Actually props to Nadal...
He's the only one who gives a serious threat to Roger. Now that Roger has slayed his demons, it can be a fun rivalry. Actually the rivalry only truly begins in Grand Slam finals - now they...

Skipping Hamburg was key
Skipping AMS Hamburg was key for Federer. Last year he came into Wimbledon very tired and he even admit this. Skipping Hamburg really helped him come to Wimbledon far more fresh...

Why is NBC showing mixed doubles?
When women's doubles is live? Did they explain?

opinions please
If Rafa had faced Roger's draw this tournament, would he have made the final? I think he would have lost to Gasquet. In the end, the soft Nadal draw helped Federer gain som...

Nadal is smart Realizes that he has to start saving his body if he wants to extend his level of dominant play.

Federer wins his last ever slam
For the eighth time I believe ;) Congratulations Roger!!

The OTHER Wimby winner!
The Bag-Man. I had totally written him off, and he made a liar out of me. I'm glad he did. And he had the balls to admit he just plain partied too much after the AO. Hopefully he's ...

ATP Tour served notice...
You clowns better get your act together or you can be content to win those little Tier III titles.

Another perfect 20!!!
I suppose Laurent hit a perefct 20 in Hops' contest!! congrats Laurent!!! bg

Expert analysis .. INDEED!!!
This is what Whisper said a few days back ... "Nadal's getting stronger each match - he must ...

I'm impressed by Whisper's magnaminity
But I don't believe it ;) Imagine the triumphalism if Nadal had pulled it

So if Fed beats Nadal in the next 3 slam finals...
Will Whisperboob start saying "Nadal-types"?

Dr. GroundAxe = Hazelwood?
Both MIA .... hmmmmm

It wasn't "mental" at Roland Garros at all
Nadal just has the edge on clay - and Federer on grass. It's that simple...

Order restored in tennis universe...
Now Federer will demolish all opposition to finish 80-4. Nadal will be lucky to win 1 set in their next 4-5 meetings.

Federer is too gracious!
Did not collapse on the ground, gave a nice speach, said he will start to like his rivaly with Nadal :) Nadal too said he would hope if he reaches the final in Wim again to not pl...

Thanks you Federer...
..for giving some of us the only points we'll get in Hops' challenge!! :-)

Best #1 and #2 of Open Era
Capable of challenging each other in slam finals on ALL surfaces. This is a golden era - treasure it...

My thoughts
Well, I thought that was one of the best finals we've had for a while, although it was a shame it didn't go to 5. It was kind of how I expected - Fed winning but Nadal giving him a scare. I ...

It should also be noted that this is one of the slowest grass surfaces in years. If this was 2001, Fed would have blitzed Nadal off the court w/o challenge. The slower the surface, the mor...

Butt collins was correct as usual! not really!
He said Nadal's ROS is better than Federer, etc and that Nadal will win Wimbledon, etc. He did the same in the FO saying Federer will win! I used to read his articles, now n...

How would you rate Fed's performance
To be honest , it was nothing to write home abt. And thats saying a lot since he fed Nadal a bagel. I just dont know whats up with Fed tryin to play long rallies with might earn ...

tough weekend for bob/whisper
"talented" henin fails to hoist gold plate, federer nightmare for samprasfanz rolls on, no nadal bail out on grass ... ;) -- "when i visited Aden before collect...

Fed-Sampras update Fed now leads in several categories ...

Manco = Hazelwood Sock Puppet
for sure.

So has Fed officially got the Rafa monkey off his back?
If this proves to be a rivalry turning match, Fed can consider himself lucky that Nadal made it to a Wimbledon final earlier than expected.

buckle the seatbelts... we go...... and btw, anyone who thought the FO final was "anticipated", you AIN'T SEEN NUTHING YET. bob

Here's what I hope ...
That Federer loses his fear of Nadal, that Nadal continues to play well on all surfaces and that their rivalry continues .... that fans of both can be as civil as the two players and ....

Borg's 1976 sweep still stands ..
Once again, a TB loss leaves Federer with 21/22 sets won. Borg's 21/21 sweep is now 30 yrs old. -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were ...

I can say that
If Federer did not play Nadal too many times specially on Clay, he would have lost today in Wimb. Federer was unbelievably reading Nadal's serve and adjusting his position to retu...

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