Federer on FO & W ...
still trying to act like W is most important ... if the reverse psychology works well then ok... http://www.sportsline.com/tennis/story/9891391 -- "when i visit...

Does Whiskers like Tennis? Or just.. Sampras?
The available evidence is with the latter. How *sweet*.

2007 Predictions
Åsmund ... paging Åsmund ... last year's not updated http://tennisozzy.blogspot.com/2005/11/recsporttennis-predictions-for-2006.html not sure who won, it wasn't ...

Lets watch Federer beat these records... I doubt he can do it
Ivan Lendl win loss record during his best years on tour 1982: 106-9 = 92.17% 1985: 84-7 = 93.10% 1986: 74-6 = 92.50% 1987: 74-7 = 91.35% 1989: 79-7 = 91.86% ...

goat fed
If Fed can win next two grand slams he's goat for me. Winning the career grandslam, winning the four slams in a row and beating nadal in Fo. Then he has nothing to prove anymore to me...

A first look at the ATP's RR draw
Adelaide is the first tournament to use the round-robin format this year. Also, notice that rankings points are given instead of Race points. http://www.atptennis.com/en/common/T...

Gimelstob on Pete's current level (from his SI blog)
http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/writers/justin_gimelstob/12/21/sampras.federer/index.html In a nutshell: "Pete Sampras is currently playing at a level as high as anyone in the wo...

Will the Australian Open be streamed live?
Similar to Wimbledon, where all of the show court matches were available? Thanks, Dave

Federer's unconquered peak
Federer's unconquered peak By Clive White Last Updated: 11:55pm GMT 30/12/2006 Since Wimbledon 2003, when Roger Federer finally justified all the nice things that had ...

Cheney Hails Ford's Pardon of Nixon
What an ASSHOLE ! Then why didn't he pardon Saddam to heal Iraq ???? Fucking IDIOT. Cheney Hails Ford's Pardon of Nixon Dec 30 8:35 PM US/Easter...

Federer's dynasty will roll on
http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/tennis/sfl-sptennis31dec31,0,6123860.story?coll=sfla-sports-tennis Federer's dynasty will roll on Swiss star faces few challenges i...

Mzgurl ? Woman Charged With Malicious Castration
Woman Charged With Malicious Castration Dec 29 9:18 PM US/Eastern A woman was charged with malicious castration for allegedly attacking a man during a Christmas party, police sai...

Mimicking Federer here with eyes zoned in on the ball. Phenomenal stuff. Wonder what he's like at tying shoelaces? http://www.mediafire.com/?4yjw3yzefkj ...

On the Gallows, Curses for U.S. and ‘Traitors’
December 31, 2006 On the Gallows, Curses for U.S. and ‘Traitors’ By MARC SANTORA BAGHDAD, Dec. 30 — Saddam Hussein never bowed his head, until his neck snapped. Hi...

So the bastard is dead
Now rot in hell, ahole! What about the other war-hungry assholes left. When are they gonna go to the gallows.

Saddam Hanging video for download.
Have some friends over on New Years Day, a few drinks, and watch him die. Close with a prayer that Bush, Cheney and Rimsfeld will also be caught, tried and hanged. http://...

Knick, knack, paddy whack, Give the dog a bone - this ones for hardcell !
Hairy moments fail to halt Murray's progress ALAN PATTULLO WHILE Andy Murray's year ended with water it began in the soup in New Zealand. Lucrative sponsorship deals with Highland...

The only true Americans left are the Keyboard Commandos here on usenet.
Damn! The military is full of pinko-commies, liberal, hippies too. The only true Americans left as the Keyboard Commandos here on usenet. http://www.armytimes.com/story.php?f=1-292925...

Philippoussis nabs Cahill and Reyes
Philippoussis, who spent most of last season off the tour, is hoping to get a wild-card entry at the Australian Open next month. The former Wimbledon finalist has been working with Andre A...

Will Nintendo Wii ^ tennis popularity in US?
Every story I hear/read/see about the Wii mentions that the tennis game for it is great.

American Library Association calls for Bush Impeachment
PLG calls for Bush’s impeachment Resolution Condemning the Actions of President George W. Bush and Calling for Impeachment Proceedings WHEREAS, democracy is a core value tha...

See Saddam swing (video).... one dictator down and one to go.
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7532034279766935521 He was still speaking when they pulled the plug on him.

How many here know Bush ordered the burning of US LIbrary books ?
Yes, He did. These were government publications that instructed Americans on their rights under the law and how to defend themselves. Bush said, fuck that noise,...


The kid....
..is about to play his 1st junior slam. If he wins at 14 everyone better take notice... http://www.mediafire.com/?6zjnmyfzmem

OT: watch the greatest band of all time perform
http://youtube.com/watch?v=HHP0zWh7Muo Quite dopey! The bass line is so hypnotic.

Watch Steffi butcher Sanchex
She was the greatest player ever! http://youtube.com/watch?v=7E282ZzH-8Y

! Highly principled White people like the Switzerland people frown at Saddam's execution, and how the USA orchestrated everything
Switzerland frowns at Saddam's execution The Swiss foreign ministry has reacted to the execution of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, calling the death penalty "unjustifiable...

Sidney Wood
Is he still alive?

Mac/Lendl '84 USO
is up on Youtube--maybe it has been. I watched quite a bit of it this morning, and anyone who wants to see prime-peak Mac might want to check it out. He was faster than shit to the first v...

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