Who here has seen the tv promo on TTC for Fed vs Sampras?
I noticed at the end of the promo their using words playing for history. like this is a real atp match or something. guess they want to milk it for all its worth. Federer will most li...

Roddick loses to Soderling in Memphis ***UNSPOILER***
Could happen! Match takes place tonight. -- Cheers, vc

Young matches his career wins in a week!
Donald Young put together b2b ATP wins and reached the QF of Memphis. That matches his career ATP wins earned at New Haven and the US Open last year. He gets Bjorkman in the QF ...

Unlucky Losers in Zagreb
Llodra wins 2 titles in 2008 and pulls out of Zagreb. Lucky Loser #209 Stakhovsky replaces him and goes on to beat #21 Karlovic #113 Troicki #44 Tipsarevic #66 Bolel...

My favorite LOL
This scene always cracks me up. When the UN laughs at his first ransom demand is funny, but about a minute in the gang all gets a good little evil LOL in together is hilarious. h...

Good riddance!
Francesca Schiavone (ITA) d. (1) Justine Henin (BEL) 76(3) 76(4) (8) Elena Dementieva (RUS) d. (3) Ana Ivanovic (SRB) 57 63 63 (4) Jelena Jankovic (SRB) d. (6) Anna Chakvetadze (RUS) 61 ret....

Thank goodness Dubai starts next week ...
... finally some tennis on, which might mean some reasonable discussion on here. The last few weeks have been appalling here ...

what does GS events do with all the used balls
what does GS events or for that matter any ATP/WTA tournments do with all the used balls

Tallest male player to win FO
Who is it? Is it Guga?

Lendl on Connors and McEnroe in 1987
LOL "I think Connors believes he has to hate everybody he plays [in order] to play better, and McEnroe hates just about everyone who can beat him. He used to hate Jimmy Connors a...

Nalbandian looking good
Almagro would make a good final, but Fat Dave should win his 2nd consecutive clay title.

Revealing WTA rankings
Number of players in Top 100 - Australia 2; China 4 Top 200 - Australia 6; China 5 Top 300 - Australia 8; China 10 Top 400 - Australia 10; China 16 Where will the ...

I had forgotten this famous h2h
One is a hack whose real weapon was his ability to unnerve his opponents. The other is one of the very best of the Open Era. The hack is 10 years older than the great champion. <...

Shitty WTA ranking system
Henin is still #1 by miles. No one can catch her. And she hasnt won crap this year. Looks like even if she doesnt win a single slam this year, she will finish off YE#1 I hate this...

Dubai Spoiler - Ana's Demented
Aces - 0 DFs - 14 Dementieva contributed 9 of the DFs but won the last 2 sets 6-3, 6-3 on 6 breaks of service. She meets Schiavone in the SF. So fans of unnerving pla...

Rafa and Henin won't win FO this year.

LOL- Francesca def Henin in straight sets
2 very close sets 7-6 7-6 but a win is a win. so much for Henin defending her title.

Schiavone Spoiler
No, nothing can spoil the Schiavone experience! Schiavone takes out #1 Henin 7-6, 7-6 in Dubai. :) -- Cheers, vc

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Play as Nadal
but only on PS3 version of Top Spin 3. I know Rafa keeps going on about playing his Playstation in his blogs, but it seems strange that he's not going to be in the game for the other ...

Recommendation for kids tennis racquet
Hi there Please could someone recommend a racquet for my son. He's nearly 8 and as tall as many 10 year olds, so his coach has recommended he get a 26" racquet. Here ar...

! Political losses and a pending immigration reform bill WILL leave Blacks out in the cold and outnumbered.
FYI T H E H A R V E S T I N S T I T U T E What is PowerNomics? PowerNomics is pooling of resources and power to produce, distribute, and consume in a way that cre...

astronomical physics is the interesting subject know about something
astronomical physics is the interesting subject know about something share the knowledge of astronomical physics...astronomy its a amazing know about the astronomical physics(about NAS...

Way to go Henin!
No stopping the tough little guy...

Keith Richards belittles Led Zeppelin gig
http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=080227231452.klocy1sq&show_article=1 I guess we know who this will upset. Not that I agree with Richards.....going to a Rolling Stones concert t...

newspaper article about Murray
from the 2/23/08 Financial Times Topsy-turvy Murray seeks consistency Two tournament wins have put the young Scot back in the top 10 but he has to cut out the first round de...

some notable men's matches this week (spoiler?)
Mexico, DF Acasuso d Canas 46 62 62 lots of points for Canas to defend on the Spring HC tournaments Memphis T Johansson d Safin 76 76 - just like old times Roddick d Gil...

Sharapova on Roger
However, the new Qatar Open champion refuses to be drawn into a comparison with the ATP Tour giant, saying efforts to find a similarity between the two players would be unfair. "I...

Kramer on returning strategy
http://tennis.quickfound.net/history/jack_kramer.html Sounds like Sampras musta read every word of this ... "[Cliff] Roche's first rule of percentage tennis was to hold your ...

Four-year-old British girl - "phenomenal" talent ...
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=503876&in_page_id=1766&ito=1490 Off to Florida for training. Much mention that she is a future "world ...

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