ALASKAN Uniers/ CLubs
Hey if you eide in alaska the 907 AK and want to join the newly organized "alaska freeride club" then email me at [email protected] My name is Bryan Quimby and so far we have 15 ri...

Who's going to Toque?
Who's going to Toque? I am going to try and make it, but I'm not sure yet. Also where is everyone staying? i am so stoked for it. David -- darchibald - Tria...

i rode a uni for preety much the first time today and went about 15 feet. and i am really close to learning how to free mount. you guys probaly dont care but im gonna post anyway ...

rolling hop problem
I decided a few days ago to try to improve my rolling hop and i discovered that whenever i try to rolling hop up or over something, i cant do it without a prehop. The prehop is only a ...

Re: You never forget how to ride a unicycle.
This weekend we got about 8 inches of snow at my home. So, today I decided to go for a ride in it with my muni. I was riding down the street when I heard a truck coming up behind me. I...

Re: 2 street tricks
I've learned two new street tricks, a 360 off of drops and such(none down any sets but soon) And I slid the longest handrail I've ever done, it's this long double set that doesn't slan...

Every year in november my school has a little auction to raise money for the toy drive where students can auction themselves off. I decided to auction myself off and give unicycle less...

Ruptured My Spleen
Hey everyone. Last Wednesday (Nov. 24th) I was playing hockey (not uni hockey, ice hockey)and i hit someone who was a lot bigger than me. neither of us fell, but unfortunately, I got ...

Torque on crank bolts?
I bought a "Yuni 24-inch MUni", and am having problems with the crank arms moving. Anyone know what FT LBS. I should torque these babies to? I heard 80 LBS was about right....... Ye...

'No Cycling' Video Short
Three wise men entered the Mountain Film Festival this year and won places upon the 'Extreme Film School'. They produced a film (a sho...

How could this not have been built for unicycling on?
Today I drove past this thing in a small playground and, like any trials unicyclist, pictured riding on it. It's perfect! It reminded me of this line from a uni trials comp a while a...

More Geared Giraffe Time - starting to lean it over in turns!
I spent another forty minutes on my geared giraffe tonight at the 37.5" equivalent wheel size (where it will remain for a little while). Most of that time was spent attempting freemoun...

Re: sure is lonely over there in Chat
sigh we can even discuss unicycling related things! -- Brian MacKenzie - LAN Solo Forthcoming DVD TRAINING WHEEL NOT REQUIRED: '8mb Trailer...

Nimbus X 24" vs. Yuni Freestyle 24"
Hello to all... I've been comparing a couple of unicycles and would appreciate any advice. I intend to do some street riding, light off-road riding and working on skills li...

Street/Trials Movie: KFC SHOWDOWN
Zack Baldwin (zack), Brian Lundgren (uniextreme), and myself do a bunch of street, trials, and muni! There isn't that much muni though. This turned out pretty neat, and the music goes ...

clubs in idaho?
I'm doing a bit of research about the public's perception of unicycling / why everyone isn't doing it for a research design class in school. Right now, our teacher has us visiting plac...

2 more Coker skatepark pics + 1 flat ground banked turn
Here's two more Coker skatepark photos (different angles) for those of you who enjoyed the first few that I posted. These were obviously shot from the top of the ramp. I hope you like ...

Re: second and third mounts
I've been looking at the 'skill levels' (, and I realized that I'm not too far from accomplishing level 3 (now beginning my 5th week of riding!

Re: anyone have a 26" Hookworm?
im looking to buy a Maxxis Hookworm 26 inch tyre. anyone have one to sell? -- jagur - #3649_all fluff i hear? ----------------------------------------------...

Re: KH Leg Armor Sizes? How do I know what fits me?
I'm back for my periodic dose of uni-advice. I've decided to buy KH leg armor, but I have no idea whether my leg fits into XL,X,M, or S? Do those sizes affect calf length, distanc...

Uni Hockey Goalie
I played uni hockey only once, and don't think I ever made it close to the net. I don't remember what the Goalie does. Is the goalie un-mounted? I will be s...

How many amateur (ham) radio people do we have out there? KD7FLW -- oregonguy ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...

moving still stand
Has anyone tried idling or doing a still stand upon a moving surface, like on a train or a bus? On the deck of a boat? -- goldenchicken - . ----------------------...

Photos of the new KH24 frame and Onza/Kris Holm hub
' NZ' ( recently received the first of the new KH24 unicycle frames. They are made of aluminium rather than steel, so they're a lot lighter than ...

Coker on a pole!
OK, well it's not actually a Coker... but the gear ratio makes the (equivalent) wheel size closer to that of a Coker than anything else... and it is on top of a pole! So I f...

Previewed Forthcoming DVD "Training Wheel Not Required" - Looks Incredible!!!
I was fortunate enough to preview a couple segments of Brian MacKenzie's forthcoming DVD "Training Wheel Not Required" tonight and I was extremely impressed! It looks like a 1st class ...

How does something get Chromed?
And is powercoating only better when doing colours, or does chroming offer a stronger finish? -- Brian MacKenzie - LAN Solo Forthcoming DVD TRAINING WH...

thanx again
thanx again -- squeegy ------------------------------------------------------------------------ squeegy's Profile: Vie...

what video could show someone that unicycling is awesome?
you don't have to post the video, just give suggestions. -- squeegy ------------------------------------------------------------------------ squeegy's Profile: ht...

unicycle art
Well this is my awsome unicycle art I have many different scenarios but this an example and if anyone wants a custom pictre, put your name down on this thread an tell me what you want...

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