who are the most versatile players since Laver?
i'm thinking: 1. Agassi. won the NCYGS. way to go, Andre! 2. Borg. the FO/W combo is amazing. 3. Federer. the guy from Basel beat Pete at W by SV and attacking the...

Davis Cup: Russia v. Argentina
Looking forward to it, glad TTC is covering. Any predictions?

Yahoo proves clown era
http://sports.yahoo.com/ten at this moment there's a URL with the caption: Blake caps year with loss to Federer. the link has been up for weeks. Why is the title about Blake?

Fed should win the Davis Cup for Switzerland one day
Just like Cash & Sampras did for their home countries.

Davis Cup should be played the weekend after the YEC
10 days between is way too long

Davis Cup should be played the weekend after the YEC
10 days between is way too long

The most talented player we've ever seen..
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAT0LxVUf3s Right here. I may have missed the Sampras era but I'm glad to be following tennis in the Fed era.

Sampras' crap backhand
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGGOw6EquiU&mode=related&search= Have to say, his b/h was a non-factor in most of his matches....

What if Sampras, Federer & Agassi
...all turned pro at the same time?

Sampras vs. Federer and their only ever meeting
To those who've seen the match in full, what observations can you make? Particularly with regards to Sampras' serving, serve-volleying, Federer's return of serve & passing shots? ...

Sampras at his best?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpOH1MYssQk Crap video quality but this is Sampras in a year he played his best-ever tennis, I think. I think Pete's backhand was very good & ...

Sampras at his best?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpOH1MYssQk Crap video quality but this is Sampras in a year he played his best-ever tennis, I think. I think Pete's backhand was very good & ...

One of the best tiebreaks ever...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLy3yIdexIU Remember this one? This & the USO 2001 QF were their best ever matches? One thing for sure: a fit & younger Andre would've g...

I hope Federer knows this is what he has to be ready to do most of the points in FO 2007 if he wants it!!
http://download.yousendit.com/E7ED92F8636758EF He has to be in a great shape with a great stamina.

Rupedski vs. Pedro Dias --- Rage in the Cage!
I'll take the action on this one. No holds barred. Only blunt objects and body parts to be used as weapons. As these two have never met in person, odds will be established on the basis o...

Ana Ivanovic on Tour
New Ana Ivanovic website http://home.orange.nl/mvandervalk with pictures and caps.

Sampras won 12 of 13 slam finals in his best stretch.....
Fed is 8 from 9. Perspective Fed-fuckers - perspective.

Match of the Year
What has been the best match of the year for you, and why? What did it contain that warrants 'Match of the Year' honours? For me it's the Rome final. A fast claycourt & we prett...

'Rafael Nadal Tennis' coming out Dec 22 (Nintendo Ds)
http://www.gamespot.com/ds/sports/ra...nis/index.html I am sure it will suck. But it is interesting that Nadal got his own game before 9 time champion Roger Federer.

Back from Vegas, ladies
tell me u missed me

Hindsight choices for Fed
Just wondering about Shanghai. Given the choice of either 1. Winning the tournament without having to defeat Nadal (i.e. Nadal doesn't make it past the group stage) or, ...

Are Whites the Rule in Sydney
A friend said that one still wears all white at most clubs in Sydney. Is this true?

Sampras-Federer: Going Forward
It occurs to me that we have reached the ten-year anniversary of the end of Sampras' best years. For the following six years, he won six Slam titles, averaging... right. The point...

The Hops comparison chart has been updated!
http://tennis28.com/studies/Federer_Sampras.html http://tennis28.com/charts/Sampras_Federer_rankingpoints.GIF Remarkable coincidence that Sampras YE 1996 had almost exactly the s...

atptennis.com changes?
There was time not so long ago when you couldn't find a page without a snarling or fist-pumping Nadal. atptennis.com seems to have morphed into a kinder gentler web site. D...

Most remarkable threadlets of 2006?
May I sponsor the following? > RuPEDski wrote: >> > "RuPEDski" <[email protected]> wrote in message >> > news:[email protected] ...

Somebody Give Poor Maria a Break Sometime
"While Henin-Hardenne and Amelie Mauresmo play very pleasing games, Sharapova just grunts and hits the ball very hard, he said in an interview with DPA. Even her grunting isn't the loudest i...

Federer's Brutal Efficiency & Improvement from 2004 to 2006
General Note: 25% = QF 45% = SF 70% = F 100% = W 2004 Grass = 100% efficiency, 245 out of 245 points contested HC = 74.68% efficiency, 870 out of 1...

Waltz article on top women
http://www.tennis.com/features/general/features.aspx?id=54696 This is similar than what was posted here about men last week. I already forgot that they promised to have women lat...

Wertheim - Enough Roger love! Until players stop the awe, Federer
Apparently, it is not Federer's game that is helping him win! I think the awe has lagged significantly behind the wins. There was definitely no awe in 2003 or even in 2004. But the aw...

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