If Nadal were to beat Federer in the final....
how badly would it damage Federer's legacy?

Could Roger lose ?
Do we really believe Nadal (if he gets there, not a given way Marcos is playing), has Roger's humber even on grass, to that extent gotten inside his head and psyche ? I obviously ...

Beautiful women's semis
2 great matches, lots of swings in momentum, but in the end, Mauresmo finally made up for a total breakdown in 2nd set, wow JHH and Kim played a great match, should have been a 3-sette...

sakari, i don't...
...have time to chide you, late for a flight....you lucky sonovagun! bob

Everyone just assumes Bjorkman will lose
I know he most probably will lose badly but wouldn't you laugh your ass off if he won?

Hardcell et.al. really think Nadal can win against Federer on grass.
And I thought you are experts in tennis. That's pure irony.

Dr. Fuentes customers

Doctor in cycling probe denies giving performance-enhancing drugs to sportsmen
http://www.daily-news.ro/article_detail.php?idarticle=28439 The doctor at the center of a major doping probe denied administering any performance-enhancing drugs to athletes during his...

Thank goodness the Ladies' Final won't be ruined
by Sharapova's absurd shrieking.

Connors' loves Nadal's chutzpah
He seems quite disdainful about the preponderance of physical and mental weakness in the mens tour. I think what Jimbo particularly likes is that Nadal looks like the kind of guy who has...

Wimbledon Women's SF Rankings
Hénin-Hardenne cannot catch #2 Clijsters this week. 1 (1) MAURESMO, AMELIE 3484* 2 (2) CLIJSTERS, KIM 3377 3 (3) HENIN-HARDENNE, JUSTINE 3093* 4 (4) SHARA...

Enna could break into top10 open era slammers with Wimby success!
open era slam sucess (titles - finals - semis - quarters) 1. Graf 22 9 6 5 2. Evert 18 16 18 2 3. Navratilova 18 14 12 8 4. Court 11 1 4 4 5. Seles ...

Brad Gilbert's big mouth
Overall, I like Brad and think he makes a helluva commentator and analyst. But yesterday, I found something he did to be just a little over the top and unsporting. Brad and...

Kim is useless against Henin these days
Never bet on Kim now in any match against Henin. mentally breaks down everytime. Kim can play so much better then she shows against Henin. but can't seem to do it against this girl.

Wimbledon fan has yoghurt confiscated in sponsorship row
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html? in_article_id=394387&in_page_id=1770

So, what illness will Henin make up on Saturday?
If she starts getting her arse kicked again.

AO, FO & Wimbledon finals in same year
(Since AO regained its place as 1st slam in year.) 2006 Henin, Federer (?) 1997 Hingis 1995 ASV 1993 Graf 1992 Seles 1989 Graf 1988 Graf 1987 Navratilova ...

Federites cowering in fear!
Please, OH Please God let Bags win! I can't even contemplate Rafa in the final beating my golden boy god Federer!

Momo vs Juicy
should be interesting

Thanks to Amelie
--for making me some more loot today. This has been a good week so far.

Mauresmo Will Defeat Henin on Sat...
I am almost sure of it. Mauresmo has been coming into the net beautifully. And she wants to make Henin know that her lone grand slam wasn't a fluke. Go Mauresmo.

Goodbye to the Endorsement Whore
No more screeching banshee for Wimby! Nice to see a rematch from the AO.

clash of the choking chicks
Amelie chokes away the second set, Masha obliges with the third. But wait! Amelie still has a chance to choke it better... it would be a huge comeback, but she might be able to do it. ...

Quik Quiz #189
Agassi was the last player to reach Roland Garros/Wimbledon finals back to back. When was the last time two players did this in the same year - where the Wimbledon final was a remat...

Nadal in semis!!!
If Baghdatis can't stop him he will be as good as his word and in the Wimbledon finals.

Wimbledon QF rankings - men
Stepanek and Baghdatis break into top ten. 1 (1) 6710 Federer, Roger* 2 (2) 4960 Nadal, Rafael* 3 (3) 3185 Nalbandian, David 4 (4) 31...

Federites, pray for the Bag-man
--to save the day for your boy.

Nadal looks tired!
Even he is leading by two sets, he looks tired and fatigued. Probably he did not have his daily dose today!! If it goes to fourth, he may lose!!

same old Clijsters ..
gets up a break in each set, and promptly collapses. why is she afraid of henin? heck at last year's USO she hung tough and battled vs. Venus for crissakes, so why is she so ten...

Bye-bye Jarko
Guess the doping allegations didn't bother Nadal too much.

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