What does Baghdatis need to do?
To take it to the next level? He's done well this year, moving up something like 80 ranking spots, in AO final and Wimbledon semi. What next?

Match Odds
6.2 for Nadal. That should be easy money for those who are truly bullish on his victory. Apparently, there's less doubt than there was at Roland Garros, and the earnings are near...

peak Nadal > peak Sampras
Just to piss off Whisper ;-)

Dear Hazey
Hope you enjoyed the Nadal -Bag-Man match. Respect from me for at least having the balls to pick the Bag-man. He gave a good effort. Nothing to be ashamed of. Have a ...

Nadal doesn't seem..
to attract the chicks at all like Borg did. Is Nadal so much uglier than Borg? Why no chicks? Or do they come after winning Wimbledon?

Nadal quote....
"I'm going to try to play the best match of my career [on Sunday]." Uh-oh, Mr. Golden Jacket.

Imagine Nadal...
..coming out in the final wearing white trousers & a sleeveless tuxedo-like vest LOL : - ()

The main question...............
If this was on HC, I'd favour Nadal much more, but grass is clearly the best chance for Fed to beat Nadal. However, the main question is whether the aspects of Nadal's game that trouble Fed ...

Wilander was right, Nadal has
Nadal has 3 huge balls in his sack.

Federer's jacket looks really good but...
...he should compliment the jacket with white trousers, like the good 'ole days. It's befitting of someone of his stature & character. What do you all say?

Predictions? Fed vs. Nadal
I'll say Fed in 4 excruciating sets of tight, tough tennis. They'll probably exchange tiebreaks......fingers crossed :-)

Will nadal wipe his arse all over Fed's pompous white jacket?
And will Fed bother to put it on if he walks off the court as a loser?

I think Fed can handle Nadal's serve
Bagman getting a lot of serves back deep but after that point he's retreats behind the baseline. I think Fed can handle this level of serving.

Adam Thirnis = utter dickhead with egg on his face
he claims that Nadal had no chance to go far at W and now Nadal has reached the final. Dickhead Adam spastic also claimed that Fed would definitely beat Nadal in the FO final but Fed lost ag...

Imagine if Nadal really tea-bagged Fed?
On Centre Court?! Jesus, what a turn of events that would be! All I can think about is that fucking Jacket. Nadal might be pissed that Phil Knight didn't think to give him one. ...

Nothing to lose for Nadal now...
if he wins his stock goes through the roof. If he loses he has still progressed as far in Federer's best slam as Federer has at Nadal's.

Nadal ahead of Sampras
Not only Rafa would be ahead of Sampras if he wins on Sunday but also, on current form he woudn't drop a set to peak Sampras....

Federer's reaction to Nadal reaching the final...
it would be amusing seeing undercover footage of Fed's reaction to Nadal reaching the final. : o )

Federer vs. Nadal final at Wimbledon!
Pigs do fly! -- Cheers, vc

The curse of the jacket...?
Tennis equivalent of 'jumping the shark'...?

So much for Nadal having no chance of getting to the final
Dias, Vari, Hazelnut....what happened!

10 players who have impressed you the most (in terms of off-court personality, career and the personal struggles they had)
1. Steffi Graf: She battled injuries, scandals through out her career. The german media and her peers were never nice to her. Yet won 22 slams and 2 GS (1988 and 1993-1994). Now she is marri...

Is Baghdatis even trying?
If he was Russian or Czech his name would be Tanka Handitova.

bags is up 40-0 on nadal's serve ...
.. and loses it anyway. sheesh. fed/nadal should be a great final. -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After

Is Nadal the GOAT?
If Nadal wins Wimbledon he'll have three slams by age 20. He'll also be the favorite to win the USO, adding a fourth. I can't imagine that Nadal is going to have a long career. He wi...

If Fed thrashes Nadal...
should Nadal make the final will we see a turnaround in their head-to-head? If so, why?

Is it fair to say...........
that apart from a straight set defeat of Federer by Nadal that any other result will NOT come as a surprise?

If Fed loses the final..
to whom ever it may be (looking increasingly like Rafael at this point :)) how will he react? I honestly don't think he's going to spiral down to the depths of mediocrity as man...

Refresh my memory Haze.....
You did say Bargitis would beat Nadal right?

Who gets a hard-on.......
watching Nadal play the beautiful game of tennis?

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