Murray has a six-pack (really)
Gilbert DID train Murray in the off-season, as he bragged he would do. Check out Murray's six pack. Yeah, he's still skinny, but he's looking better:

Australian Open 4R rankings - men
1 (1) 7370 Federer, Roger* 2 (2) 4775 Nadal, Rafael* 3 (3) 2825 Davydenko, Nikolay* 4 (5) 2605 Blake, James 5 (6) 2555 Robredo, T...

Federer, Nadal, Blake, Gonzalez, Ancic, ...
...Berdych, Djokovic, Murray, Gasquet With Davydenko, Roddick (sorry, don't like his game a whole lot), Ljubicic and Nalbandian to keep them honest. Hewitt is gone, I think. Monfi...

Gonzo on QF opponents
Q. What are your thoughts on your prospective quarterfinal opponents? FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ: I have a tough match. I play with Rafael last year. With Andy, I lost to him in the US Open la...

Shotspot - Scrap the Challenge system and use it all the time
I hated the idea of the challenge system when it was proposed. After having seen it in practice, I have not changed my mind. Let players play and let the umpire take care of the line ...

WTA AO 4R Rankings
Vaidišová isn't assured of being in the Top 10: If Peer should beat Šafářová in the semis, and Chakvetadze should defeat Sharapova, than Peer and Chakvetadze would take the last two Top 10...

Murray's ranking
He's going to be ranked 14 after AO. He only has about 300 points to defend before Wimbledon. Hard to see him not being top ten by then; he will need to pick up around 800 points to get ...

nadal's ocd today
he had it bad today - those pesky waterbottles just WOULD NOT DO AS THEY WERE TOLD!! then there was his knees - trembling like a little boy desperate for the toilet [bathroom for the america...

I thought Murray played pretty damn well..
...put the fear of God into Nadal, made him sweat, showed lots of variety in his play, didn't get down on himself, and didn't look much more tired than you would expect after a 3+hour five-...

Rafa's muscle tone Rafa looks extremely well muscled. All those balls he hits with Uncle Toni produces muscle tone like this? Or, is it the Mallorcan sunshine? Murr...

How long was the match?
Are the peabrains at espn going to show it at 3-pm today?

Djokovic:"I have only three words for Roger Federer: 'He is going down'. "
Novak Djokovic cockily declared in a television interview ahead of last night's match against world No. 1 Roger Federer: "I have only three words for Roger Federer: 'He is going down'. "

Why do Brits love breadsticks?
They can dip them into their cup of tea (with milk eventually)!

Not happy with Nadal today....
He needs to play more aggressively and attack more, he could have easily been knocked out today. I don't think he can win this slam if he plays the same way in the next few rounds.I suppose he's...

(spoilers) The Red Sea Parts...
... and Nadal's way to the final opens up. Uncanny, the way results have combined to give him the clearest road possible: Gonzalez and Haas *might* challenge him (though Haas will likely los...

stunning blonde watching with Bec check out the woman to (our) left of Bec watching the AO. Does anyone know who she is? Is she an...

One thing's for sure
Next year Murray will be world number 1. And that Roddick he's a compelte retard, just like the rest of you knuckle dragging american slopes. Bwahahaha!

Notice how quiet it gets.....
When Rafa is about to bagel. LOL. You know, this is the 21st century and all you tennis snobs, you know who I'm talking about, better give credit where it is due. Talent do...

The British disease?
Murray snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Any Brits out there?
Want some tea with milk? LOOOOLLL

Well whatya you know....
Murray proves s/v play is not obsolete in this supposed evolved era...

Where is ESPN when we need them?
Having to watch the Nadal/Murray match on my PC, scoreboard only. grrrr... TV had better watch out, the internet is going to kill the TV star.

That line call
That line call could cost Murray the match. Why didn't he challenge?

Where is HardCell?
Interesting to know who he is rooting for here? :)

2 sets to up 1
What a cracking point by Murray to win the 3rd set. push - push - push - SLAP - SLAP!

138 minutes gone..
and just two sets completed? Whisper must be enjoying this match... ;-)

Murray clowning it
Collapsing badly ...

Taxi for Murray
Sets and a half and he's just about dead

Nadal v Murray (spoiler)
Murray takes the first set 7-6 Playing cleverly, with short slices to bring Nadal forward and some SV plays as well. Nadal was not in trouble at all on his serve, however he...

Murray-Nadal (SPOILERS)
First set for Murray 7-6 ! Very good match so far.

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