyone know that u have 1 more representing on 1 wheel!!! I have just got my 04 24" Kris Holom muni :cool: from ...

Schlumpf Unicycles
Just looked at Schlumpf website and you can order the geared unicycles. Looks like $1,300 + VAT + shipping. Oh well maybe I'll win the lottery. -- oxfordrider <...

Re: skills with opotional foot
How many of your skills can you perform with optional foot? -- goldenchicken - . ------------------------------------------------------------------------ goldench...

New street trick
I figured out some sweet sh*t yesterday! IT seems to me that I have found a sweet trick out that I have. It is street. This trick I can do only for a second, then I fall. You go up...

Spaced out
I saw spaced out tonight and I have one word for you, "wow". Not a good "wow" but a "wow, was that it?". That was the shortest movie I have ever seen. Granted the riding was rad in s...

Black Widow Cranks
I am somewhat of a beginner, and am thinking about getting a new wheelset. I am thinking about the 24" Sun BFR rim with a Suzue 36-spoke hub, with a Gazz from UDC. Are the Black Widow ...

a couple of things for sale
summit frame arrow rim/ hub (wheelset) monty rim/ suzue hub (wheelset) pm me for prices and a detailed descriptions of condition of the items. ...

New years day ride. Ottawa.
Any one in the Ottawa area up for a ride on the 1st. I've been thinking about rideing up the Rideau canal, it's the worlds longest ice rink. Why not do the worlds longest ice uni ride....

Great End Of Year Ride!
Before anybody asks: No I did not get any footage. Well today I went on a really good ride to wrap up 2004. Using my new gloves and helmet :D I went down to one of the near-by schools ...

Powdercoat assitance...
I want to powdercoat my coker frame, or to do something to it to get that effect. Does anyone know what i can use to acheive this effect? -- shadowuni - Crispety, crun...

University trials demo
Warning: contains excessive prehops This is a trials demo me and Joe did a few months ago, it's not gonna impress any of the Andrew Carters of the world and unfortunately our

is there anyone from croatia that drives uni

whats wrong with cokers?
HA HA KNEW that title would get ur attention! hi all,, im thinking about saving up for a coker as its somthing id really like to try and i recon i cuold easily commute...

what underwear should you wear to prevent injuries , scratches and balls of course

Ultimate wheel tips
I just made an ultimate wheel and I was wondering if anybody had any helpful tips for me. -- ZebraOnAUnicycle - I want to move to COLORADO You can't take th...

kh and fusion handles
A friend of mine got a fusion seat and I noticed that the front part of the handle underneath is thicker than the original kh handles. If I opt for the kh seat instead of the fusion up...

Do you prefer seat in, or seat out for trials?
I'm more of a seat out person. But i've seen alot of people do sit in. -- unitrialser - Easy as Christina Aguilera! Mindless Films


1 footed
got it! just got my first ever 1 footed ride! i managed 7 revs on the wheel then foot bak on the padal and rode off! now with the other foot!!! LOL

New Video Part 2
I just finished part 2 of my Wheel Good Time series. It features my brother Max and I trying out some rocky trialsy stuff in Bar Harbor over the summer. It was pulled from a VHS-C cam,...

hidden video in universe 2
well i am probably not the only one who found the hidden videos but for the people who havnt found them i will tell you where they are. k the first one is when you go into rider...

nOOb Help
ive been unicycling for 5 days and im getting better but it seems that a lot of the time my unicycle go side to side like swerves, i think it may be my hips causing it but not sure any...

Re: new crank arms needed, preferrably nubless
Hi, I kronked up my cranks pretty bad on a poorly landed seven stair, so now I need to get some new ones. I just see this as an opportunity to get some that'll stop killing ...

Anyone in Arizona?
Hey all, I'm visiting Arizona for about a week on vacation. I was unable to take my MUni with me but if anyone wants to ride and has an extra unicycle be sure to drop me a ...

The Edge
Hey, After an uneventful ride in Kendal, which I was hoping to take loads of video footage of, Aaron and myself had a play on his trials course in his field. This is the 'Cu...

Why cant I log in?
Last night I created a nested album within my gallery and added a few pics. I finished makeing my video at 11.00pm last night, and thought I'd wait until this morning before...

Lyprinol and NZ riders, and mercury in
Has anyone used Lyprinol? I have tendonitis in both arms and am looking for meds that will reduce the inflamation. I am looking for something other than Advil which gives me ba...

brand new, havent even ridden yet...
i just bought a torker unistar lx (20 inch) b/c i saw a clip of universe II and thought this looked like a kickin thing to get into, so could somebody tell me how i get started like tr...

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