28 Jul 2003 01:46:31
Improved Miyata Saddle on Stealth

I had the pleasure of riding with racingnismo this past Friday. He had
his brand spanking new Stealth Torker with him. I am a proud owner of
one of these fine cycles, and the destroyer of another. Anyway, while I
was showing him the weakness of the handle on his (stock) VS, the
strength of my Kinport, I realized that his handle didn't flex nearly as
much as mine did prior to the upgrade. Upon further inspection, I saw
that his stock handle was slightly different the mine had been. His had
two little triangular braces where the handle normally rips. Has anyone
else seen this? Any idea how well this little modification helps?


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28 Jul 2003 02:12:23
Re: Improved Miyata Saddle on Stealth

i know that the black Miyatas on the the Stealth Torkers are made of
stronger plastic but i havent seen what your talking about yet,maybe
Torker is modifing them know.

it would be nice to see a pic of this.

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