Seles dominated Graf until the STABBING
Seles dominated women's tennis in the early 1990s before she was stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan for ranking #1. Yes, Seles had a winning advantage over Graf head to head in the year...

I Guess I'll Have to Go to the Website for the Anna-Venus Result (Partial Spoiler)
I couldn't stomach watching the second set after watching Chakvetadze serve for the first at 5-2, 5-4 and 6-5 . . . . -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot a b...

newpaper article about tall Legg Mason semifinalists
from today's Washington Post: Semifinalists Stand Tall At Legg Mason Classic Today's semifinals of Washington's Legg Mason Tennis Classic will feature a Croatian, a Frenc...

Can I have some comment for Flexpoint Radical racket?
Hi all, I am new in here. I have been playing tennis for last 3 years and using Prince TT graphit. As I like to make my killing shot better and be more agressive on attack, is F...

U.S reduces navy prescence in the Gulf - Iran war option taken OFF the TABLE Bush now such a lame duck he can't launch is wet dream air strikes against Iran. Bush will leave office without attacki...

Wow pathetic coverage of the 2nd Acura semi on TTC later
A measly 90 minute timeslot to fit in more atp DC coverage. this better be a short match or we are going to hear the numnuts come on and say due to time constraints we are moving ahead in th...

US Open courts will be ultra-fast this year
The US Open Series events all use the same Decoturf 2 surface and the surfaces are laid to be identical across all the events. Look at the semi line up in Washington: Roddick, Karlovic, Is...

Federer is a pedophile!!!!!!!!!
x-no-archive: yes its obvious

USO men's Finalist picks
Djokovic v Federer; w/ result too close to call. Your pick?

ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

22 slams > 9 slams, 5 YEC > 3 YEC and 377 weeks > 178 weeks
Why do people keep forgetting that?

rogers cup draw
fed has maybe karlovic then murray. nadal has winner of soderling/ safin. potential r8: fed/robredo denko/gonzo roddick/djokovic nadal/gasquet anci...

Anyone with a good memory of U.S Open back in 90s?
My friends keep telling me that there was no such player. I remember back in the 90s(mid to late) of a player named Alex Nguyen that played Andre Agassi in the 1st round(?) of the U.S Open. ...

Rogers Cup draw published Canas at the opposite side of Federer. :-) But maybe an early match against Mur...

Isner beats Haas at Legg Mason
6-4,6-7(6),7-6. Quite impressive! PS.

Scary This is strikingly similar to rst... -- Cedric

Successful slam runs - what they meant for the next 2.25 years
Connolly: Won 8 of 9 slams between July 1952 and July 1954. Never won a slam again. Court: Won 8 of 9 slams between January 69 and January 71. Won only 1 slam in the nex...

Why the hell does Sania have to play Maria all the time?
Now, I am torn between patriotism and favoritism!

Three facts Seles fans don't want to hear ...
1) Only 3 of 16 female 3-time-defending slam champs managed to win a 4th consecutive title post-WW2. Meaning Graf would have won FO 93 and AO 94 most probably even without the Seles sta...

So What Happened to the TTC/DC Quarterfinal Coverage?
We're seeing some damned HoF crap. -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot a bit, and serve again.

Davydenko match investigated
From the AP: Tennis officials are investigating suspicious betting patterns on a match involving top-seeded Nikolay Davydenko of Russia, who retired with an injury against a lo...

WTA San Diego, Stockholm R16 Rankings
Note that this doesn't include any quarterfinals that may have been played in Stockholm. Lousy night matches in San Diego.... Also, I haven't included the Challengers yet; no Top 100 ...

Manchester United recruits 9-year-old YouTube phenom !!!! Wow !

Trivia question #183
Or maybe not so trivial..... Which record is about to go?

Best source for US Open late round tickets ???
I intend to splurge a little this year and see Federer play close-up. Presuming he makes it into the later rounds of the US Open, I'd be very grateful for referrals, based on positive per...

Can Anna beat Venus tonight?
Anna has been the hottest hardcourt player on tour this year winning back to back tournaments. but her run probably ends tonight against Venus. she def Anna pretty easily in fedcup thi...

Search Engine for Finding Tickets
I'm sure I'll find this much more interesting during baseball season. If you're looking for a place to find event tickets, check out Ticketwood ( ) which first find...

Sania Mirza's impressive run
Sania was quite impressive in her breakout year, 2005 and reached #31 with wins over some top-10 players like Kuznetsova and a tier IV title in her hometown. That was followed by the 's...

Federer's recent practice stints with lefty juniors
Does this show that Nadal has really gotten inside Federer's head? Or is this Federer's way of getting inside Nadal's head? "I am practicing with young lefties so you better watch out....

How some rock bands are overrated!
I just looked at top 2000 and found out the first 25 bands which have 4 studio albums in the top 2000. The bands which are so highly rated out there (http:// dig...

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