I looked at onza's on unicycle.com and they are $379 american dollars. On the unicycle.uk.com they are equal to $240 american dollars. The one from the uk also comes with a KH saddle. ...

Anyone Interested in riding in Indiana "Hilly Hundred" ?
My goal is to be ready for this year's Hilly Hundred bike ride in October. The Hilly Hundred is about 5000 bicyclests. I rode the ride in high school in the 70s on a bicycle, and this year I...

I've had enough
Dear Group, After having posted here for more than four years, I am on the edge of quitting my regular presence in rec.sport.unicycling. I've had enough of the continual breakdown...

Looking For Unicycle Video!
Hello uncyclers and the rest - Have any of your heard about a new video comprised of some of the most amazing unicycle crashes on tape? Apparently it's making the rounds, an...

Re: 24" for trials
I will soon be using a 24" qu-ax for muni and trials as my trials is busted and i want a muni more then a new hub and cranks set for it because you can do trials on a 24" but can't do ...

Goodbye unicyclist.com I have made the decision to stop using the forum for a while until, I feel I am a much better rider for not going on it and riding instead! I have got Universe +...

Re: Amatuer Scientist to add mass to Niner wheel.
I initially rode my niner with the nanoraptor tire (that's the way it comes off the rack). In fact, I rode it in a Crosscountry MUni race and it did fine. Big Apple carries...

Runicycle Laws in Australia
hey, I've just read through a few of the law-realated topic for Runicycling, and i wanted to know if anyone has any information about the Laws in Australia? I'm in Melbourne so an...

Bedford unicycles
Where can i found pictures and prices for Bedford unicycles ?

Two awesome new unicycle T-shirts
Unicycists ! Here are two new unicycle T-shirts ready to order. Both shirts were originally hand drawn by a local comic book artist. I have been looking for a long tim...

Re: Foot position
i ride my unicycle with my toes pretty much, or near them. is this the wrong place to put them? or is it just preference? +----------------------------------------------...

Re: Foot position
i would suggest keeping the middle of your foot over the pedal. its definitely more useful for trials and street. im not sure about flatland, muni, or distance seeing as i dont do any...

Re: Foot position
That is correct. For freestyle riding you want the balls of your feet over the pedals. That allows the ankles to get into the act and allows you to have a much more smooth and round ...

Re: Foot position
If it feels good for you, then keep doing it. It's mostly just personal preference, but different positions have different advantages and disadvantages. Ideally I would prefer my feet ...

Re: Foot position
also interesting to see that you can ride seat dragging infront, lol -- tom_edmonds - level 10.... I've got 1 skill down "Trials - limited only by the wallet"

Re: Foot position
I have been wondering whether I have my feet in the wrong position for quite a while. All of the pro's seem to do it differently. I ride with the pedle in the middle of my foot. Sho...

Re: Foot position
I ride on my toes also. Thats just what is comfortable to me. -- BryanM - lvl 2 almost a lvl 3 People who use bicycles are cheaters. ----------------------...

Re: Foot position
In the two wheeled world it is definatly more efficient to use your toes for riding large distance hence toeclips and SPD clipless pedals having the cleats mounted in the toe of the sh...

Re: Foot position
hello. i also used to ride with my toes, but one i started doing 4 foot drops or so, i started hurting my ankles. so i forced myself to put my foot forward a bit so the middle of my f...

Re: Foot position
i ride my unicycle with my toes pretty much, or near them. is this the wrong place to put them? or is it just preference? +----------------------------------------------...

Re: 24 days to Moab!
I just wanted to point out that we only have 24 more days until the Moab MUniFest! And the total is now up to 74 riders. That's a lot of unicycles! Just wondering, who is planni...

Re: Idling
I'm almost a level 2. I can freemount with my left foot 80% of the time, go as far as i want and cant do figure 8's. How do i go about idling? Should I learn how to go backwards? If im...

Newsgroup disconnected
The forum RSU and the newsgroup RSU are once more disconnected. I presume that it is within Gilby's power to analyse and correct the situation. I emailed him yesterday but haven't hear...

Trials obstacles
I was just wondering what trials obstancles I should look into building or finding. Id like to set up a small course to practice my Muni skills as well as trials skills. Right now al...

secret to pedal grabbing
First a little history... Up until today I have always pedal grabbed, then put the crank on the obstacle, then gone to rubber. Since I am not at the point to where I would ...

Two more to the collection...
I'm getting faster at making sandwich boards. Today I made two in about an hour. This time I made them with nice timber sheet instead of chipboard using my Bunnings Warehouse gift vo...

Wow, 16 inches is a lot!
I've been riding nothing but coker for the past two years or so. Today I just got in my semcycle 20". What a difference! I guess it should have been obvious, but for some reason I wasn...

Swedish Cycle Act
I just got sent a link to an incredible unicycle and artistic bicycle act. They're Roger and Andre 'The Swedish Cycle Act' (http://home.swipnet.se/~w-21164/). Sorry about the backgro...

3 cross or 4 cross for 24" Muni/trials?
What kind of spoke pattern is better for MUni and trials for a 24" wheel? I won't do drops over three feet. Include an explanation of why in your answer if possible. ...

TOque questions
as a registered rider where do i enter where they will have my name? where can i find a schedual for the norco trials team doing their thang? that's all, john

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