Fed: GOAT on HC?
Hard Court GOAT? Close call anyway: Sampras 7 slams 4 finals (5-3 USO, 2-1 AO) Federer 7 slams 0 finals (4-0 USO, 3-0 AO) Agassi 6 slams 4 finals (2-4 USO, 4-0 AO) ...

Tiger vs Fed in majors %
Tiger - 13/44 = 29.5% Fed - 12/34 = 35.3% Arguably very close. Some would say that winning a golf major is 100000x harder then in tennis. Your call.

What's up next for Fed?
David Cup, Tokyo?

Watch The New Styles
Hi Friends, See and upload new mehndi styles here http://mehndi123.blogspot.com

Note to JMAC
Stop saying "Federer's forehand is the biggest shot in tennis." Maybe it was in the past, but it isn't even close now. Stop saying that!!!

Only Fed
++ Only Fed could have won in straights playing like he did against ND... amazing... it was almost incredible there was no fourth set... Djoko will cry when he finally sits down to watch the...

Why Federer hates Djokovic? It continues!!
Djokovic's mother, Dijana, later said that her son is "better" than Federer and chalked up the defeat to a long season and inexperience. Her son agreed with the latter sentiment. ...

What does Federer mean by: "I played well when I had to" ? :)
ROGER FEDERER: I thought it was my game. I thought I played well when I had to. I've played better matches in the past, no doubt. But, you know, it's a big moment, a lot of pressure for both...

GS Trophies
1. Those ones the players take home: what do they look like? 2. How many years remain for each trophy before there is no room for new names?

Rafa needs to low down
Rafa cannot do anything about Federer winning on GC and HC but he can stop him from taking the FO and only if he does not wear himself out trying to beat Federer, where he cannot. ...

One of these subjects that will make you go hummmmmmmmmmmmmm
ImHotep, Would you all still feel like yourself if you modified your bodies or tried on a different body? Would you have the same sexual appetites and desires? Would it feel...

The future is DIM for DJOKERBITCH
Stinkydenko 2.0 lived up to his mentor today: slightly bigger game than Denko, but just as much of a psychological cripple. As long as FED and NADAL are healthy, the Djoker will <...

The future is BRIGHT for Djokovic
His game his is in fantastic shape at age 20: He has a great serve which makes him very tough to break and he can more than hold his own against anybody from the baseline (Fed, Nadal include...

The Djoker shows how Maria gives a blowjob.

DJOKER message to FED
"You may beat me, but I'm FUCKING MARIA SHARAPOVA, DUDE!"

Anybody notice Carillo's line call?
I can't remember when the challenge was made but Carillo said, "No sense challenging, that was well long". In fact the challenge was made and the ball was good. Carillo didn...

Can Federer break Court's record of 24 slams? I think its possible............
Can Federer break Court's record of 24 slams? At 26, He already has won 12 slams and plans to play for about at least 8-10 years more.................

Fed vs Pete march 10th next year in NYC

Where's the Lisper?
Funny how s/he disappears whenever Fed wins. :-)

Federer reduces rising talent to second billing
By Neil Harman of The Times: Roger Federer should have lost the first set of the US Open final last night and he was within a lick of paint of losing the second. And so to see the

Full text of Federer and Djokovic's interviews...
Fed - http://www.usopen.org/en_US/news/interviews/2007-09-09/200709091189387326218.html Djok - http://www.usopen.org/en_US/news/interviews/2007-09-09/200709091189385344312.html

Did NoDjo hook up with Sharapova after THAT imitation?
cunning way to get her attention....i thought she might be offended but looks like she has a sense of humor and probably was smiten by his stand up routine after the semi.

Federer will face the same questions...
Why no FO?

Sad day for Snorepras, Whisper and his trolls
Federer wins 12th slam. Needs just 2 more to match Snorepras. And he has a good 5-6 years before retiring. I would consider it impossible if he doesnt break Sampras 14 slam record.

Federer is finally getting the respect and the recognition he deserves in US!!
It took them more than three years!

It's getting very difficult for Federer from here to add slams!!
Not physically or technically, instead battling the thoughts and the nerve!!

Lisper: "'07 will be Fed's worst year since '03"
Amazing how quiet the Lisper can be. :-)

It did not take long to update it

Federer about Djok's chances: "he can sing a song about it"
Q=2E Did he have you back on your heels in the first set at all, really coming on strong? ROGER FEDERER: Well, I thought he played better in Montr=E9al, to be honest. Conditions w...

You have to respect how Federer thinks!
Q=2E Novak was talking about during the most important points he felt the nerves, felt the idea it was his first Grand Slam. Could you sense that from the other side of the net, ...

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