leg getting tired while idling
Is it normal for my leg to get really tired while idling? I can get between 20-30 idles without much problem, but once I hit that range, my leg gets quite sore. Is it just ...

whos riding in this picture?
i found this pic at 'this site' (http://www.eusu.ed.ac.uk/clubs/eucc/MM2003.html) those look like clipless pedals? +------------------------------------------...

I was fortunate to be on holiday in Germany a small town near Frankfurt this summer, when the German Cup for unicycling was on. I went along and saw some very good unicycling. T...

Jagur in FHM?
Perhaps I missed an earlier thread on this. I went to the barber this morning and while I was waiting, I was browsing through one of those puerile "lad mags" full of scantily

Cairngorm Event
HI All, It looks at though the Uni event in the Caringorms is going a head. The provisional date is the May bank holiday 2005. This is subject to it not clashing with other events.

german, my muni, and more
hey yall. i am now in tubingen german, near stuttgart. it rocks. i just got my qa-ax 20 SE muni and im soo happy. i love riding unis around german citys. its so fun. haha. plus a lot m...

NAUCC Muni pictures
I finally got around to putting my album together for the pictures I took during NAUCC. I only took pictures of the first three muni fun rides. I was too lazy to take pictures of any...

NAUCC pics compilation
Hey, I was wondering if everybody who took photos with a digital camera could send me a burned cd of them. I would then compile a cd with all of the pics on it and send it t...

Trials video series
I've decided to make at least 1 trials video every month, not very long, just from an hour or so of riding, but hopefully you guys will enjoy. The first one is quite bad, and it's edit...

Crawley Festival!
hi is anyone going to crawley festival in a few weeks? if you are please reply because wooden chipmunk juggling group would love to meet you! you wont be able to miss us on ...

Touring Uni. HELP ME OUT!!!!
Ok I've decided that the old 20"er just isn'tdoing it for those 5 mile rides which i do quite often. So I've been thinking of getting a Touring uni. BUT I want it to be able to 1...

Drummonds, and uni.com on cnn web
This has most likely come up previously, but a search of 'unicycle' on the CNN website yields this article of the drummonds rise to success http://tinyurl.com/5xn6e <...

DM Ringmaster
What is so good about the DM Ringmaster that it is so expensive? 235 quid for a 24" unicycle. Is it worth the money? Anyone actually got one of these? ...

Unicycle Stockist In South Africa
some good news, The Jolly Juggler (South Africa's premier supplier of all things juggly) have decided to meet the increasing demand for unicycles in South Africa and just wrapped up n...

Jumping on gapping bars.
Can I have some tips on how to jump across from like handrail to handrail(like across gapping bars). I know Muniracer has those gapping bars he jumps on and across. Everytime I get on...

Quick Poll - heels or not?
That would be shoes with heels or flat soles? Thanks a lot, David

I met lars clausen!
Hey, um, I haven't been to these forums in a long, long time. For whoever remembers me, hi! Yesterday there was an event at our local bookstore, and it was a presentation an...

Almost Epic Muni Ride Round 2
Yesterday I did a repeat of my 'Amost epic muni ride' (http://tinyurl.com/69k58). Same route. Same trails. Same evil climb. Why would I do it again after suffering throug...

Gallery help needed... :0(
Well miffed. I took hours to install all the software, then spent ages thinking I was building a gallery using the applet. I had 20 odd photos showing in the applet box, an...

Dan Heaton injured
hey everybody, dan broke his right heel and his left ankle taking a bad uni fall last night. we have been out on the road for the last few weeks gathering some aw...

Is rubber buffer between seatpost and CF base necessary?
In (I think) George Barne's instructions on how to set up a CD airseat, he recommends putting a piece of rubber (out of an old tire tube) between the seatpost/rail adapter and the seat...

Unicyclist sighting in Norway
When I was going to juggle with some friends tonight I saw somebody on a unicycle that just left, mabye a 29". It was at NTNU the local university in Trondheim, Norway. There was a con...

Unicycle Hockey - London UK
Are the Luni's still going? Is there any Hockey being played anywhere in the SE? Thanks JJ -- fontiminal - Level 3.9 Rider - - -...

Keystone Resort, Colorado - Ride Report
On July 28th Jrutkows and I headed to Keystone for a day of downhill fun. They were requiring brakes to get on the lift, which was not a problem for us. The lift ticket off...

second post, first uni
Thanks to all who helped in my "First post, first uni" thread. FWIW, I thought I'd give a quick update from a rank beginner. After 2 hours' practice, I was pleased to have...

Ping chat room
8 users on forum, 1 in the chat room. why? -- TheBadger587 MUni every day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The...

Re: Which giraffe mount is easiest ?
The video and articles I've seen indicate 2 mounts are most popular: (1) the "Climb up" mount, and (2) the rolling mount. Which one will be faster to learn ? (it seems from the ...

coker wireless cyclocomputer
I am new to riding a coker, is there a cycle computer that fits a 36inch wheel? and if so what kind. thanks -- tennispro -----------------------------------------...

After "just road riding" on the Coker and trail riding on the MUni for a little over a year, I decided that today was the day for me to start developing a skill or two. I've done a lit...

I noticed that, on the NAUCC muni rides, several riders had GPS units. I've become interested in getting something to track my performance both on and off road and I'm looking fo...

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