Steve Adams...The Master of Ceremonies at Wimbledon abt Fed/Nadal
.....It is my job to go up to the locker room and collect the players and make sure they get to Centre Court or No.1 Court on time, which is sometimes easy, especially when it is players suc...

With all this damn rain thank god for!
At least those of us who can watch any of the 9 courts offers with their all access or all day pass at least we won't miss any of the matches the tv networks won't be showing. ...

Whisper's theory has Venus > Serena
retarded isnt it? Serena 2Wimby/2USO Venus 3Wimby/2USO Inspite of Serena being much more dominant and raping Venus in as much as 4 slam finals, she still has a worse ca...

Bud Collins Predicts "If I was a betting man, I'd put a British pound or two -- that's four dollars in U.S. dough -- on Nadal to become the first man since Borg i...

Composite Player for Federer

Ten British bands which were the most reputed in the 60s and 70s
In alphabetical order.... Beatles (pop rock) Black Sabbath (hard rock) Genesis (prog rock) Kinks (pop rock) Led Zeppelin (hard rock) Pink Floyd (prog rock) Rol...

Jokowitch is a Joker in reality
This is funny.... LOL

Two tips for all those who consistently forget Becker in counting Great Talented Tennis Players
First: Go and rent a Video from his final against Lendl 1986 in Wimbledon! Watch it once and then you will never forget to mention him. Second: Read about some points of his caree...

I admire Dick Enberg
Okay. so he makes inane comments like "She plays to win!" But he's got to be well into his 70s and made enough money to put every grandchild through college, yet he still works and gives it ...

Federer's 2008 Wimbledon wear
Assuming he wins this year, I've heard from reliable sources that this is next year's design: And...

They put the schedule for Monday already!!

wishful think
It would have been nice of ESPN to show some classical wimbledon matches instead of roddick fucking match again who the fuck want to watch that shit over.

The Ali of Tennis Just thinking how entertaining it would be for Monfils to face off against Tsonga on centre court. They both like playing in front o...

play is suspended for the day
quoth the BBC just now. Resume Monday. wg

That Wimbledon roof they are building means the end of the grass!!
They will end up playing most of the matches on one court which is the center court, and this will make the center court to look like an abandon clay court in the first week.

Video: Hawkeye - How does it work?
Not exactly the in-depth analysis and explanation of the system the title may suggest, but an entertaining little fluff piece.

Whisper = Tarango
Journeyman with rabid wife (bob) watching his back. Any other rst posers remind you of a player?

I predict the final: Fedbot against Birdshit
mark my words!

Washout Wimbledon
Further play today looks unlikely. No play Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the rain is going to be terrible. This has been the worst Wimbledon is years as far as rain goes.

Pat Cash altercation with Lendl,21985,21990000-662,00.html He revealed that his Wimbledon triumph was over a man he despised. They clashed several times over the years. ...

More Safin
Q. You talked yesterday about playing this match with nothing to lose, and yet it looked like until the third set, and when you really let the ball fly, you just played freely. It didn't loo...

Jarkko in singles, doubles and mixed
In singles, good chance to beat Youzhny and then play Nadal (if Nadal beats Söderling, which is not quite certain, even though I have Nadal for final). In doubles, Jarkko an...

Essential viewing
For anyone interested in tennis. Just been showing on BBC to fill rain delays.... - Interview with BJK where she describes how she led the the women's game into the Open Era, and ...

Brad Gilbert on ESPN2
Gilbert was on ESPN2 this morning...interesting analysis - he has revised his prediction that Federer won't reach the final, but he thinks Rafa would beat him there...didn't give Hewitt any ...

Balding slam winners?
Agassi of course. And I also recall Stan Smith. But I don't think Pete Sampras started thinning on top until after he retired. To be honest there aren't very many of them so things don't l...

E. Roger-Vasselin
Must be some sort of sparring-partner of Moya and/or Nadal.

Video: Wimbledon behind the scenes
Just a little something while it's raining, so here's some Basic Instinct and... ducks? Love Boris' outfit.

saturday weather prospects
rain mainly i'm afraid. maybe a couple of hours play if we're lucky

is Michaella Krajicek sister of richard Krajicek
is Michaella Krajicek sister of richard Krajicek, 1996 wimbledon champion

University offers Tennis degree for budding Henmans (

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