Wind was a big factor in Fed not breaking Ivo last night
When Ivo was serving he had the wind to his back alot. add his huge serve to that and you get a impossible returning situation. im surprised Federer was able to return any 1st serves with th...

Wimbledon's greatest champions by decade
Wimbledon's greatest champions by decade Special to FOXSports Date: June 2005 Can anyone topple Roger Federer on the grass of Wimbledon? It's doubtful, as the 23-year o...

LOL! Vamooooooooos

Montreal Doubles
Hi group, Could someone please post a link to any of the doubles matches? Hewitt/Nadal on paper sounds like a formidable combo. kind regards PG

Video: Federer vs Karlovic
Not a particularly great match, but a good way for Federer to celebrate his 26th birthday and open his hard court campaign against a tricky opponent in difficult conditions. The highlight ...

ATP email to players/McEnroe comment on Davydenko story
In an e-mail, obtained by the Times on Tuesday, ATP Executive Chairman Etienne de Villiers warned the tour's players that betting on matches is strictly prohibited and violations will be dea...

Has Nadal-Safin started?
I can't get the live scoreboard to launch ....

-----"He was holding his dick with one hand"-----
"He was holding his dick with one hand and sucking my dick with his mouth." "Glenn Murphy is one of the most well-respected Republican leaders in Indiana. His media savvy and gras...

Ranking the top 7 best women of all time
1. Navratilova 2. Wills Moody 3. Evert 4. Court 5. Lenglen 6. Graf* 7. Seles

Federer - Karlovic
Well, I must say that Karlovic serves like a madman, but has nothing else to do out there on the court. Two tie-breaks for Federer, but he really had trouble with returning Karlovic's serv...

Why the U.S must nuke Iran
Half-measures in war only make things worse. If we really want to find out how much Iran's mullah regime can hurt us, and relearn the lessons of Vietnam and Iraq, we need only bomb without i...

The Rights of Criminal Minds - {HRI 20040108-V1.1}
The Rights Of Criminal Minds 8 January 2004 {HRI 20040108-V1.1} ...

Blake retires from Rogers Cup Abdominal muscle strain.. Hewitt and Federer in the quarterfinal probably. PS.

Bush's 418 Plus Days Vacation
Bush's 418 Plus Days Off Considered 'Recess'- Members of Congress left over the weekend and won't be back until Sept. 4. President George W. Bush goes tomorrow to his family's se...

Doesn't look good for Fed's match on espn2
Those morons at TTC keep selling tv rights to espn. this coverage was supposed to be on TTC. and all thru this week. it just figures

Verdasco finally ...
beats Gasquet. Think Gasquet had a match point in the tiebreak.

Top 10 greatest champions of open era
According to 01. Pete Sampras 02. Martina Navratilova 03. Steffi Graf 04. Chris Eve...

Speaking of flakes...
Gaudio lost in the 1st round of a challenger. What a waste...

Has RST Regular "Fan" something to do with the Seles stabbing?
What is his "Fan"'s real name? a) Nick Bollitierti b) G=FCnter Parche c) Stephen Jaros d) Martina Navratilova

Murray, Murray, Murray
Pretty surprising result, didn't expect this at all. Murray goes out to a guy that's spent most of this year playing challengers. Even taking into account Murray's wrist, the power-le...

Murray out
Murray's early exit in Rogers Cup came against Fabio Fognini from Italy. Easy win, 6-2, 6-2. Hm, who is this guy? PS.

Dubya goofs again: Wrong Iran charge
Dubya goofs again: Wrong Iran charge 8 Aug 2007, 0014 hrs IST,AFP WASHINGTON: US president George Bush charged on Monday that Iran has openly declared that it seeks nuclear weapon...

Bonds and his huge head
If you want to hear a hilarious speech, this one is great. It's John McEnroe's acceptance speech to the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. It's about 15 minutes, but it is pretty funny, and the...

Revised opinions on the Djokovic/Gasquet/
My opinions is the Gasquet, Djokovic, Murray, Berdych, Baghdatis, Monfils group of hyped up and comers coming up together is starting to seperate itself. The true future heir apparents from ...

When is Rafa playing?
? Thanks KNEEdal

As seen on Oprah, 20/20, the Wall Street Journal
Do you need extra income, Quickly and Legally? For The Price of 2 Happy Meals You Help Your Fellow Man Basically This is People Helping People "We can have anything we want in life if w...

What is this knee part?
What is the tendon or ligament located on the outside of the leg, on the same plane as the knee cap? Is there any way to strengthen this area? Anyone else have problems with this knee part? ...

Prospects of Armageddon
Prospects of Armageddon The logic that defends past nuclear atrocities is now used to support a strike against Iran Abbas Edalat and Mehrnaz Shahabi Tuesday Augus...

Welcome back Ancic!
i wish you top 5 soon!!

Radek Stepanek definetely top 3 S/V
Stepanek - Gonzalez was a great match. Stepanek served fantastic (77% 1st serves), played S/V troughout the match and almost didn't miss any volley. The public certainly did enjoy the match....

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