30 Oct 2004 18:46:59

Here's a nice example of tennis professionalism and maturity:

"What do you like most about being a professional tennis player?"
"It's just the feeling of doing something that I love doing. I'm very
lucky to have a job that I really enjoy. Having the chance to compete
and travel around the world, it's a very nice thing for me."

"Which tennis player do you most admire, and why?" "[names another top
player]. The way he acts on and off the court I think is great. He's
so professional in the way he plays, and all the things he does, in
interviews and everything else."

What top-pro age-bracket do these answers sound like they're coming
from? One would think maybe some mid-30's elder statesman, like the
[recently retired?] Todd Martin, right?

Answer is below:

It's 16-year-old Ana Ivanovic! Nice.
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