Can Anyone Rank Atlanta Area Muni Rides?
After riding in Colorado all summer, I'm looking for the best Atlant Area Muni rides. Can anyone rank them -- hitarock

Can Anyone Rank Atlanta Area Muni Rides?
After riding in Colorado all summer, I'm looking for the best Atlant Area Muni rides. Can anyone rank them -- hitarock

fall over sideways
Hi, I have now made it up to about ten crank rotations before I wipe out on my KH20. I tend to fall over sideways on my right. Have tried keeping my right arm on the seat and my...

Columbus Ohio
Just curious, Does anybody ride a Unicycle in COlumbus Ohio? Recently I have been practicing quite often in the east Side of columbus. However I will not mind riding w...

Yop, A normal uni was to normal for me. I could not resist and wanted a girafe for a long time... So finaly I got one... I can ride it okay...( I have been riding only a few...

Is it just me or are the galleries not working because i have not been able to enter them for the past couple of days. -- miyata ---------------------------------...

any help West of Indianapolis
I'm in the initial stages of starting an afterschool uni club for my third graders and wonder if there is anyone west of Indy (Coatesville / Cloverdale / Greencastle that could give me some ...

tricks you can't land
I was just curious if anyone had a trick that no matter how hard and long they practiced they just couldn't get. Mine would have to be a uni-spin i couldn't land one of those to save ...

I am trying to learn how to idle, but am having some trouble. Every time I try to pedal backwards, the uni just moves in some random direction or just falls out from under me. Any ad...

Miyata Bikes
Does anyone here know that Miyata used to be a bike company. I was at this one lady's house, because my bro would probably get a bike soon and she had one she could spare. But this lad...

"Spaced Out" DVD review
Jeff was nice enough to preview his new DVD "Spaced Out" last night at a party held by the Toronto Unicyclists and the majority of the riding stars were in attendance. (i.e. Jeff, Rya...

Re: Final Call For Winchester Riders (uk)
I am going to SPARSHOLT college and NEED some riders to hook up with I am a trials/muni/freestyle rider. I am up for riding with any skill level people, i am no Jeff Groves but i like ...

Mounting the 29er (with a guy question)
I recently bought a Yuni 29er with the Big Apple tyre and KH saddle. It's a great ride and I really enjoy it much more than my beat up old 24" Schwinn. What are your favo...

Personal best Still Stand records
Hey everyone, Just curious, whats your personal best stillstand record? -Sabin -- sabin_a. - skilled unicyclist "Could god microwave a burr...

some 29-er questions
I've decided that the 29-er is my favourite unicycle and I think it's time to upgrade. Currently I'm using a standard 700c Nimbus rim (a couple of years old, the...

Unicycle clubs in the Boston area?
I learned to ride a unicycle in college, way back in 1971-72. About one month ago, I decided to I would take up unicycling again. I have two immediate goals. The first is to get...

wich do you prefer?
Just wondering,wich "form"of uni do you do? -- forrestunifreak - Aka:forrestunifreak What do you have when you have 30 clowns buried up to their necks in sa...

gallery trouble
ok,how do you set up a gallery?Can i do my own?how?i still cant figure it out. -- forrestunifreak - Aka What do you have when you have 30 clowns buried up t...

Transportation from San Jose to CMW
If any of you are going to CMW from the San Jose/San Francisco area and have room for one more, please tell me. I am still looking for a ride from San Jose. If I can't fi...

175 cranks on a 24"?
Having a hard time learning how to idle on my 24"; would 165 mm or 175 mm cranks make the task easier than with the 152 mm I'm using now?

Austin area riders
Do any of ya'll know about this? Could someone find out if we can put together a MUni and Trials event in conjunction with it? I would imagine I could get some of the San Antonio group...

Re: GB4 Stiffener Plate
I was wondering, how well does the 'GB4 Stiffener Plate' ( work? is it a good option other than the very expensive carbon fiber sea...

Re: Riding 2x4 easier than 3x6, huh?
I built my first 2" x 4" rail yesterday. It is 53" long so it fits in my trunk and has the narrow side up. On the second attempt I rode it to the end on my new Tuni. In the next 15 ...

Washing shin pads
Hey, I was wondering if sixsixones are machine wash safe or whatever. What method should I use to wash 'em? -Keaton -- Keaton_M - Team Hazard

Question about wheels...
Right now i have a 24 inch wheel on my unicycle right now. do i have to buy an entire new unicycle to put a 20 inch wheel on it or can i just switch? thanks... oh ya im a begginner i...

'Spaced Out' almost done
Hey Everyone I just dropped my new extreme unicycle DVD, ‘Spaced Out’, off to be duplicated. If all goes well it should be ready to purchase by September the 15th. It wil...

Heavy Rider
------------------------------------------------------------------------ A poll associated with this post was created, to vote and see the results, please visit http://www.unicyclist.c...

Re: 2004 Torker LX Pedals Loose
The pedals are loose and wiggling where they attach to the crank. Actually it's only the right one, the left one became loose already and was fixed for free where I bought the uni a we...

comments about unicyclists
whilst in the lake district a few days ago, me and two friends were riding around near great gable on the tracks up there, and a passer by made the ridiculous comment 'well ...

builders, and builder wannabes!
check this out, design your own parts, and have them built -- Brian MacKenzie -----------------------------------------------------...

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