First mount learned helpshinders development of other skills?
When I learned to unicycle, I learned a reverse free mount first, without using any support, and only ever tried riding forwards off a successful free-mount. My friend learn...

I have wanted to uni-joust since I learned to ride. My brother Kyle and I finally tried it today. (sorry, no pics and/or videos yet) The shields were made from 22"X22" squares of...

AccordNSX hit hard by Hurricane Charley
I just spoke to Adam (AccordNSX) a few minutes ago. As alot of us know, he lives in Port Charlotte, Fl. Port Charlotte and nearby Punta Gorda were devastated when Hurricane Charley hit...

Well, it wasn't on again. I tuned into GSN (the Gameshow Network) again tonight hoping I might see the NAUCC segments. But, alas, they were running Spam O Rama - the annual...

Any stores in calgary for kh seats??
Hi ive been looking around calgary for quite some time now and all the places that should have them but dont please tell me of any stores it would be greatly appreciated. <...

whitby unicyclists
my parental units were drivin down the old hwy 2 and saw the most incredible thing a unicyclist who they deemed to be set up to do trials. now there no experts but I'm hoping he was ac...

spoke nipple size mystery
Recent wheel truing issues with my 29-er Nimbus have been excarbated by two things: - 1. my own inexperience with wheel truing 2. what I thought was either an ill-fitting sp...

more 29-er flat problems
Having established on a different thread that my recent, very frequuent, 29-er punctures were probably pinch flats caused by too low tyre pressure, I bought a track pump with built in ...

Pedals - Which ones?
Hey Right, my pedals are bust (again), and instead of buying Wellgos again, I feel like splashing out and getting something a bit more expensive. Any suggestions? I hav...

So what's good to wear when u uni?
My returning to uni-cycling after a 30 year hiatus reminds me how 'uncomfortable' it can be to sit on that seat. The cheap seat that came with my sun uni seems pretty good, I'm s...

Pedal Ticking
I've had my unicycle for a year, but only used it for one one and a half summers (cant ride in the winter :P) but recently my right pedal has started to make a ticking sound. Does any...

acceleration unicycle
Hi all, I'd like to ride long distances, over hills and colls... My question: is it possible to get this ..[image:

Traveling with my MUni
I live in Maryland and am taking the train up to Connecticut and I wanted to bring my KH-24 with me. I took the whole thing apart so I could fit it in my suitcase, but I had to put th...

schoolyard riding
does anyone know where i can watch that film?? i used to have it but ic ant find it anymore. -- c.critch - omg, I lost a wheel!!!

Re: what were YOUR unicon high lights?
Time for me to state my opinion... I completely disagree with those who 'insist' that Sayaka Kan should have won the Individual Freestyle competition. Comparing the difficu...

------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http://www.unicyclist.c...

Unicycle Insanity or Psychosis
My wife thinks I am suffering from unicycle insanity. And lately, I am beginning to think she might have a point. I am 46 years old--last year, out of the blue I decided to try s...

For Sale in UK - Saddle bits
Hey I have 2 Miyata saddle covers to sell. They are both green and white, and in good condition. The only reason I am selling them is I have made 2 air saddles with larger c...

Haro Sub-C crank arms for KH
I want to order some Haro Sub-C 140's for my Summit, and if those work out, maybe some 165's for my KH24. The thing is, all the local bikes shops I've called that carry Haro, ar...

How did you get into unicycling?
Well basically I always knew i would someday learn to unicycle (of course I had no idea about trials, MUni, street, or freestyle) So one day as i was at a friends house he told me that...

Clever come back
I was having one of those days when i just sucked and the trials lines were no where and it was hot and sweaty Then some teenager comes up to me and says "you have lost you other ...

Spinning on the ground
Latly i have been trying to do some spins on the ground, I usually grab a pole and spin, I can always do 360's , some time 540's and twice i have done a 720. I am wondering if there is...

Summit bearings
I have a couple of questions related to my Summit's bearings. I have searched the forum and come up with some information but I still have questions. Question 1. Can I safel...

Re: thoughts on nimbus trials uni?
hi. I have decided to put off my crazy uni for a little while and spend the funds on a uni i might be able to ride ;) . i have been thinking about getting the nimbus trials from unicyc...

Unicon XII photos
I ended up with 1GB of photos so I made a couple of albums with some of them: Unicon and stuff around Tokyo: '76 photos' (

another air seat question
I have the double layered (fold over) air pillow, and was wondering what was the best way to place the tube inside of the pillow. It seems that I always end up with points in the tube...

Any riders in St. Petersburg, FL?
I will be in the St. Petersburg, Florida area for a week during September. I plan to take a unicycle. Anyone out there from the area who would like to get together for a uni

check out the what not and such teaser. -- c.critch - omg, I lost a wheel!!! Check out my Gallery. --------...

Another Epic Coker Ride - 55 miles over 3 mountain passes
Aspen Mike and I met up yesterday for a great time of "getting high in Colorado". Trip report and pictures here:

Crank hang
Ok im now able to hop but i need some tips for the crank hank. Here are some questions tha im asking for : - Is it normal to be scared of it ? - What should I do for practicing?...

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