NYC Night crowd ?
Man, I'd give anything to have the money and time to go to Flushing Meadows NY to see these night matches in Arthur Ashe Stadium Don't get no better, even tradtion and history of Wiimb...

Agassi's Drink Concoction
Clear - obviously water (Evian) Orange - Gatorade? Pink - Looks like SoBe but it's in a Evian water bottle - and he asked for more of it during tonights match. Anyone know fo...

What a hostile crowd!
cheering every error or bad serve!!

This is how good Agassi is
A 36 year old, blows a 2 set lead and a 4-0 game lead in 4th set, with a bad back, beats a Top 10 player, 21 year old. Unreal It can't last, but it sure is fun to watch ...

Agassi WINS !
Unbelievable! His body outlasts the 21 year olds ... -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After collectivization...

streaming options?
anyone know what a poor boy without cable can do to see some of this USO? anyone know of a stream? tx

Go Marcos!!!!
Screw the crowd.

Hingis tanks, is awaiting Federer in love nest
...actually, i'm not sure that Martina Hingis is involved with Federer. I made that up. Hingis lost to Razzano, 6-2, 6-4. peace,

Is Agassi playing the last match of his life today?
Is there any way Baghdatis will lose this?

Agassi's drink
Definitely ORANGE tonight. Gave it to a ball-boy to put in that ice box just after he set his stuff on court.

This match is making me nervous. Hope Agassi's back holds up and hope the fans are fair to Baghdatis. Both may be too much to ask ....

hingis beaten
good riddance -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After collectivization, the fish immediately disappeared."

Hinigs in trouble?
Lost first set 6-2 - broken in first game of second v Razzano

[USO] Serena-Hantuchova
An all too typical Hantuchova match, with her dominating the first set with clean lashing serves and strokes until serving for the set, when she blew two feeble drop-shot attempts and commit...

Becker reborn?
B. Becker is up a set and a break against Grosjean.

Win More Matches!
Finally, you can add power and consistency to your game overnight without practicing - guaranteed. "The Amazing Secret that Andre Agassi, Venus & Serena Williams, Andy Roddick and other Pro...

Serena's outlook
Serena is physically fit, but not match fit. Hantuchova had her chances today. Serena won't be able to beat the upper echelon, at least not Mauresmo, Henin, or even Davenport. B...

Sharapova-Loit (spoiler)
Well, up to 6-0 4-0 for Maria, she only lost 5 or 6 points in the whole match ! Maybe a few on double faults, what a shame for Loit ... Even though Maria is way too good on cement for her,...

Please, USA Network, Please, God . . . .
Please stay with Serena-Hantuchova . . . . My *eyes* . . . !

Nadal Monfils - potential upset?
Am I the only one thinking that this possible 3rd round match has huge potential for upset Anyhow, regardless of who wins, I think it will be a great and interesting matchup.........

[USO] Schiavone-Mirza (Spoiler)
Schiavone pounds Mirza after a tight first set, 5-7 6-1 6-2. The scary part is Schiavone _out-served_ Mirza in every respect for the match. Did Mirza sprain something? ...

Nadal-Horna *partial spoiler*
Horna levels the match against Nadal and its 1 set all. Did anyone see the 20 point rally Horna won to break Nadal at 4-2? Flat out incredible!!! Nadal displays his problems against all...

agassi will beat ...
bagdaditis, in 4 sets. -- Fraulein forehand, undone by Seles's ability to hit winners fore and aft at the German Open, was espied at Roland Garros using a two-fisted backha...

Agassi retirement party... The onion plain out rocks!

Any bittorrents for montreal final?

Shoulder injury my ass
Davenport wins 60 60 Henin better stay on track. Dave

Quick quiz question
Who is the only male player ever to appear in 5 or more slam finals and win them all?

Roddick and Shara
These 2 are made for eachother. They both have ugly games and are obnoxious as hell to behold on court. I thought Roddick was awful last night, but fortunately played a guy who couldn't th...

US Open 1R Women's Rankings
I haven't checked all the 17th events, or the results for those who played Challengers the second week of last year's Open. The top players for whom this makes a difference are Safina and...

Why does LleyLley never shout COME ON when he's losing?
Why is it always during a turning point of a match? Answer: to break their spirit. Why is it also done when he has the match won at 6-2 5-0? Answer: to rub it in. Why does he nev...

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