29 Jul 2003 11:38:42
Homemade Camelback

I spent last summer using a belt clip water bottle, it was kind of
annoying having that thing swing around on my waist but it did allright.
Last winter I began playing with my family's collection of old backpacks
and fanny packs and came up with the idea of taping an old gatorade
bottle to a worn-out pair of construction worker's tool pouch
suspenders. I replaced the metal clips with string, set it up backpack
style,then set it aside until summer. I tried it out last week and it
had the disadvantage that it slipped off my shoulders, a problem quickly
solved with a little more string.
I used it the other day in 85 degree weather and it did just fine.
When I wanted a drink I simply took off my waterback pack, drank some ,
then put it back on without dismounting or anything. It is very
lightweight and doesn't make me hot or sweaty. If I saw womeone hiking
or unicycling with a similar arrangment I would simply think that they
wanted some water.
I don't think you need any special storebought material to make one of
these, I suspect any old pair of suspenders or backpack strapping would
work just fine. The most important material involved in the process was
immagination! carjug

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29 Jul 2003 12:21:35
Re: Homemade Camelback

I wanted to do the same thing. A few months back, I noticed that the
syrup containers for fountain soft drinks have changed. Now they are in
these double walled plastic bags. They are supported inside of a 3-4"
high cardboard box. The outlet is a big-ish fitting about 1 1/2"
diameter, but there is a valve that doesn't allow anything in or out
unless you push on it. If you can get the nut that goes on this fitting
for a good price, you could make a real cheap camel back, with
disposable bladder. Hey, the one I got didn't cost me anything, I just
asked for an empty one. The bag is designed to be sucked dry. There
wasn't a drop left in the one I got.
So I need to contact one of the suppliers for these things to see if I
can buy the hardware to attach to the bag.

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29 Jul 2003 12:57:48
Re: Homemade Camelback

Hmmmmm. Carjug... over here 'suspenders' are something completely
different. I, for one, would not wish to be seen unicycling with a
bottle of water attached to my suspenders...

It would ruin the line of my pencil skirt...

But if you want to try a cheap home made Camelbak, why not take a 10
foot (3 metre) length of hose? Surely you ride next to the river

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