GOAT - fitness
When it comes to fitness Jim Courier is pretty much the GOAT. His movement was only so so but he did a lot of it running around that forehand. I reckon in some of his great victories h...

What is with those score icons for tennis matches on tv today?
What the hell is the purpose of those idiots keeping those fucking annoying score icons pasted on our tv screens when games are in play? the umpire gives us the score. the commentators repea...

Federer (2004-2006) vs Borg (1978-80) and Lendl (1985-87)
There were only three champions who had three consecutive dominating years in Open era. Bjorn Borg 1978: 52-4 1979: 74-6 1980: 60-6 Total: 186-16 = 92%... amazing!!...

Study shows Federer is most dominant....
Since we all enjoy arguing about who's the "greatest" and all that, I thought I'd try a new way of looking at dominance in the history of men's tennis. Since computer rankings began in 1973,...

Graf slams (a gift for Calimero)
21 of Steffi's slams. Her last slam in 99 is missing. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=A19D3CFC418298B7 Dave

RST chronology: When we saw the light
I derived the following table from topspin's interesting "When did experiencing tennis history start for you?" thread. Feel free to correct any errors. Special award for valor goes to Dave H...

How many singles titles did the game's greats win at their worst blue-chip slam (WTA)?
IMO this is the ultimate measure for greatness - winning at your worst slam tournament (often identical with your worst surface). Let's eliminate the Australian Open as for many decades most...

Safin - Blake (spoiler)
Looks like Safin had a good go of it early but Blake's recent form held up. Blake d Safin 36 64 76 (3) Dave

FS: 1987 "Player's Challenge Tennis Championships" Promo Board
1987 "Player's Challenge Tennis Championships" Promo Board I have for sale the 1987 "Player's Challenge Tennis Championships" Promo Stand-Up Board. The board measures 20"x28" is in ful...

FS: 1992 Tennis Magazine "Tennis Open '92" Edition
1992 Tennis Magazine "Tennis Open '92" Edition I have for sale the 1992 Tennis Magazine "Tennis Open '92" Edition. The edition contains 194 pages of text, full-color action photos and ...

Players you've seen in person...and ones you wish you had.
I was thinking about how much more vibrant pro tennis is at the actual event vs. television, and I started making a list of the notable players I've seen in person over the years. Not that m...

Blake defends state of U.S. tennis
Blake defends state of U.S. tennis Reuters BANGKOK, Thailand -- The previous generation of American tennis players are a tough act to follow, but James Blake insists standards

Mumbai - Tursunov asks for Youzhny tips
Tursunov in the SF and meets top seed Robredo. If he can get a few tips from Youzhny's last match against Robredo ... I think Tursunov needs a tournament win to take his blogging...

Will Blake choke against Safin?
Blake is on the brink of his first ever YEC appearance. Decent performances the rest of the year will do it. He was on song (against low ranked players) in the first two rounds. Won ...

Toni Nadal: "I'd be happy for Rafa to be second again in 2007"
Uncle Toni is a dangerous man. http://www.mallorcadiario.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=18897&Itemid=33 Excerpts: ========= Toni Nadal lo tiene claro: ...

Federer's off the cuff remarks on a few players
Found this on the BBC site. From a radio interview after DC where Federer was given some names and gave his instant analysis (thanks to the translation from Swiss-German by a poster called...

Srichaphan the Love King?
Why does it say "Love King" on the back of his shirt? Is he boasting of his sexual prowess? Or does he adore the King of Thailand? Bizarre ...

3 matches away from CYGS
Henin was this year... if she won the three final this year that she lost... who else.... 1986 - Lendl (if he won against Becker in Wim final he would have done CYGS 1987 - ...

If Navratilova won 86 FO and Lendl won 86 Wimbledon
Would that have been a CYGS? My guess is yes because they could have claimed that they never got a chance to play at AO that year.

Newsflash: FED is still a BORING SCHMUCK
But you knew that already, didn't you?

Luxembourg, Guangzhou, Seoul QF Rankings
As mentioned in another thread, Schiavone has her best chance of picking up her first career title. I think this is a new career high ranking for Obziler. She hasn't been in th...

September 14th, 1986 - Graf vs. Man. Maleeva 6-4 6-2 (Tokyo final)
Steffi wins her 6th WTA tournament - only 5 months after her first one (Hilton Head Island). Never before and never since has a player accumulated her first 6 tournament that fast. ...

Dementieva - Radwanska *spoiler*
Radwanska def. Dementieva 7-5 6-2. Well done, Agnieszka! MJ

Thailand Open *SPOILER* Srichiphan-Henman
Srichaphan comes back from a set down and a break down in the 3rd set to beat Henman 6-7(2), 6-4, 7-6(4). Makes his 3rd SF in a row at his home tournament. He said in recent int...

Bangkok *SPOILER* Blake, Safin
Blake beats Nieminen in a tight 3 setter, his first tough match in Bangkok this year after 46 and 55 minute matches in the 1R and 2R. Safin beats Zverev in an even tigher 3 setter, his 3rd...

GOAT aggressive baseliners
Here is my top three greatest aggressive baseliners: Ivan Lendl Andre Agassi Jim Courier

FS: 1985 Molson Light Challenge Tennis "Autographed" PROMO Board
1985 Molson Light Challenge Tennis "Autographed" PROMO Board I have for sale a 1985 Molson Light Challenge "Autographed" Promo Board. The full-color promo board measures 19 1/2" x 27 1...

FS: "1997 du Maurier Open" Womens' Tennis Championship Autographed Program
"1997 du Maurier Open" Womens' Tennis Championship Autographed Program I have for sale the "1997 du Maurier Open" Canada's Women's Tennis Championships "Autographed" Program August 9 t...

Whisper makes fun of Lendl at W but .....
Sampras was FAR FAR FAR more of a "hack" at the FO.

Greatest in terms of respect
Lets talk the modern era (the era in which players played power game with modern rackets - graphite/titanium etc) Here are the top champions who deserve the most respect 1) ...

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