Can anyone beat Nadal at the French Open?
Can anyone beat Nadal at the French Open? By Wyman Meers The French Open, professional tennisís second of four major championships, is set to begin at Sta...

Federer preparing to halt Nadal again
Federer preparing to halt Nadal again Tim Henman practised with Roger Federer on the warm red clay of Roland Garros yesterday; or should that be the other way around? The two cert...

Federer a mere mortal as rain drives opening match off court
Federer a mere mortal as rain drives opening match off court Monday 28 May 2007 18:38 Even Roger Federer's god-like status in tennis couldn't prevent the heavens opening as ...

Fans put Federer hottest favorite for Roland Garros title
Fans put Federer hottest favorite for Roland Garros title font size ZoomIn ZoomOut As Swiss maestro Roger Federer opened his bid for his first French Open title on Monday, te...

Why (in particular) are Aussies such Simpletons?
It really is amazing.. You'd think Manicheanism began there: the need for simple, even if wrong answers, the general binary thinking, and above all, a self-satisfied stupidity.

Agassi paid Cahill 50K dollars a month!! Darren Cahill appears to have taken himself off of the coaching market, warning that even multi-millionaire world No.1 Roger Federer <...

A non-trollish post
Yes Fed is probably the most talented player that ever lived. No, if Fed never wins the French he's not undisputed GOAT. If Fed win 16 slams but 0 French Opens, he's T-1 with Borg/Sampras in...

Media gets it wrong about Federer again! "And with such an array of quality in the world's top 10, it would be an astonishing achievement, even for Fede...

FedGod singing

More Fed/Hingis Oh my gosh, what a cute couple! Fed, ditch Mirka immediately and tell Radek to shtup off! God, I'm so jealous of an...

"arrogance" / fed's language skills - query
re the posts on fed's "arrogance"... can someone clear up how good roger's english actually is? isn't his mother south african? if this is the case, would fed therefore have picked up englis...

Fed/Hingis They would have made a great couple.

The neocons are discredited - but not defeated
The Cabal Strikes Back The neocons are discredited - but not defeated by Justin Raimondo You would think that a political tendency such as the neoconservatives, ...

Rafa playing tennis at age 16

Roland Garros 0R rankings - men
1 (1) 6815 Federer, Roger 2 (2) 4225 Nadal, Rafael 3 (3) 2925 Roddick, Andy 4 (5) 2775 Gonzalez, Fernando 5 (4) 2590 Davyde...

contest picks check to see your picks are listed and correct Men's winner 27 - Roger Federer 23 - Rafael N...

Wilander: Federer is the perfect clay-court player? Also, how about this: "Roger Federer is growing up as a professional tennis player. He is

Great news men, Anna Kournikova is single again! All over for Enrique, Anna K? Posted: 3 hours ago Reports out of England say Enr...

prestige 600
Does anyone have a green/silver prestige 600 "classic beam" for sale or trade? My email: [email protected] Thanks, john

global warming = rain?
can we blame the FO rain on global warming? until 2-3 yrs ago, rain was never a problem at the FO. now, it's as bad as Wimbledon. What gives? -- .. the profiteers ar...

Fed struggling with Russell...
WTF Fed, more UFEs then winners again. Shanks all over the place.

Question about Tennis Channel online
Only Courts 1, 2, and 3? What about Phillipe Chatrier? Isn't that centre court?

Federer's dumped the red bowling shirt ...
... sporting a natty pale blue version v Russell

Federer, Rafa(fag..) and some guy with long hair

Anyone want to fight him?

Fed and Nadal slams
Before Nadal won his first slam, Federer won more than Nadals total. Between Nadals first and last slams, Federer won more than Nadals total. After Nadals last slam, Fe...

French Open still haunts Federer
French Open still haunts Federer Matt Murschel | Sentinel Staff Writer Posted May 28, 2007 It's probably the least publicized of the Grand Slam tennis events, but it mi...

Serena, Roger and Posh Spice
Serena, Roger and Posh Spice By Nina Rota | May 27th, 2007 E-mail | Print | Share While looking around for a few good metrosexuals, I explain why I donít think Se...

Federer can't afford me: Cahill
Federer can't afford me: Cahill May 28, 2007 - 12:22PM PARIS - Australian Davis Cup coach Darren Cahill has scotched speculation that he will coach world No.1 Roger Fe...

NY Times rates pros on tennis skills
An article in the New York Times, "Dissecting the Game, Skill by Skill," rates male and female pros on ten strokes or skills:

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