Fed, Skip Miami!
Fed should skip Miami. No need to risk injury from the back-to-back TMS hardcourt tournaments right before the clay season. IW/Miami are insignificant with respect to slams, so win ...

Whiskers: Federer to win no more Majors this year.
Any disagreement out there with this self-evident truth? :-)

Attention Erich: Your YouTube account is suspended currently...
What happened? Why did they suspend your account?

Justine's return to #1 ?
I hope she comes back on tour soon, and assumes her rightful place I guess she'll just be Justine Henin at that point

Justine's return to #1 ?
Hope she is back soon to reclaim her rightful place.

who is Australia's Davis Cup captain - Fitzgerald or Cahill?
the DC website says Fitzgerald, but wasn't Cahill named captain during the AO?

OT: Led Zeppelin to tour again
If this happens, I will be selling my kidney to see them perform live. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2002471692,00.html

I guess Federer has more than a month to put a big belly before playing Dubai!!
It will be a good chance for other players to get him there, specially he is relaxed too winning AO!!

ESPN and The Tennis Channel Strike Grand Slam Alliance
The Tennis Channel (TTC) and ESPN have entered into a multi-year, multimedia programming and marketing alliance for Grand Slam coverage. Through this unprecedented arrangement ESPN will sh...

Nadal declared fit to play Davis Cup
Nadal is back in training for the first time after the straight set QF loss to Gonzalez at the AO. He referred to a gluteal injury that (he said) prevented him from running the way he norm...

Super Bowl Sunday: Who's that famous "Needtogrow" Ward Connerly Rooting For?
Super Bowl Sunday: Who's Ward Connerly Rooting For? By Eric L. Hinton Printer-Friendly Format DiversityInc 2007 All rights reserved. No article on this site can be reprod...

Attn: Erich
Erich, Just wondering what programs/environment you're using to record and create image files? It would seem you're creating RAR files with windows utilites? What versions? What ...

From SI.com interview with Blake (regarding Federer)
SI.com: What do you do? Blake: When someone's dominating, it can change on one match. Look at Bj=F6rn Borg and John McEnroe, who were so dominant and faltered so quickly -- not th...

Debate on the coaching rule
Hello All! The thread "SI's Jon Wertheim on Serena" has become a debate on the rule against in-match coaching. But since many of you may have missed it, I thought I'd start a new thread on ...

Sportwriters debate Woods vs. Federer
Who is more dominant, Tiger or Fed? Writer no. 1 (golf writer) says it's Woods. Reason: Tiger's achievements in golf surpass those of his peers and historical rivals by a greater ...

Was Steffi Graf a choker in slam finals?
The finals she lost... 1987 Wim - Okay you could say Martina was too good on grass then. But then Martina hadnt won shit the whole year and Steffi hadnt lost anything that year. W...

Match the player to the quote...
>From our tier 1 analyst... "He won't win USO (definitely won't make a FO final), but has a shot at AO with the right draw & a few breaks.... " "Plus I'm pretty good...

Only in America ! Actually I think the police did the right thing in jailing this rape victim.
I mean SHE was a convicted criminal so why should she as a victim get any more consideration than HER own victim ? I say LOCK HER ASS UP ! When you commit a crime you do the time...

FBI wire taps RST ! It's more like the KGB now. USSR silently won the cold war. We just don't know it yet !!!
FBI turns to broad new wiretap method 01 / 30 / 07 | FBI turns to broad new wiretap method The FBI appears to have adopted an invasive Internet surveillance technique that col...

Bush tries to kill White House Press Corp !
I Have Had My Differences With Members of the Press. But it's Nothing That Burying them Under Tons of Earth Won't Solve Contributed by Holly Bailey - Posted: January 30, 2007 2:10:...

The neocons have learned nothing from five years of catastrophe

Pete Sampras expects Roger Federer to pass his record
Pete Sampras expects Roger Federer to pass his record .... and thinks neither would have dominated the other at their peak... >From the BBC web site http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport...

The ATP Tour and Ivan Ljubicic - why tennis is not all Grand Slams
The men's professional tour emerges from the first Grand Slam of the year as players disperse to I love the Grand Slams, just like everyone else. But I like the other tourna...

The ATP Tour and Ivan Ljubicic - why tennis is not all Grand Slams
The men's professional tour emerges from the first Grand Slam of the year as players disperse to Ivan Ljubicic (gettyimages.com) I love the Grand Slams, just like everyone else. B...

Anyone seriously think Federer can defend his Wimbledon crown?
Here is a Fed fan's opinion: Whisper View profile More options Sep 5 2003, 4:11 am Given he's such a mental giant he should have no problems, right? H...

Sampras on clown era
Old stuff Question: Can, say, Federer and Roddick become this generation's Sampras and Agassi? Answer: I just don't think it's about two guys any more. It's about ...

Thx Erich! - More Download Info - Federer-Roddick AO 2007 Entire Match
Thanks Erich for posting the entire Federer-Roddick match! I have to say now even though it's 4.5GB it is exceedingly nice the way you provided it. I saw the other thread a...

Tiger Woods & Roger Federer
Cool article drawing parallels between Tiger and Roger. Although what both guys are trying to do is amazingly hard and they're both dominating their respective sports, I don't think co...

full peer/serena match on eurosport
eurosport much be going through the match archives and putting up a different match each day. today it's the peer/serena match. comparing her to the final, it's amazing how flat she starte...

the elite players have the best court movement
Unlike certain radical rst-ers, I'm a huge fan of Sampras, Federer and Graf and consider myself fortunate to witness live both of their brilliant careers. I also enjoy watching their clas...

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