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Hockey stick help
Our kids love to play uni-hockey during our club meetings but we're having a terrible problem with the sticks marking the floor. We've tried different types of tape on the bottom edge...

Trials Flats.
Is it just me, or is it anytime you get a flat when your riding trials theres no way to patch the tire. The couple flat tires I've had all have been huge gashes 1" to 8" in the ...

36" rims/spokes/tires
I am not 'COKER' literate and had a few questions. Can you only get rims/spokes/tires from Coker or is there another manufacturer of 36" paraphernalia? How are the Cok...

Brian the Trials Clown
Awesome +----------------------------------------------------------------+ | Attachment filename: brianclowntrials.jpg | |Download attach...

That's it, next time the map is staying at home!
That's twice this has happened now! I left work at lunchtime and went to a spot I'd noticed on the map with a high concentration of paths and contour lines all nicely hidden away...

Which Muni Tyre?
just wondering if you can help me choose a tyre for my new Muni. it seems as though people go for one of two, either the Gazzaloddi 24X3" or the halo identity contra 24X3". ...

Making your own studded tires
I just started making my own tire for winter MUniing. I bought a really cheap 2" wide tire for both, my 20" and 24" unis, four inner tubes and a two boxes of screws. The screws are 4,2...

muni eye wear?
i am not sure but i think i read some where that is a good idea to wear sunglasses while muning if so has any one tried wearing squash glasses as they are clear for in the dark + the ...

Fence riding
It has taken a while, but eventually I can ride a fence. Ok, it is not REALLY thin, but i think it is thin enough! Pics are 'here!' (http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/joest...

Cant make a Gallery
Hello. I hope someone can help me. Well, its not for me, but for two friends. I have made my 'gallery' (http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/Joes) and it works gre...

Kris Holm Freestyle
weird we dont have 'these' (http://tinyurl.com/t4gq) over here...the KH20's over here are *orange* so theres another differance.. -- jagur - Random Unicyclist

Big Bend Area. Where to Muni?
Looks like I'm going to be in the Big Bend, TX area for the weekend (sleeping in Fort Stockton). Any comments/suggestions on where (not) to Muni ride in the area? (Or sugge...

Roach Indy Arms
What is the sizing like on Roach Indy arms? I am wondering if I need Large or Extra-large. I do not have Arnies biceps but my arms are long - I am 6'2" and 102kg. Cal...

what color is the steel under the chrome on a yuni frame? i'm going to strip the chrome off and haven't decided yet what color i want it. i'm considering putting clearcoat on it, but d...

removing cranks but not pedals
i keep seeing complaints about how you need to remove the pdeals to use the park ccp2 crank arm puller. what i can't figure out is when you would need to get the cranks off without rem...

Cades Cove Loop Ride...
I had an awesome ride this past Sunday afternoon. I rode my Muni around the 11 mile Cades Cove Loop. This is a one-way paved road through a section of the Great Smoky Mountians Natio...

Air seat cover
Hi, last week i converted my miyataa to airseat using the stuff on unicycling.org, it worked out good, but the seat cover started to tear, so i decided to take out the air and do a cov...

MSN messenger
who uses MSN messenger? add me [email protected] -- Austin_hamer - eeeee Unicycler Paintballer Snowboarder

BC with Handle
Having never rode a BC, I might be completely off base, but what the heck. I was wondering if anyone has tried to make/ride a BC with handle bars. What I'm thinking is you would have...

Unicycling mailing list changes performed to eliminate SPAM
I have been working hard trying to filter out SPAM, since installing the new mailing list server over 2 1/2 years ago. I've decided to make more drastic changes in an attempt to eliminate S...

How are you feeling?
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What do you want for Christmas?
I'm so excited! This is my first unicycle christmas. I only started unicycling May 4th this year so i'm ultra excited to get some uni stuff under my tree. Of course I'll be asking for ...

How are you feeling?
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Hopping on a Freestyle uni
This is a variation on a question that has often been discussed here, but I can't find a specific answer, so here it goes. I'm interested in getting a decent freestyle unicycle t...

Cutting down a frame
Greetings, As you can see from the attached pic King MUni-Man is starting to outgrow his custom 16" MUni. Fortunately for him I have a Yuni frame with a Monty trials setup...

Multiple Lender Database
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Less than 60 seconds
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Riding Stairs?
How do you learn to ride stairs? Failure looks as if it might hurt... I suppose you practice riding a single drop-off about the same height as the riser and them progr...

Calstock and Totnes Hockey Match!
well we didn't actually play against each other we just all mixed up and made teams, it was amazing! When i was waiting outside two more unicyclists arrived and said to me "you tr...

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