Can Novak Djokovic win every slam this year?
The toughest will be at RG with defending Nadal but Nole is stronger this year and other than that I am confident he will win them this year. I give some credit to Roger Federer too, his rei...

Olympic Tennis is Gluttony
Tennis has quite a full year round season and many top class tournaments. The Olympics is already a much bloated event with too many events in it. Tennis certainly does not need the Olympics...

Insane McCain
A man with no McBrain:

please help me
I am a student of Warsaw School of Economics. I write a master's thesis about a opinion on managers. I would like to ask you to fill in the survey (link below) by you and as many ...

Slam in 2008 for Radwanska?
Can she do it? She certainly seems to have ice in her veins, which helps. The right age for a breakthrough, too.

OT: Tesla roadster hits the streets The Tesla roadster is almost ready to hit the streets. The cost is $98,000. Imagine a world without gas-burning ca...

RST is so entertaining when experts keep going to the whipping-post swearing that the patently unprovable is true
This prestigious newsgrump is so entertaining and enlightening when certain apparently underemployed experts from certains part of the world and with certain undeclared baggage continually...

Wilson Hammer 2.7 / Wilson Profile Hammer 2.7 / Wilson Hammer 2.7si ?
I am searching for a Wilson Hammer 2.7, but keep running across Wilson Profile Hammer 2.7 and Wilson Hammer 2.7si. Are these the same racquet or different racquets? If they are different, wh...

Is He The One?
Are your parents, siblings and friends all up in your face about the guy you're dating? Are they telling you he is not the one for you? That he is no good and you should not even entertain t...

What do Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Yes have in common?
They are 3 of the 5 rock bands to have at least 2 of their album covers designed by Storm Thorgerson and Hignosis. The other 2 bands being the fuckall 10cc and Genesis ;-) http:/...

is Djoker gay?
for those who care, Djoker's sex preferences are a matter of speculation. this page has some interesting clues: ...

Graf and Henin play doubles Great to see champions playing for fun

Graf and Navratilova in Tokyo
Graf and Navratilova in Tokyo for an exhibition on March 15, 2008!

Peter Bodo in tennis Magazine
In the March 2008 issue of Tennis Magazine, On page 30, Peter Bodo writes the following: "Or how about this: An Israeli and a Pakistani playing doubles together in a Grand Slam." ...

"Quiet please." Goran wins 2001 W i missed this match, didn't see any of it. Rafter's fatal flaw was he had a relatively weak return, particularly o...

A question for RSTers. There is the usual kerfuffle about Whispers 7543 slam ranking scheme, and Steffi's Golden Slam, going on. Well, the streets are full of nutters with strang...

Presumably Djokovic is out of Marseille?
... after pulling out of DC match. That would leave Murray with a good chance to come through from top half. Gasquet is seeded #2 and could meet Tsonga in QF. http://www.atp...

New article about Sampras
Sampras keeps his hand in game - by playing No. 1 John Shea, Chronicle Staff Writer Sunday, February 10, 2008 Pete Sampras said he has no plan for a comeback and does...

If Seles didnt get stabbed
This is what would have happened. Before the stabbing... Seles had won 8 slams Steffi had won 11 slams Steffi was having her best year in 1993 (after 1989) before the <...

Champions (cute and most ugly)
Must have won at least 3 slams... In open era... Cutest 1. Maria Sharapova 2. Steffi Graf 3. Chris Evert 4. Martina Hingis 5. Evonne Goolagong ...

O/T Manchester derby day....
United 1 - City 2 Yes indeed !

FS: 1997 du Maurier Tennis Open "Lindsay Davenport" Autographed Ticket
1997 du Maurier Tennis Open "Lindsay Davenport" Autographed Ticket I have for sale a 1997 du Maurier "Lindsay Davenport" Autographed Admission Ticket. The Ticket states: DU MAURIER OPE...

Clash of the titans - Borg vs Lendl 1981 Masters

eBAY: Wilson and Volkl raquets for auction
Select "view seller's other auctions" to see the rest of them. Gobs of positive feedback, and all racquest ar...

Wanted: Head Arthur Ashe Competition Covers
Wondering if anyone has some racquet covers for the Comp 2, or Comp 1, racquets. Or a Comp 2 racquet and cover. Please respond to clist-1 at charter dot net. Thanks very mu...

Becker vs Lendl (86 Final)
Some amazing points.

Nextdoor girls and first time honeys in free pictures
Nextdoor girls and first time honeys in free pictures Do you like nextdoor girls and sweet amateurs? Here you'll find all kinds of stunning firsttimers curious and eager to expose their fres...

Gilbert Schaller
Schaller -- the Austrian Davis Cup Captain -- has put on some bulk and is bald now. He barely resembles the guy that ran around all over the court retrieving Sampras' groundies at...

DC - only France can stop Silverland
In the home /away ebb and flow, the 2008 Davis Cup looks like Argentina's year. Though they would go on the road if they play Israel, Argentina has home court against Sweden, Russ...

The 7 most commerically successful 70s British rock bands from
These 70s bands from the very arty top half of the 70s. As the second devolved into punk, pub rock and disco nonsense these bands faded away. But they did rule the first half. I e...

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