David Nalbandian
Should he retire? Look, he was just disgraced in this tournie. He didn't even make it to the 1/8 finals. Many here thought he was the man to beat in this tournie. After...

Wilander's pick for final
Tsonga. Compared Tsonga as a mix of Federer, Agassi and Noah.

Biggest issue for Fed?
Maybe Djoker is too talented to beat now. Imagine how good he'll be in 2 years. Maybe Djoker represents the next evolution of power/movement that even Fed can't contend with fully healthy....

how many American RSTers ...
.. plan to stay up until 3am to watch the final? not me. -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After c...

Those Wacky Japanese Men
http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2007/11/01/2007-11-01_suit_ad_agency_head_took_crotch_shots_of.html -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot a bit, and serve again. ...

If it's any consolation to Ivanavic fans...
Sharapova ostensibly has horrible B.O. http://sportscrack.blogspot.com/2008/01/australian-womens-final-spankingum-open.html ---- Frank Einstein http://www.unworthycause...

One Loss, 10000 reactions
So...Federer's winning 7 of 8 HC slams (with 40 straight match wins) don't count for much. One loss erases everything, it is time to panic. It takes someone truly special to generate so mu...

The Fed plays that Djokovic figured out
1. Fed's cross court slice to to the ad court. Djoker would start running into the court the moment it was obvious Fed was going for the slice. Djok would take that slice early and he would ...

About Federer's "Passive" Game....
....It's more "Economical" than "Passive", really. The top players are the one's who expend the minimum amount of energy and effort, and still win the games, especially if the mat...

SI's Australian Open report card

How much do you think ...
the likes of the McEnroe brothers or Courier or any-other-vocal-former- tennis-pro is yakking in Federer's ear about what he needs to do?

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Federer has no matches to play until March (Dubai)!
Will Djokovic be there too?

French Open champion Michael Chang elected to International Tennis Hall of Fame
NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) -- French Open winner Michael Chang was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame, and IMG creator Mark McCormack and Tennis Week magazine founder Eugene Scott we...

Greatness of Federer lies in how he reacts to the loss....
Are we going continue to see the very defensive Federer as of late, playing those lame backhand slices over and over, and waiting for the other player to attack...or..are we going to see the...

If Tsonga won the AO.....
it would be hilarious....

What did Federer mean by the SF is not bad?
He was sick for sure, and asked for late start (Tuesday). Did he decide to play the AO mainly to get some points to defend his #1 ranking? He looks like he was not expecting to win it w...

Maria missing only FO now
Can she master the skill to get it?

Fed will never beat Djokovic on HC again
Fed really looked old and slow vs Djok in the AO semi. Djok could have won even in the USO so it looks like Fed better hope that he does not run into Djok in a slam again.

Hey Whisper !
stick this up your arse while you are at it with your sampras dildo.... "I will definitely reflect on what happened. I mean, considering my illness, I'm so...

Federer: I'm not panicking (Cahill is vary talkative about Federer
Karen Lyon January 27, 2008 ROGER Federer's surprise semi-final defeat could be the catalyst for the French Open victory that so far has eluded him, according to respected Au...

I really have decided I can not stand Djokovic
and It's not because roger lost to him... confidence is one thing, and it's necessary if one wants to be a top player, ..That's absolutely fine. But I find Djokovic arrogant and u...

Time to take off the skirt Roger
The consensus even among fedfans seems to be he has become too defensive, too reactive and too reluctant to dictate with aggressive play that he used to employ. I think he has been sliding ...

[OT] Top Spin 2 anybody?
PC version. How the fuck would I aim my shots?

Fed's future?
Apart from Nole and Rafa I hope the rest of the tour see that this is the chance to get rid of Federer once and for all. Let me explain, I hope all the players jump on Fed and firstly, deny him ...

I like Roger but...
It was good to see Djoko wipe that superior smirk off Mirka's face. She sits there, all superior as if she was winning those tournaments, not Roger. Roger does not need a ne...

Women's Final
Not a big surprise the way Shrap was playing ? I taped it but haven;'t watched it yet, I hope Ana made a match of it, she tends to get real nervous in big matches (last years FO agains...

Go Tsonga !
This guy's energy and performance against Nadal, and his personality, well, what a story it would be My head says Djokovic though The crowd in Melbourne will be with Tsonga ...

Key match for tennis?
If Tsonga wins, we could have a forth player in the current Fed-Nadal-Djokovic trimphirate. Djokovic is such a workhorse a loss wouldn't diminish him but would probably make him stronger. ...

Makes Sampras even more impressive
When you think about the pressures of age and history on Federer , it makes you admire Sampras' 14 Slams even more As for Graff's 22, well, different level of competition there with

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