Pedal Melt-down...?
I got my new Muni 3 days ago, and absolutely love it. As some of you know, I bought a used KH24" Wheelset and the seller threw in a set of Wellgo B-27 pedals. I love the way these pe...

Camelbak cleanage!
Ok, so I have in the past neglected this thing, and now the bladder is getting kinda gruddy. with white spots in the tube and balck in the bladder itself. My question is, how do I cle...

One Tired Guy or UNiVERsE?
Hey guys, I saw the movie One Tired Guy a while ago, and now I want to get a uni movie. Which one is better? Even if they are both about the same goodnesses, I know most of ...

New milestone: metric century
Yesterday I completed a new milestone on the Coker, a metric century of 62 miles. The Clarksville Labor Day Weekend Classic in Tennessee is billed as one of the flattest century ...

VIMW Photos
I got some photos from the Vancouver Island Muni Weekend up here If other people have photos as well please put them up I would love...

Mostyn Mayham and Coasting Hub
Hey. Just like to say how much I enjoyed Mostyn Mayhem! It was my first time there (last year I was too busy...). Met loads of (more) great people (Dez and Gemma/Jim e...

Mt. Ventoux, 3X
from (I wish I could read Dutch. He also gives a speed, heart rate, cadence graph for one Mt. Ventoux. Can anyone tell what kind of uni he has; what crank l...

Unicycle in Bicycling Magazine ad
Opened up my October 2003 Bicycling and this was on page 4 from 'Nalgene Hydration' ( . They should have said no reason for thirst to force you o...

Iron Horse Trail Ride
Our local group went on another ride on the Iron Horse Trail which is a rails to trails project in the Cascade Mountains. This is the Coker fun ride that we had for UNICON 11 in 2002 f...

What a wimp!
I learned how to ride a uni decades ago (I won't say how many). Then I was too cool in high school to keep riding it after I learned how to drive. It got sold in some garage sale tha...

My first non-Muni ride with a fellow unicyclist
Matt's 3-uni order arrived on Thursday and he quickly started trolling for some riding partners. I couldn't pass up the opportunity and invited him to bring his 28'r to one of my favor...

Bent Monty Cranks
Ben's Monty alloy cranks lasted about a year but I guess Ben's a bit bigger this summer than last. He did some dropping off the parade float last weekend and sure enough, he torqued t...

Looking for uni club in SF Bay Area
My daughter has been riding for 3 months and I'm just starting. Are there any uni clubs in the SF Bay Area (preferably in the Berkeley/Richmond/Oakland area) that any of you are aware of? ...

It's not a Diet, It's a Patch!
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learning again?
I've learned how to ride, and freemount this summer, and I'm truly addicted to unicycling, to the point I hardly ride the bicycle anymore. But with winter fast approaching (I live in Norther...

Reverse vision glasses...
Sombody mentioned of existence of this kind of glasses(?mirors incorporated). Unfortunately I was not succesful in finding the thread mentioning the subject. May I ask for kind ad...

hey guy
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My new Coker! First impressions
What a beast! I got my new Deluxe Coker last night and went for a quick ride today: First impressions- I coulnd't believe the size of that thing! OK I've seen Tony an...

VIMW: Rainbow at Miracle Beach
This is a photo that Booger took at Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island after the rain subsided. This was the Friday evening trials at the beach barbeque that was so dillegently prepared...

all my street riding videos
hey guys, heres my most recent street riding stuff. tell me what you think: Kevin -- tugboat - crazy unier -...

I got my stuff!
Well, I FINALLY got my stuff last night... KH24, Coker, 28in Sun & accesseries. Scott & I threw together my KH and broke it in... I've had better riding days, but it should be nice. ...

Coasting Record
I smashed my coasting record by 10 metres the other day and was able to catch it on camera. Just wondering what the actaul record is? Here is a link of the video.

Join us for Downieville survey ride on Sept. 7
Nathan, Beau and I are going to ride the Downieville trail on Sunday Sept. 7 as part of preparations for MUni Weekend. Anyone who would like to join us is welcome. You can stay over my...

you are so great
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riding 2 wheeler videos?
any videos out there of someone mounting my next christmas present, or even just riding them? Thanks Any of the 'main' people here even own 2 wheelers? There isn't mu...

Stop debt today, live debt free tommorow
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London (UK) beginner seeks uni club
Comrades! Can't believe I have just bought a unicycle! Well, I should own up. It's a few weeks old now and still remains unmastered, but I must learn! I have be...

10 ' giraffe needs a home
Fitz Family performs on the road full time - mostly juggling but also some unicycles. Bought a Tom Miller 10' giraffe a few years back since we had a son good enough to ride it - or s...

Schwalbe Big Apple 60-622
Hi. Some of you have mentioned that you are using the Schwalbe Big Apple with their 28"/29"ers. Schwalbe makes two 28" versions, one that is 2.0" wide (50-622) and one that ...

the 2003 Cali-MUni week-end thread.
who,where ,what ,when and why.......this is the thread to talk about it. -- jagur - Random Unicyclist --------------------------------------------------- -s...

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