28 spoke hub in 36 spoke rim?
'i tried to ask this in the JC forum because it is not unicycle related but i got no response so iím going to put it here. i have an old 3-speed hub and i want it rebuilt into a new ri...

Some NOOBIE Questions
I am about as noobie as they get, I borrowed my cousin's unicycle yesterday and worked for about 2 hours trying to figure it out. I can now go the entire length of my car holing it wi...

One year ago today - progress calendar
Well, it's been exactly a year since I my first wobbly attempt to ride a unicycle. I kept a diary of my achievements as I went, so for the benefit of new riders who are wond...

hey guys, i have just made an AWESOME new trials movie and im dieing to get it on the gallerys. But i upload it and the i click on it to watch it and it says "file not Found".

5 worst Unicycles
What do you think the 5 worst unicycles out there are? Please list from worst (at top) to better but still bad (at bottom). Thanks! -- tylercox - 10-year-old Unidude...

I have mastered 1-footed!
I finally mastered 1-footed riding! I can go and go and go, and when I am finished I just plop my foot back on the pedal and keep going. Because I'm short (only 4' 6") I have found t...

Stuck in California
I'm on vacation right now in California. If anyone has a spare uni and wants to meet up for a little ride then let me know. I'm staying in Davis right now right next to the University....

Re: question for long distance riders
I need to buy some tools to bring with me on long distance rides, to tighten my cranks every now and then and tighten my pedals. Will the crank arm puller also tighten the cranks here...

WANTED: saddle
Does anyone have a spare kh or miyata saddle in working condition that they would be willing to sell for a reasonable cost. You can just pm me, most here or email me at [email protected] ...

Wheel walking tips.
Can any of you give me some more tips about wheelwalking. It seems my feet always bunch together and hit each other on my 20". I don't wanna have to get a bigger tire and I want to lea...

riding budys
1)who do you ride most with? 2)do they make you ride better? 3)how did you meet? 4)anything else you want 2 say if you don't ride with anyone put some details someone might l...

Lefty/Right Pedal Exchange Club
Hello, all. It occurred to me recently that I have quite a few decent right-foot pedals. I need a left pedal. This happens all the time bc I favor the L pedal for mounting (esp jump

Freestyle unicyles..What's the deal????
I was checking out unicycle.com wheni checked out the free style expert unicyles. Look how long the neck/seatpost is. Being the unicyclist that lives in the suburbs and rides street I ...

Re: 'Unicycles and Green' - the unsolved mystery...
This is something that i have always wondered and it made me think about it again when i ordered my 29r why is it that on the colour options on unicycle.com can you never select green?...

29" speed record (well, sort of)
I can proudly say that I am as fast with my unicycle as with our car, because my computer told me yesterday that I hit 174.5 km/h (~110mph?) with my Big Apple 29er. Don't kn...

Buying a muni
I'm thinking about buying a muni as my second unicycle. Which one do you think I shall buy and do you have any tips about muniriding? I have a good track nearby which I think would be ...

Ottawa Unicycle Invasion Results
Results have been posted to the OUI'04 web site at http://carlroth.net/oui04/ . Congratulations to Ryan Atkins who won the Expert Trials Event. The gallery has also been up...

Video in the pipeline
Hey I have been busy with school and stuff lately, and havn't posted here in a while. I havn't even been on a uni for about 2 weeks either, due to the club having to close early. ...

Tony Melton
Hey, just thought I'd get your attention. I'm making a movie and I remembered your kickass video clips you posted awhile back. Do you think you could possibly send me any footage of yo...

order directly, or through a bike shop
Hi Everyone After weeks of serious unicycle research, I have finally decided on my first Uni in 30 years (I used to ride when I was a teenager)-- a nimbus 26 inch! I got the ...

Gallery Problems?
Is anyone having problems with the "move photos" or "Rebuild Thumbnails" options in the gallery? -- tomblackwood - Registered Nurtz Tailgate at your own ris...

YAY I can kickup mount!
YAY! within 30 minutes of trying I actually managed to land a kickup mount. When I first tried I thought it was impossible but with practise and bit of time I managed to pull it off. I...

"one tired guy" on DVD
I got confirmation from Sean White today......"One Tired Guy" will be available on DVD in about a month!!!! -- zod - Icey Hot Stunta(z) --------------------------...

Re: 24" Semcycle XL for sale best offer
This sucka was my original ride. Up sides: - Intact frame - 2.5" wide Kenda Kolossal wheel - Intact inner tube style seat - Intact rim - Unicycle.com st...

Re: Ping: Joel Harris
Joel, call me again, ASAP. When you left a message on my voicemail, your phone number didn't come through. My cell is 818-427-2919. You can call as late as 11:0...

Re: impossible wheel riders
Is there anyone out there who can ride an impossible wheel? if so, please let me know. I have only ever heard or seen one other person do it. I know it is intimidating, butit isnt THAT...

Re: Nimbus
Would a Nimbus unicycle be a very good trials uni? I want a good trials unicycle but I am on a low budget. Does it have good cranks and hub and can it stand going offf huge drops?

How much faster and I supposed to go?
Remember those threads about crank length and speed? http://tinyurl.com/3295x http://tinyurl.com/2kmng Well, recently, I decided to try getting more speed by changing ...

Re: Onza and grinding
Does the KH trials do rails better than the onza? and witch one do you think is better? -- KcTheAcy - Ohh Baby ---------------------------------------------------...

Re: Onza and grinding
My friend has an Onza, and he doesn't grind yet, but the pedals have huuge pins. So if you're getting an onza, make sure to use grind plates too. -- James_Potter ...

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