Canas & Argentina players' doping!!
Argentina, meanwhile, has built a reputation for failed dope tests. In 2000, Juan Ignacio Chela failed a test for methyltestosterone, and was banned for three months; Guillermo Coria, the 20...

Yannick Noah is in the house
watching his son Joakim play in the Florida v. UCLA game in Atlanta .... Go Bruins!

Newsflash: Canas receives strange phone call ...
Police are invesitgating a bizarre phone call allegedly made to Guillermo Canas's mobile phone on the eve of his appearance in the final of the Miami Masters tournament. By c...

Whe Sharapova wins she wins big when she loses she loses big
Can you see that?

Canas backhand!!
His backhand swing is very tight, and he swings the racqeut almost in a horizontal plane (very flat). This makes him vulnerable to high balls on the backhand side. As a result, he...

Justine's Finals record
Anyone know ? Overall ? Seems since early 2006, she has choked in more Finals than won I'm just hoping she can win Wimbledon once for the Career Slam We now get ready to mov...

Serena isn't very likeable
Somebody had to say it

If there is something Federer can learn from Serena...
it is that unshakeable self-belief that she has in these super tight matches. I think he will be *really* unbeatable then.

is there anything more to say about serena?
i mean, really, she was off her game and still managed to find a way to win against a player like henin. she's simply one of the great competitors in sports.

Ljubicic's outfit an admission of clown era?

Juicestine is going to lose.
2MP's fluffed and now 1 set all. LOL

Rios sure looks happy
holding his little faux trophy:

I think we're starting to get a handle on the incubation period of Sharapova-Murray Syndrome . . . about two matches . . . . -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, p...

Serena-Justine *spoiler*
First set bagel for Justine? Justine is playing well within herself and Serena is playing ugly, ugly tennis.

Is Serena/Justine Live-streamed anywhere?
Any help much-appreciated. Thanks!

Michael Phelps
6 gold medals (until now)

Next tourneys for Feds & Nadal?
I'm really eager to see how each plays in the next one(s) and what their response will be to recent developments. Oh, and the Joker will probably win Miami, I'm pretty certain whoever came ...

Justine vs Serena
Should be a classic Women's final. Heart is with Justine, head with Serena. Bring on the clay season already.......... ASAP

Ljubicic in his post-match press conference: "The guys were cheating on us, and I don't think we should help them to come back, simple as that,"
Canas' rapid ascent in the rankings was built largely on strong results in lower-level Challenger events in South America, where he received wild-card invitations to compete.

Klark Cent From Barely Legal reveals: Fed has a new coach.
Name is Pete. Teaches him to lose against journeymen for just one aim: 7543!

Agassi vs Rios live streaming
Go to On the left side menu, click on "Se=F1al en vivo". In the popup window, in the upper area click on "Canal 13 en Vivo", windows media player or real play...

This is why Canas irritates Federer!!

Key Biscayne SF rankings - men
Career high ranks for Djokovic and Murray. 1 (1) 7290 Federer, Roger 2 (2) 4875 Nadal, Rafael 3 (3) 2980 Roddick, Andy 4 (4) 2825 Da...

Me is good player!
Very Much Good!

For someone who has more muscle mass in his buttocks than Roger Federer, Canas is one sickeningly fast man! Now only is he fast, but he's so strong that when he reaches for the un...

TTC finally gets around to Dubai
Next week they televise the SFs on Monday and Tuesday and the final on Wednesday. Very strange! -- Cheers, vc

Canas game
Has anyone seen him go for a low percentage winner? Must be a tough guy to play when he is on like this. The break point that he converted after Ljubicic messed up to give him a break...

I think Canas will win Miami
He'll beat Ljubicic, and should beat Djokovic.

Murray's post match comments
.... "That was the worse match I probably played since I have been on the Tour," the youngster admitted. "But I don't want to make any excuses. He played much better than me today. He...

We'll Have to Rename It Sharapova-Murray Syndrome
Once Hantuchova's Disease. -- Take a deep breath, take a walk, cool off, plot a bit, and serve again.

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