Funny Federer Whiff --- Frank Einstein

Ginepri: "Jose Higueras is my coach not Federer's"
In five previous attempts, Ginepri had never got past the first round in Paris. Now he is preparing to face Fernando Gonzalez for the chance of a quarter-final against Federer, the man who, ...

Did Bjorn Borg cheat his opponents and the game the same way Nadal
Taking too much time between the points to rest violating the rules of the game without being penalized is called cheating. If Nadal is the king of clay for real he should be honest and play...

federer's lucky draw
there's no one left who should make him sweat, until the final. -- Science is based on mathematics; mathematics cannot discover all truths; therefore scien...

What pisses me off about Roger
His continuous denial that he dearly wants the FO. No one will ever consider him undisputable goat without that title. Laver won it twice and won the rest too. And Steffi Graf won it 6...

My R16 picks
Federer Swi 1 v Benneteau Fra This will be another one-sided affair. Fed in 3. Gonzalez Chi 24 v Ginepri US Ginepri has surpised me this week but his ret...

Sunday's Match of the day : Novak vs PH

I cleansed my sins by watching Fed-Ancic after Denko-Lube
The Denko-Lube was a bore. Lube was imitating a human backboard, returning everything at half pace but deep and drawing tons of FH UE's from hard-hitting Denko. Denko never learnt ...

ROGER & rafa
these top 2 couldn't be more different in styles which I supposed it's good they manage to capture completely different group of fans~~ (tennis fans vs moonballers fans) I think t...

French Open 3R Women's Rankings
Dementieva will be #5 if she beats Zvonareva in the fourth round. Suárez Navarro will be in the Top 50 if she beats Pennetts. 1 (1) SHARAPOVA, MARIA 3806* ...

Davydenko's best fix ever
Crystal clear, donkey.

Allez Ginepri!
Kind of mind-boggling, really. -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot a bit, and serve again.

Roland Garros 3R rankings - men
1 (1) 6125 Federer, Roger* 2 (3) 4925 Djokovic, Novak* 3 (2) 4735 Nadal, Rafael* 4 (4) 3050 Davydenko, Nikolay 5 (5) 2805 Ferrer, David* 6 (6) 240...

I feel like a nerd watching the History Channel. Oh I'm sorry it the tennis channel, that explain way there no tennis. You know your slam is shitty when they more willing to sho...

An American Renaissance!
Robbie-fucking-Ginepri!?!?!? As Mac would say, "You cannot be serious!"

Kvitova and Cetkovska
Two pretty new Czech players in the 4th round. And a wonderful opportunity for either Kvitova or Kaia Kanepi to make QF.

The red (orange?) clay looks awesome on High Definition
I am looking at the Sharapova-Knapp match on NBC and it is spectacular. The color, the clarity, everything. Also having a Sony Bravio and Onkyo home theater system helps

I get the impression Sharapova's not too happy with all this "waiting for Sharapova to lose" stuff: She seems to have a chip on her shoulder. (And had a beaut glare for the ...

Federer may end up playing Stepanek in the SF.
Should be a nice match.

Next ESPN tennis on Monday?
According to ESPN360, the next tennis is not until Monday morning? Is there anything before then on TV except on the tennis channel? Thanks. -- Currently filteri...

Camera angles
I *really* prefer the camera directly behind a player, which broadcasters don't do nearly as much as the high, above-the-court angle. I suppose a mix of both is best, but with more behind-th...

Is the Federer magic returning?
That was some display - still didn't like the lapse in concentration to not take the 2nd break at 3-0 and then dropping his own serve - needs to avoid these kind of mental lapses against the...

what the hell is happening in the Soderling match?
He has lost 10 games in a row after losing the second set.

Federer FH
Federer unleashing some massive heavy forehand against Ancic. By heavy I mean with decent pace and a lot of TOPSPIN (ball going way over the net). The one he hit during the ...

Uh oh Fed gone walkabout again
He's only up a break instead of double-break.

"Fed-killer" Ancic being killed out there.
Nothing much he can do when Fed's in this type of mood. It's like he's toying with him. Means nothing as far as Djoko/Nadal.

Federer is playing some of his best tennis.
The old good Federer

Roger hits a clean running forehand down-the-line to break..
and lets out a very manly "Come ON!!!!" love it :-)

As said before, sometimes I DO hate France 2/3/4 !
Any live stream on the web for the Ancic / Federer match? France 4 is showing the Benneteau / Soderlin match... This is so stupid, I just can't believe it. Fuck you France Televis...

Any links to live match of Federer?
Need a link to watch it live. Thanks.

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