Re: Muniac.coN
well folks as some of you may know i once was kicked from the Muniac Manor for asking a 'PDF file question' ( ? as you can see in that thread the Maniac cannot ...

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KH style Torker vs. the real thing
I was wondering if anyone knew how well the Torker KH style seats are made. Are they similar to a first, second, or third generation KH? Any differences at all? Thanks,

RTA Cycle Sydney
Hi All On the weekend (30th November) I took part in the annual RTA Cycle Sydney. This event has been running for about 8 or 9 years. It has two distances either 50kms (Nort...

Stand up wheel walk
I have been trying to do a stand up wheel walk but I have been very unsuccsesful. Does anyone have any tips? -- uniextreme - Funkadelic Unicyclist ---------------...

UW vs BC Wheel
in all the UW and BC threads, i get the impression that the UW is easier to ride than the BC wheel. In my case, i felt that the BC wheel is easier to ride than the UW. does anyone else...

gliding trainer
i was having trouble sleeping last night when i had an idea the idea was to make a set of training wheels for my uni kind of making it in to a trike i have the idea for this before any...

thats it i learning
as the wet weather is setting in i find my self unicycling indoors more and more which is fairly boring as i only have my room to go in but i really want to learn unispins i have got ...

backwards riding
I was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting started backwards riding. Is it better to start off holding onto something, or to just go into it from riding forward? Also is it bett...

southern oregon uni/muni riders
Hello all. First time post. Just stumbled across this site a few weeks ago, and have been lurking ever since. I just starting riding this past summer, and I was wondering if there were...

indoor unicycling tricks
what tricks can i with limited space (my bedroom) while is is raining as i am a trials unicyclist if it's nice i am on benches and stuff but i would like to be able to do more freestyl...

Unicycling 160km (100miles) around Lake $#@[email protected]
Ok, that's 'Lake Taupo' ( . A rather large lake in the middle of New Zealand. Every year thousands of crazy cyclists pedal their way around this lake. Th...

Club around Langford/ Victoria
I was wondering if there are any unicycling clubs around Langford/ Victoria, B.C. Thanks for your help. -- Greenchicken_13 - The Flying Turkey -------------------...

Trials movie: My Thanksgiving in Cal Poly
This Thanksgiving my parents and I went to San Louis Obispo to visit my sister who goes to Cal Poly. (San Louis Obispo, or SLO, is about 3 hours away from Santa Cruz, CA) (Cal Poly i...

Two "Firsts" Today!!!!
One was good, the other bad. My two oldest daughters were in their first Parade today. It was a Christmas Parade. The route was 2 miles long. I logged in 3.81 miles and my ll y...

KH Seats
Does anyone know how to tell the difference between the 2nd and 3rd generation KH seats without taking them apart and looking at the plate inside. -- Grinspoon - ...

What helmet are you using?
I want to know what kind of a helmet (BMX/Fullface/regular) are you using? And I mean the brand and model of your helmet. I'm thinking of buying a helmet sometime soon (I've been think...

What is this?! Why are they out of stock -forever-?? I wanted one for Christmas.... And now I'll never get one.... -never-.... :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:...

??? about Macy's Parade and Uni
A guy that works for me said when he was watching the parade someone riding a uni in the parade was interviewed by the guy who is on King of Queens-Kevin James. He said that he ...

Higher cadence?
I'd like to be able to get my cadence a bit higher. I think I can now do about 100 rpm for some time but I'd like to be able to do something like 150 rpm for some distance. ...

Unicycle World muni championships?
The singlespeed MTB world championships in germany 2004 will have a unicycle division. YAY! -- JoeRowing - MUni Animal Joe ' Pe...

setting up a computer on MUni
Hey. I am getting a computer for my Muni for Christmas. I think I will get 'CAT EYE CORDLESS 7' ( - I like the idea of having no wires! <...

MUnis on the cheap
So here's the deal, I (or someone like me) wants to get a MUni, but is a bit strapped for cash. Looking at, it seems there are several options. Here are the one's I...

large marge
any here hear anything about the large marge rim from surly? not ready yet, but surly says it'll be 26" and 65mm wide. i dunno if that's inner or outer measurement, but that's still pr...

i hate 22.2
unicycle makers need to give up the retarded practice of making posts and seat tubes in 22.2....the size of 22.2 is just plain garbage... some makers are realizing this,bless you...

suzues in the open
since when has had suzue unicycle hubs for sale? -- ubersquish ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ubersquish's P...

How do I fix a twisting seat post?
I am getting frustrated with having my seat get twisted after a fall. I have a Semcycle XL uni and have added a 2 bolt seat post clamp. I have tightened the clamp tight enough that I...

Looking for ideas for starting uni / juggling club
I thoroughly enjoy unicycling and juggling and am jealous of all who have a club or gang. I have decided that I need to look at the possibility of creating my own club and getting tha...

Braze on bosses
Hello, I wanted to get some brake bosses brazed onto my frame for a 24" rim- does anyone know exactly how far along the forks they have to be? Cheers! -- on...

kh seat for sale
hi everyone, im sick of the KH seat and the onza ive ordered is coming with one so would anyone be interested in buying it?(im Canadian) plus i have an old miyata seat...

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