OT: Amazing Photos!!
Scroll between them: http://www.abcnews.go.com/Technology/Travel/popup?id=2206149&contentIndex=1&page=2

is it me? Or does it anyone else find it funny that rafaturds refer to what piggy does on clay
as 'Genius'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL

How many times did Graf lose to Seles pre-stabbing?
1989 FRENCH OPEN CLAY (O) S S. GRAF 6-3 3-6 6-3 1989 WIMBLEDON GRASS (O) R16 S. GRAF 6-0 6-1 1989 BRIGHTON CARPET (I) F S. GRAF 7-5 6-4 1990 BERLIN-GERMAN OPEN CLAY (O) F M. SELES 6...

I could BAGEL Federer anytime!!!
Great Jewish bagel place right across the street. I'm willing to toss a few at him.

Wood You?: Today's pros meet yesterday's rackets
http://tennis.com/features/general/features.aspx?id=97114 I thought this was interesting article about contemporary players trying out wood rackets. It would be interesting to have a t...

Poll on Wimbledon Men's Finals
BEST EVER MEN'S FINALS 40% Borg v McEnroe 1980 34% Federer v Nadal 2007 18% Rafter v Ivanisevic 2001 8% Agassi v Ivanisevic 1992 * Results from a BBC Sport website poll of 16,...

Sharapova on quest to give back to others
By Jerry Magee UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER July 31, 2007 CARLSBAD - When Yelena Sharapova was in Belarus awaiting the birth of the child who would be named Maria, there ...

Federer-Sampras exo
Wonder how much tickets cost: http://www.federersamprasmacao.com/

Sharapova is BIG
A beautiful, huge mountain of female trained flesh. What I am curious about, do you think she also has an enormous cunt, so that she will be forced to marry a big black guy with an incredi...

Seles > Graf : Graf bloated record
1991 US Open--#1 Seles 1991 WTA TOUR CHAMPIONSHIPS--#1Seles 1992 AUSTRALIAN OPEN--#1 Seles 1992 FRENCH OPEN--#1 Seles 1992 WIMBLEDON--#2 Graf 1992 US OPEN--#1 Seles 1992 ...

10 most consistently great bands of all time
These 10 bands have 5 albums in rateyourmusic.com's top 2000 albums of all time. http://rateyourmusic.com/charts/top/album/all-time , 01. Beatles (Revolver at #1) 02. Pi...

Doubles at the Legg Mason
We've got a very strong doubles field at this year's Legg Mason -- much better than the singles field, actually. We have the majority of the top 20 players, plus the catch team of Bhupati an...

Here are the Hottest Porn Sites around!!!
This is my personal collection of the best porn sites on the net right now.I've seen em all and feel that the links below are pretty much the best of the best. Pure 18 is a ...

Montreal and Cinci back to back!!
Why would Federer (I'd like to include Nadal here but he is a robot) be serious trying to win 10 matches in two weeks and the USO is one week after? He would like to keep his join...

Bovina (spoiler)
Acura Classic San Diego, CA-USA July 30-August 5, 2007 $1,340,000 Monday, July 30, 2007 Singles - First Round Elena Bovina (RUS) d. (WC) Coco Vandewegh...

Federer does not throw his celebrity around
Last week, Roger Federer was in Horgen, Switzerland and dropped in at exclusive restaurant, L'O, located at the shore of Lake Zurich. He came with 5 people, and they had no reservation. As t...

Sharapova uncut
This premieres this sunday on TTC. for those who don't get TTC you can watch this on some stream sites that carry the TTC feed.

Almagro playing through injury?
According to the scoreboard, Almagro had an 86% first serve percentage and 0 aces against Zabaleta. Looks like he took all the pace off his monster serve. Anyone know what was wrong with him...

The Police
Got my tickets for the Sydney concert - woohoo!

Check it out: www.BrandonsCondo.com

Female Celebrities Latest Wallpapers
Download Free MTV Top 10 Mp3/3Gp Songs Hottest Mobile Wallpapers in 3 sizes www.super3gp.com

Conservative lawyer Bruce Fein argues for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney
Every American needs to listen to this: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate/detail?blogid=5&entry_id=18953

Tursonov said something.....
During the presentation ceremony at Indianapolis, NBC, apparently taking advantage of the old 3-second delay, bleeped out something Tursonov said. Anyone catch an unfiltered version, via sa...

Mirza has slimmed down
Now she looks quite hot! I was watching her semis yesterday. Her forehand is phenomenal. Almost as good as her idol Steffi Graf's. She needs to be more consistent. http://ww...

Federer practices with an unknown
Anyone else seen this news item..... http://www.timesleader.com/sports/20070729_29_federer_spt_ART.html Kind of neat, I think.

WTA Stanford, Bad Gastein SF Rankings
Martina Müller is in the final in Petange. 1 (1) HENIN, JUSTINE 4457 2 (2) SHARAPOVA, MARIA 3678 3 (3) JANKOVIC, JELENA ...

Schiavone out of the Kournikova club
I have never been a fan like some here, but this was certainly a very deserved title.

Go to www.ipodtennispros.com - good stuff (tips, clips, etc.).

Go to www.ipodtennispros.com for countless clips of tips, info and other goodies.

player says Hawkeye is "perfect"
so says Mirza, saying it is "perfect" for her hit-the lines game. you go, smart girl. and you get over it already, Roger.

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