Borg vs. Laver 1977 - fox

USA 2, Russia 0
Looking good for Andy and James!

Federer's 2008 schedule
Just noticed this, don't know if it ash already been posted. Anyway: 09.01.08 AAMI Classic Other Kooyong (AUS) hard [o] 14.01.08 Australian Open GS Melbourne (AUS) hard [...

[Davis Cup] Blake-Youzhny
A three hour and twenty-nine minute firefight. Worthy of Late Night at the USO, and with something of the ambiance. -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot...

bizarro DC replay review call
so blake is returning yoozny's serve and Y hits a first serve and blake rips a backhand return that looks like a winner. but, the linesman called yoozny's serve a fault. s...

[Davis Cup] Roddick-Tursonov (Spoiler)
*honnNnnk* *toooot* <cowbells> Tursonov's a tough man to break-- he managed to save all but four or five out of about twenty against 'im-- but finally died the Death of...

Anyone watching Davis Cup?
See Roddick took first set 6-4. How's it looking?

Cotorro "Nadal =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=E8_in_condizioni_perfette=22?= Angel Ruiz Cotorro, medico della Federazione spagnola di tennis, torna a parlare del problema alla caviglia di ...

Davis Cup Final - Just over an hour to go ...
Interviews available at: Excerpts from the Russian Team Interview: Q. Shamil, can you explain your choice ...

Good advice of you go to Sudan
Don't bring your Teddy.

Roger's footwork...

Srichaphan Marries Former Miss Universe Will he have any energy to play professional tennis?

Young male tennis players: visit FEDDYLAND!
As soon as the sale of JACKO'S NEVERLAND ranch to the world's number one tennis star is complete, Roger won't need to make those annoying trips to sweaty Dubai with his anonymous teenag...

Federer says Whisper is an idiot.. He says the GOATs are
Ken Rosewall, Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg, Ivan Lendl and Pete Sampras... He says the kings of tennis history are these guys and all these guys are up there. And he refuses to pick anyone of...

Battle of the 100 weekers
Forget oldies... If you were to rank the modern dominators All of them were 100 or more weeks as #1 Connors Borg McEnroe Lendl Sampras Agassi Federe...

lol :-)))

Roger Federer Swedish TV interview !!!! pt1 pt2 pt3

Brijnath - A nostalgic walk with an old champion Excerpt: This fellow in front of me in Kuala Lumpur last week, who needs to borrow a Gillette from Roger and so...

Nadal denies hip flexor injury
"I know there haven't been any reports on a hip flexor injury. But I wanted to get my denial out before the press gets overexcited," Nadal said at his annual non-injury misreport press con...

It is very serious! Not it is not! The Nadal Saga continues
Nadal Calms Injury Fears Rafael Nadal has moved to calm fears about his future, after comments regarding a foot injury from his coach Toni Nadal. The Spaniard insisted Thur...

Davis Cup Final - Take One
The draw has been made for the 2007 Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Final and is as follows: Andy Roddick (USA) v Dmitry Tursunov (RUS) James Blake (USA) v Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) Bo...

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INSIDE TENNIS (USA): Steffi Graf is the greatest female player ever!
INSIDE TENNIS (U.S.) COVER STORY: APRIL 2005 WHO IS THE GREATEST FEMALE PLAYER EVER? BY PAUL FEIN (U.S.) If granted one tennis wish, I'd travel in a time machine ...

OT: Hamas watching TV
Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza as "peace talks" continue: check out the photograph that CNN is running alongside of the ar...

interesting photo of Nadal;_ylt=ArLYBB_JulcspAqubZlOA4Y4v7YF?slug=afp-071129111109.1n58knrf&prov=afp "Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, seen here earlier this month..." <...

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tennis turning into WWE
fake sampras was manhandled the first 2 matches, then suddenly came back to win the 3rd. why? now they have a reason to play again in MSG, more $$$, $$$ $$$...

Federer-Sampras - The Hops Charts have been Updated *Titles Comparison* Sampras started winning earlier ...

Tennis Week: Martina Navratilova is the Greatest Women Player of the
Tennis Week The Best Of The Best 11/06/2003 (archive article) Eight of the world's best players converge in Los Angeles this week to compete in the WT...

Roddick is pissed off at his $20,000 fine ...
... for withdrawing from Paris. Apparently he thought that was too much when Davydenko got fined a measly $2,000 for his "lack of effort". Wonder what he thinks now that Davydenko's f...

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