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Rafa will make the final
Just accept it. Time for sleepless nights for Fed fans.

Still expecting Djokovic- Federer.
Per my post six weeks ago. And you?

So USA has the Vaidisova-Peer match tomorrow night
I wish USA would stop interrupting the main show court night matches to show atp matches on grandstand and the other courts. this Vaidisova-Peer match has the makings for some great ac...

henin's draw .. sweet jeebus
sheesh henin got screwed. both W sistas in her half while sharapova gets to play a bunch of no-name slavs? incredible ... both #1 seeds got reemed. --

"jo-wilfried tsonga" ??
.. where are they digging up these opponents for nadal? when will he play someone any of us has ever heard of? sheesh what a draw. -- "when i visited...

Hewitt is on his way out of US open!!
Weird tournament so far!!

Graf house for sale
from the 8/31/07 Wall Street Journal Graf Lists in Miami Retired tennis champion Steffi Graf is asking $3.5 million for a waterfront house at Miami Beach. The win...

Beauty and the Beast
Ana Ivanovic versus Venus Sista.

Rock bands which made the most of great classic rock songs
This band lists the top 1000 classic rock songs of all time I tried to find the rock bands which have at least 5 songs in the top 500. Only few made it... Led Zeppelin has t...

Serena is such a fruitcake on court
For the love of god somebody harpoon this beached whale and soon.

WAY2GOOD = Hardcell

Uselessny out of USO
Finally a positive development.

Who/What's going to prevent Federer from winnign 4th?
I expected this Open to be quite interesting... but now Federer has becoming a HUGEr favourite. Gasquet is gone. James Blake is tired (even more than he was on Day 1). Djo...

question about second week at the US Open
Hi, My wife and I live in upstate NY and each year we usually get grounds passes and visit the open during the first week. This year we are going this coming Tuesday and have seat...

Flabby Women and Wimpy Men
Professional Tennis in the 21st century. Hard to take it seriously, considering.

Gypsies missing!
Bucharest, Roumania (AP): A sudden and dramatic shortage of Gypsies was reported this week in the capital of Roumania, Bucharest. Across the country, no-one was being robbed, beat...

Don't underestimate Nadal in this tournament!!
He can reach the final!! What is new complaining about injury on every HC tournament.

Fish back on top form ...
... 4-1 up in the 5th against a dispirited Robredo, pulled out a top- class clown performance to lose 5 straight games 6-4. "What a relief, things were looking bad there for a while", ...

Federer vs Capdeville - HIGHLIGHT *impressive*
Samprassian smash in the 2nd part of the highlights :)

Fish...what aFlake...
The guy plays like a club player - amazing he is on the Pro Tour. His collapse in the 5th was embarrassing. Robredo just had to play safe, keep it in play and let his opponent s...

Video: Borg beats McEnroe ;)

Well played Novak..
Clearly injured but toughed it out. Great reaction from 'the fish' at the end embracing the winner. Good match played hard and fair with class at the end - hope Murray was ...

Injury timesouts
No wonder Federer can't stand Djokovic. This match was a prime example of his fakery. Took numerous injury timeouts only to stage a miraculous recovery when he really needed to.

They changed roles: First Stepanek played the Jokerbitch then he became the Chokerwitch

Djokovic is a joke
No way he has any hope of winning the title. I think Del Potro could well maul him in the next round.

Please win Novak
I don't want to lose the contest!

Sharapova nods like Lendl when she wins points
And also fiddles with the strings between points. And has a big serve ritual. Did she watch Lendl tapes while growing up?

Another tidbit from Mac's book--Sampras/Hewitt USO
Mac talks about seeing the wind go out of Borg's sails, for the first time ever, when he broke back in the 3rd set final. He cruised from there. Then he goes on to say this: "Th...

Borg's leaving the game according to Mac
I have Mac's book so decided to look it up myself. He is what he says: "I do think I had something to do with it--he might have thought 'I can't be number one, so forget about it...

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