is tennis the only sport which has two bodies ATP and ITF
is tennis the only sport which has two bodies ATP and ITF

how the US open serier winner is determined???
can somebody explain in simple english how the US Open series winner is determined. i have read the wiki article, but it went above my head. and also does atp/wta or itf award the...

AO Final viewership numbers????
does anybody have the AO final viewership numbers from 2004-2008. i would like to know how many people watch the AO final in Federer absence.

John McEnroe at 1990 Wimbledon
I never got to see this match. My parents grounded me and I was up in my room crying because I wanted to see Mac play so badly. How the heck did he lose to Rostagno? Did anybody see t...

Request to all who download Erich's Highlights!
If anyone has these highlights can u upload them please thanks i would appreciate it alot! these are so hard to find! :) i am a big fan of erich's work! federer vs davydenko us open 200...

Nadal on Federer's Loss
Saw this over at tennis planet: --- A comment from Rafa regarding Rogers loss at the AO (it's...

RST fanboy survey
ok, these questions are directed at the RST fanboys. You know who you are. 1. What player from the 1980s to today do you wish you could have been? 2. What great moment...

Okay. I am appalled at Bill now... Totally tasteless....

Pete Sampras will face Marat Safin in an exhibition during the SAP
Sampras to face Safin in exhibition in San Jose The Associated Press Friday, February 1, 2008 SAN JOSE, Calif.: Pete Sampras will face former world No. 1 player Marat Safin i...

Fed File
[The Canadian Press] <snipped> Will that preparation - including for Roland Garros, the only major he's never won - include working with a coach? Federer hasn't really had one si...

"Dear Roger" column ... advice for the ex-pros ...
After the great success of his first "Dear Roger" column, in which the world's best player (at least for a bit longer) dispensed pearls of wisdom to today's players, some of the greats from ...

Can Federer make it more clear?
It did not, however, change the fact that the Swiss star is atop the rankings, just as he has been every day since Feb. 2, 2004. "Eventually somebody will catch up, but I try to make i...

Laver says nice things about Roger, Rafa, Steffi and Hoad
Federer gets top marks from Laver, the fan Australia's Rod Laver, widely considered to be the best player in history, says his greatest pleasure as a tennis spectator has come from <...

Does God exist? Read this...
I doubt it after reading this..;jsessionid=YEOHRUVYMWEJ3QFIQMFCFF4AVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2008/01/30/nrape230.xml

The rest of the year for Federer!
Federer losing a match in GS simply gave a lot of energy to his haters promoting he is down for good. I'm not sure about this yet. I can state the facts the way I see them: ...

Ali KO

Trabert: Laver the best ever Tennis Week: In baseball, DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak, Cal Ripken's consecutive games played streak and now Bonds...

Tsonga Song Surely must be better than the Federer song!

Tennis shops in Hong Kong?
I'm going to HK next week, anyone know of any good Tennis shops that have good deals on racquets? Thanks...

Even a Ferrari needs a mechanic
"...Federer made a comment in Australia that revealed touches of insularity. "I usually concentrate on my own game," he said. "I used to concentrate much more when I was younger. Right now...

Hillary Clinton announces her own designer perfume ! Guess what it's called ? ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

FS: Tennis' "Jensen Brothers" Autographed Promo Card
Tennis' "Jensen Brothers" Autographed Promo Card I have for sale the 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" full-color Cartoon Network Promo Card "Autographed" by Luke and Murphy Jensen. The one side of the ...

Murrays outlooks for year ?
He seemed to suffer the same laconic problem Fed had though I didnt see much of match I cant see him doing much unless he starts taking some scalps in indian wells or miami . He r...

Musicians & Tennis
On a recent talk show they discussed the links between tennis & huge number of Musos who tend to be fans (eg Police were at men's AO final). One theory is the rhythm of th...

Djoker is a bad man I bet he did it on purpose!

Look how hot she is in this pic: Egads! What a hottie! VaVOOOMMM! Let's play some ball, lady! Yes! ...

Venus, Serena or Henin.... to whom does 2000's belong?
It is already 2008 and it is safe to say Sharapova or the rest may not overtake these in slam count by end of 2009. So who is your pick?

Whisper, Venus or Serena? Who is greater?
Venus - 4 Wim, 2 USO Serena - 3 AO, 1 FO, 2 Wim, 2 USO Serena has 2 less Wim/USO than Venus but 2 more slams

Another article suggesting a coach for Federer
Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Does recent Aussie loss amplify Federer's need for a coach? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Joel Dr...

gasquet highlights
hey can someone reupload at least one of these highlights please of gasquet in 2006, which i believe Erich brilliantly crafted: Gasquet vs. Gicquel Lyon, Gasquet vs. Soderling Lyon, Roddick ...

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