The 60s and 70s were really British invasion - only 2 American bands (Monkees/Beach Boys) in the top 10 in terms of chart success
Interesting to note that several highly rated American bands bombed in the UK whereas very few UK bands bombed in the US. But these UK bands were not really that successful in UK too. ...

FRENCH OPEN '07: Federer bids again to complete Roger Slam in Paris
FRENCH OPEN '07: Federer bids again to complete Roger Slam in Paris The Associated Press Thursday, May 24, 2007 For all of Roger Federer's titles at Wimbledon, the U.S. Ope...

Federer vs. a Lefty in Practice: Just Coincidence, Right?
Federer vs. a Lefty in Practice: Just Coincidence, Right? PARIS -- There was only a scattering of people on the stadium court Thursday for Roger Federer's two-hour practice session wit...

if Fed wins the Grand Slam who will be SI's sportsman of the year?
I think Peyton Manning has SI sportsman of the year award already, regardless of what Roger does this year.

US needs more clay courts
Roddick, Blake and Spadea aren't going that far this year in the FO. how come there are so few clay courts in the US? i can't think of any in my area; i'm in a city.

Another view of Fed's hit with Pete
Federer hit with Sampras shortly before the Pacific Life Open and Fed's recent tailspin. This sequence of events led to many irresistible applications of the *post hoc ergo propter hoc* fall...

Looking for Tennis Writers
I need your help. I have a new site and I am looking for a couple of people who are tennis enthusiats and would like to write a bi-weekly column about current matches and players in pro ten...

Nadalís king, but these 5 can usurp the throne
Nadalís king, but these 5 can usurp the throne Posted by tennisfreaks on May 24th, 2007 Matthew Cronin / Breaking news! Rafael Nadal can be beat on clay ó at l...

It's a foregone conclusion -- Bush will bomb Iran
What does he have to lose? He knows that in 2008, his unholy alliance of Neocons and Christian Fundies, thirsting for a war against radical Islam in the Middle East, will complete...

Report: Cheney aide clearing path to bomb Iran

Canas doping ruling upheld by CAS

Of Bigots and Broken Records- Reflections on the Psychopathology of Racist Thinking
Of Bigots and Broken Records: Reflections on the Psychopathology of Racist Thinking By Dr. Tim "White man" Wise May 24, 2007 at 1314 PDT Sometimes it seems ...

Another top player withdraws from the FO ...
... relax, Doc, it's only Mardy Fish. Was visiting a European NFL team in Germany, and sprained foot ligaments trying to kick a field goal ...!!

Federer is definitively HOT
He does have a nice body like Pete does, but both of them have rarely been called hot by others. http://img515.imageshack....

Whisper the most successful troll in ng history?
He has managed to convince RST of his 1) blue chip theory 2) bumrooting concept 4) 7543 scheme 5) the current clown era In other ng's I have seen trolls being ...

spoiler - monfils - roddick
monfils d roddick 7-5, 6-3 allez monfils! he will be a very dangerous floater at the FO - especially people have been so quick to discount him

Countdown to the French Open
Countdown to the French Open: Djokovic opens up gap on Murray as new generation bring back charisma Scot's greatest rival may turn out to be someone he's known since they were 11...

Federer faces new clay court challenge
Federer faces new clay court challenge 24 May 2007 By Dave James One of the most admirable champions on the planet PARIS - Roger Federer next week launches his n...

Resurgent Hewitt on Track for Top 5 Comeback
Resurgent Hewitt on Track for Top 5 Comeback by Abe Kuijl With all that happened in the Hamburg final on Sunday, one manís performance has been stuck under the radar a littl...

Comeback kid Hewitt on the majors trail again
Comeback kid Hewitt on the majors trail again By Kevin Fylan HAMBURG, May 24 (Reuters) - Lleyton Hewitt was a 200-1 shot for the French Open at the start of May, but after proving...

Rising star Djokovic ready to pounce in Paris
Rising star Djokovic ready to pounce in Paris By Martyn Herman LONDON, May 24 (Reuters) - Considering Rafael Nadal will only turn 21 during his defence of the French Open it...

Re: Question for Whisper
On 23 mai, 08:10, lgoler <[email protected]> wrote: > You also seem to be a pretty smart dude with some interesting and > insightful opinions. :D

Any live streaming from Istanbul?
On PPmate, TVU, Sopcast? I've got them all installed. And plain old windows mms:\ streaming will do nicely as well :-)

Quik Quiz #224
Matching, by country For the following players, name the city of their birth: Magnus Norman Bjorn BŲrg Mats Wilander Stefan Edberg Thomas Johansson ...

Hamburg stat notes
81 clay match win streak broken? yeah. other random stuff: 1. Nadal lost his first clay final; before Sunday he was 16-0. Nadal still has the best Finals W% (min 10) in ...

Davydenko news ... breaking Passport to success for Davydenko? "The No.1 seeding which he was aw...

Re: French Open Legends #1
On 23 Mai, 18:11, Fan <[email protected]> wrote: <a Graf hater's musings on Graf> > It seems thatGrafhas undergone a change in personality similar to ...

Federer victorious at "Roger Garros"
That's the real "French Revolution"!!! Allez Roger! I would love to hear Federer deliver his victory speech in French.

Fed/Lendl vs Nada/Borg
If there was a hypothetical doubles match on various surfaces (assuming every one was at their peaks!), which team will win Grass - ? Clay - ? Indoor Carpet - ? Hard cou...

I apologize to RST
I predicted Nadal's clay streak would go to the high 100s until 2009. I was wrong. I humbly accept my requisite virtual ass fucking starting now.

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