Fine Djokovic for not trying
I guess they can't do this because it is in France and it would be like saying Santoro shouldn't be able to beat Djokovic 2 and 3. It almost makes one feel sorry for Davydenko who is c...

Djokovic should retire
After today's performance it's clear that he is well past his peak and that his run to the USO final was pure fluke. He's had a pretty decent career though - a high of 3 in the world and 2 M...

Like clockwork...
Djokovic loses, the excuses follow. Odd he did not mention any of this before the match.

The GOAT we are waiting for!!

Paris - Defending champion finally gets a little respect ...
Davydenko on center court tomorrow. Most likely because of Baghdatis who trains out of Paris if I am not mistaken. Robredo-Canas and Berdych-Ferrer on Court 1. Other 6 matc...

Amanda Bynes - has everything as teen dream............
"25 Hottest Stars Under 25" - "has everything as teen age fans dream" -Amanda bynes - Link :

YEC race...
17 players remain. Supposing that Blake beats Mahut, of the 16 players in the R16, 9 have a chance to qualify for YEC!

52% of Americans support military strike against Iran

Federer is planning to join Djokovic
Lost the second set and in the third!

This is the final proof we are in the ultimate Clown Era
Just look at h2h: Boris Bocker vs Cedric Pioline 9 - 0 (Cedric, the clown) Cedric Pioline vs Fabrice Santoro 6 - 2 (playing him young Santoro at peak!) And now: Old, wa...

Check this out: Fed dressed as King Arthur
No joke. This seems a little lame:

Roger Federer as King Arthur! Tennis champ Roger Federer portrays King Arthur in this Annie Leibovitz creation. The image is one of three unveiled ...

Djoker with a batman eye mask for Halloween LOL
What a nut!! I guess he just came to tank and collect his $500K or whatever the amount is :-)

Crippled 35-year-old Santoro trashes Djokovic!
Clown era, indeed..... ROTFL.

Does the boy every hit the ball down the line he seems to stay in rally to damn long which I can't understand because his forehand is very flat forehand and tend to breakdown at times. He r...

Video: Djokovic vs Santoro

Paris - Magic in the air! *SPOILER*
Santoro did it to Sampras who named him The Magician. He did it to Federer. Now he has done it to Djokovic. 6-3, 6-2 was brutally brief. Brilliant legerdemain from the...

What's wrong with Djokovic?
Getting thrashed!!!

Santoro messing with Djokovics head ?
Love to see it ! The guy is amazing, simply amazing. The "Magician" is certainly the right nickname.

Good news for Murray ...
... he won this morning and Djokovic is a set down to Santoro ...

Murray vs Nieminen
Must be over 10 mins and yhey're STILL only on their 2nd game!

Becker - Lendl USO -final 1989
ESPN Classic showed yesterday Becker-Lendl 4 set USO-final 1989 (edited to fit 2h frame) Some observations: Match appeared to big very high quality, but gee it was SLOW goin...

Annoying Music - The Tennis Channel
What the hell is happening on the Tennis Channel? I'm watching Ferrer vs. Fish and they are playing music in the middle of points, annoying music to boot. What the fuck?

Yes - The best band you have never heard
Interesting read... They really ARE the best band you've never heard! I'm talking about the progressive rock band YES! This British rock band has been producing music since their ...

TMC qualifying update
Gonzo lost to Youzhny but should still be safe at #7 Haas, Robredo and Berdych all won today On Wednesday: Murray v Nieminen Ljubicic v Baghdatis Gasquet v Tsonga ...

Quincy is back
Are you happy?

Will the Madrid YEC be available streaming?
Will the Madrid YEC be available streaming?

Looks like they will have to let Robredo go to Shanghai ...
... because he has threatened not to finish his 2R match in Paris until December! :-) -- Cheers, vc

Nadal "I couldn't play doubles with one player...Soderling!" On French television "With which player you could never play doubles ?" "SODERLING!" "Who would you like to play double...

right now I'm watching robredo and simon match and is SO boring...
they play in the center all the time waiting for the other to make a mistake... they take no risk... like Rafa.... BO-RING...

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