Nole - Not only is he a good tennis player
hes also adept at turning his furniture into clothing... geez, he's dead wrong for wearing that!

Anyone have the Anna-Venus Acura semi that aired live on TTC?
Im only interested in the live night match TTC showed this year. the repeated taped version of this match was chopped up from what i was told. something like 11 games was taken out in the re...

Stage set for another Federer milestone - or two
Stage set for another Federer milestone - or two TOM TEBBUTT Special to The Globe and Mail August 27, 2007 NEW YORK -- Grand Slam tournaments are all about ...

The lethality of the Federer forehand
Since the USO season is upon us, perhaps it's time to look back at what happened just three years ago in the final between Federer and Hewitt. Heres a highlight of the brutal first set where...

101 Greatest albums of all times
Interesting list... Only few bands (13) have a couple of albums... Beatles, Zep, Floyd, Rolling Stones, Yes, Who, Deep Purple, Moody Blues, Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Band, Joy Diviso...

Five Ways to Beat Roger Federer
Friday, Aug. 24, 2007 By SEAN GREGORY Hemlock. A crowbar to the knees. Locusts. To most tennis fans, these might seem like the only ways to topple Roger Federer, the three-time

USO Women's 0R Rankings
The point totals include Qualifying. Szávay and Kateryna Bondarenko are each replacing 3.75 point seventeenth events with a Mandatory event, while Meusburger is replacing a 7-point

Roddick interview (about things other than tennis) - unedited
from the 8/26/07 New York Times 30 SECONDS WITH ANDY RODDICK (by Michael S. Schmidt) Andy Roddick, who says his kitchen skills are lackluster, cooked with celebrity chefs...

Jankovic knows less about Althea Gibson than she realizes
>From pre-tourney interviews: Q. On opening night Monday Althea Gibson will be honored. Do you know anything about her and the role she played in tennis? JELENA JANKOVIC: I don...

I like the beret
but could do without Federer's monogrammed cap:;_ylt=AgiLcigfCWo8gzJNFjGr3k04v7YF?slug=getty-76319843cp001_2007_u_s_open&prov=getty

do you know who wears this adidas shorts???
is this the adecuate group for thios question????? Dou you know somebody wearing (or somewhere are) "res ct short" adidas tennis climalite shorts? "a...

Fed - Flipper W 03 highlights
Found this link on Youtube; Wonderful play by Federer

Poetry in Motion: Matches of Justine Henin 2003 Zurich Finals: Justine Henin vs Jelena Dokic (Italian commentary) Credits and an infinite amount of thanks to MCM

Roddick critiqued by Carillo (US commentator)
here is part of an (undoctored;-) article from today's Washington Post titled "Yesterday's Hope is Today's Has-Been - American Roddick Hasn't Progressed as Planned" Says CBS an...

List of the 10 Greatest Cities of the World (For Life Quality)
1=2EZ=FCrich, Switzerland 2=2EGen=E8ve, Switzerland 3=2EVancouver, Canada 4=2EVienna, Austria 5=2EAuckland, New Zealand 6=2EDusseldorf, Germany 7=2EFrankfurt, Germany

! From London, apology on slavery when is the United Snakes of amerikka going to step up to the plate and do the same?
From London, apology on slavery Mayor says city shares in blame By Raphael G. Satter, Associated Press | August 24, 2007 LONDON -- An emotional Mayor Ken Livingstone apolo...

He Clearly Has not Visited RST
"It all makes for strange times for tennis fans. Rivalries tend to cleave public opinion. Who in his right mind roots for North Carolina and Duke, for the Yankees and the Red Sox, for Hillar...

Some USO men's 1R matchups / Monfils out
It looks like Monfils is out of the draw (hamstring). Lucky loser is Reynolds. I think Dancevic will take Safin out in the first round. Three qualifying wins in 2 of 3 format sh...

"Giving Your Racket an Edge" article
from the 8/24/07 Wall Street Journal Some trends in pro tennis gear that can help improve your game Shrink your grip: Rafael Nadal uses a tiny grip that's about 4 1/8 inche...

Sampras article/interview (nothing earth-shattering)
from the 8/25/07 Financial Times: Sampras back from the sidelines In a rare interview, the former tennis champion talks to Mike Steinberger about Federer, the game today and...

Further proof of clown era
In women's tennis... if Steffi beats Justine +++ Festival for Children: CFT-Event in Mannheim +++ On October 27, 2007 an extraordinary sports and entertainment event will take pla...

Federer plays Scoville Jenkins in 1st round of USO
Jenkins is ranked as number 320 in the world. Well, he couldn't hope for any better. In the next round he will meet Schuettler og Capdeville, ranked 146 and 120 respectively. Fed has a fre...

Top 1004234231423 rock bands of the classic era

[New Haven] Final (Spoiler)
I demand that all three of Kuznetsova's last three opponents be polygraphed as to the truth of injury or illness and in the last two cases at least be tested for dioxins and heavy metals.

Szavay retires
Szavay retires (lower back pain) while leading 6-4, 0-3. Kuznetsova wins the tournament with one full-match victory, one bye, and three retirement in her favor. Joe Ramirez ...

[New Haven] [Final] Szavay
I love the way she jukes around, shading or seeming to shade first one way and then the other, especially as the windup starts on the other end. Crafty. -- Take ...

[New Haven] Final: Kuznetsova
Already sweating? -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot a bit, and serve again.

Top 10 greatest sports and their greatest sportsman/sportswomen
01. Soccer/Football - The most watched sport in the world. Pele - Brazil (Forward) Maradona - Argentina (Midfielder) Franz Beckenbauer - Germany (Defender) Peter Schmeichel - Denm...

The 10 Greatest numerals of the last decade
1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four 5. Five 6. Six 7. Seven 8. Eight 9. Nine 10. Ten I bet Raja has a different opinion about this.

For Hazelnut - Fed about Nadal
"Even though now people talk about (Novak) Djokovic, for me Nadal is better, a lot better to be honest," Federer told Reuters in an interview. "If I don't win the U.S. Open I expe...

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