Bike Rack for Unicycles
I just recently got a car and the next step is a full time roof rack. Does anyone know of any good Bike Racks for Cars that can hold both unicycles and bikes with out much trouble. Iv...

what all do you need to make a B.C. wheel?
Im going to make a B.C. wheel sooner or later.I have an old wheel i can use,and I looked at buying right angle metal plates wich would only cost 60 cents(but they only had one).But,is ...

Trails Unicycle
Ok, well I've got a Bedford 24'' cross county and i've been doing trials with it, and its holding up...I was thinking of getting a trials unicycle, so i was wondering....which has the ...

What short cranks for 26er?
Because my trials cycle is out of commission for a little while, I've been riding my 26er around the local bike paths. The paths here seem to be a lot flatter then roads I used to rid...

One foot riding
How do you start? I can idle one footed with either my right or left foot down but I can't get one footed riding. Do you start from one foot idling or do you start from normal riding a...

how do you hop
how do you hop do you like to hop left facing or right facing? -- drewation - stoons finest why take the bus when you can uni ------------------------------...

kh videos
anybody got any footage of kris holms doing some trials? :confused: -- drewation - stoons finest why take the bus when you can uni --------------...

Magura Raceline
I'm thinking about buying some Magura raceline breaks. Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks for the input. -- oxfordrider -------------------------...

So, what uni video?
Ok, so I'm thinking about uni videos, because I don't have any. So, what should I get? so far I'm thinking: Universe 2, Under No Influence (If I can get it....) <...

Gus Reaches 2000 miles
Gus has reached his new and improved 2000 mile mark for the season. Also note his tire has 1700 miles on it, and still goin strong. +-----------------------------------...

im looking to buy a girafe, that is the minumum inseam for a torker tx? are there any other good cheep brands -- ben_unruh - ogga booga bogga boo The p...

Trials with a Numbus 24" frame
Helloo, haven't been here for a while :) Basically I bought a 24" max traction uni with the kh splined hub from at the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately I've...

OWA getting close to release
all the editing has been done... just a little more hiccups... then she'll be ready 11th in the australasia area. in the US by the 20th novemeber at the latest <...

First Girl to Unicycle on the North Shore Trails
Today James Hargrave, Byron Watts, Kris Holm, Bru (Krisís dog), and I rode on the North Shore Trails in Vancouver, B.C. I drove up with Greg Harper who is currently out of commission u...

My Pictures - Finally
Right, we have finally got the film in our camera developed, and on this film was a lot of pictures I have promised people they could see. Instead of seperate threads I'll just post th...

Re: My first video.
This is the first unicycling video. Its not crazy extreme, but there is some gluiding, stairs and other things at the skate park. The younger kid on the unicycle is my brother. This is...

foot on the crown
Well today I did 11 revolutions one-footed. I was so happy until i realized my foot wasn't on the crown. I tried it again and each time my toe would hit the tire and slow down all the ...

Non-perpendicular hub. Testing video
Hi, I just built this silly wheel. Have a look in my video album for: 2 min vid of uni with non-perpendicular hub. 500k very low quality preview. http://gal...

Unicon XII Photos
Hi all, How are you doing? JUA decided to create the DVDs and CDs for UNICON XII movies/videos and photos. If you have an interest in it, please contact us by email. ma...

Juggling event in cornwall UK
Found this on the juggling newsgroup. Last year I went along to it, and this year steve is running it again. Basicly its what you make of it. Space in a sports hall, unicyclists welco...

Re: trails uni
i want to get a trails uni i was wodering if i should buy a cheaper one and costomise it or but a more expensive one that already has a strong enough crank and hub and stuff?

legs hurt
does anybody else get their seat rubbing against the inside of there leg when they hop and do you have any suggestions of how i can stop it? -- drewation - stoons fine...

Unicycling "Disease" Mentioned in the UK Times Saturday 30th October
In today's Body & Soul Supplement Page 11; ------------------------------------------------- DAFT DISEASES Unicyclists's Sciatica Nerve pain down the ...

Re: Upcoming OXFAM Cycle Challenges
OXFAM is a secular charity that works in many developing countries around the world. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to see first hand what they do, when a group of us cycled ...

Starting a University Club
Anyone have any advice on starting a club at the University level? I've met enough here at Bishop's to warrant starting one (so we are ;)) -- evil-nick - Unicyclist, ...

New Vid: Stairways to Heaven
Mike and I went riding today, and I ended up playing on the stairs a bunch... Nothing earth-shattering here, but a lot of up stairs and such...

Boston area MUni Ride. Sunday Nov. 14th
There is a really great place to ride off-road in the Boston area, just by Route 128. It is 'Cutler Park' ( The park is part...

seat saddel same dif
who here calls it a seat and who calls it a saddle? -- drewation - stoons finest [image: ] ...

Bedford BC Wheel Price
My friend made a BC Wheel, and it's a lot of fun, but not very strong. The platforms are starting to bend from jumping on it too much. So I want to buy one. How much are the BC W...

did they actualy make it so you cant put a pic under your signature i was wondering why it wasnt working? -- drewation - stoons finest [image: http://www.j...

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