Factoid: Lendl v McEnroe from USO '85 on..
Lendl eleven wins, McEnroe one (WCT '89). Overall H2H: Lendl 21, Mac 15. Don't even ask about their record in Slams, if you're a Mac fan: it wasn't pretty. Genius just wasn't what it use...

101 greatest rock albums
50 YEARS OF ROCK N ROLL - THE TOP 101 ALLTIME ROCK ALBUMS In 2004 , the city of Memphis in Tennessee USA declared 1954 the date of birth of rock n roll. That 's the year when Elvis Pre...

Roddick in doubt for USO due to pulled muscle (?)..
According to numerous press reports. Maybe a pressure-lowering tactic? Or is a month insufficient time to a)recover or b)improve play to Connors's standard? One day A-Rod announces Con...

Your Relationships with Arthur Ashe
http://www.topsynergy.com/famous/Arthur_Ashe.asp Analyze your relationships with Arthur Ashe, and find out what types of relationships work best for you two.

Speculation: Federer wins Toronto, Nadal wins Cincy..
..with Fed going out in a rare early-round loss just before USO (a la Mac '84).

Will Federer humor retired player Sampras and play Exo?
..still curious about the politics of this potential meet-up, which Sampras seems to be longing for. Thoughts?

coria retires
not permanently - just from his latest match ;)

10 Greatest rock bands with at least one GUITAR GOD
In alphabetical order... 01. AC/DC (Angus Young: 'Hells Bells') 02. Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi: 'Iron Man') 03. Deep Purple (Ritchie Blackmore: 'Highway Star') 04. Jimi Hendrix Expe...

Is Peer in any Danger???
Peer has to work part time in the womans Israeli army. i hope she is not in any harms way with what ever she is doing there. the same goes for all the girls there. by the way congrats ...

Down memory lane - the past really was different...
Not very easy English, I'm afraid, but a reminder of why tennis is the way it is now, and some of how it got there... http://sport.guardian.co.uk/wimbledon2003/story/0,,983181,00.html ...

resolved: 9/11 was an inside job - day 5 (or so)
...a new thread, because it is tiresome looking through 90-odd posts. my challenge remains: Why should anyone regard the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 as factual? Please provide ...

Federer Rules ATP Points Race
Federer Rules ATP Points Race Roger Federer of Switzerland commands the ATP points race rankings issued on Monday, which saw an unchanged top 10 as none of the players was in act...

Roger must be green with envy
Look at the size of that thing: http://www.atptennis.com/1/en/newsandscores/news/umag_sunday.asp

So much for the Purists ...
http://www.sportstaronnet.com/stories/20060729000702400.htm Purists' nightmare? The Women's Tennis Association is going to allow ON-COURT COACHING at the Rogers Cup in Mont...

Just to tick off wendy...
In the 7/31 WTA rankings, Klara Koukalova is now listed as Klara Zakopalova. I'm assuming she's recently married.

Lawn Tennis vintage manual 1930s FA
Lawn Tennis , How To Master The Strokes ,Illustrated from Action Photographs, by Joan Fry & S N Doust., 88 pages,VGC,undated by circa 1933. Lovely vintage Lawn Tennis manual,with lots o...

If he plays like he did last night then I'll take Tursunov. Would it be his first ATP title?

Israel commits worst-ever war crime in Qana!!!!
When will just say no to the Zionist entity?

why are the so many back-to-back master series events ?
idian wells & key biscane, rome & hamburg, canada & cincinatti i my opinion there should be at least 1 week in between is there a reason for these back-to-back tournaments ? i als...

Murray vs Nadal (an indepth comparison)
...... "Nadal is the ultimate positive source, whereas Andy tends to appear a little bit lacking in motivation," Dr John Murray, a leading US tennis psychologist, said. "Murray ...

Intense schedule for Murray
"We need to get Andy a lot stronger, be more aggressive in his play." Wasn't it disagreement on the way to play (ex coach wanted Murray to be more aggressive) that led to Murray sacki...

smashnova 12-0 in finals
smashnova d. dominguez lino 6-1 6-3 to remain undefeated in final round matches. it's a fairly impressive statistic even though these are lower tier events. i don't think that ...

Heroes' Heroes: Roger Federer, on Boris Becker
This is the reason why Becker will be recognized as one of the greatest presences in the game though he just won 6 grand slams. The way he filled the imagination and created electricity on c...

"Judas Joe" Lieberman takes a hit !
The New York Times is set to include an editorial endorsing challenger Ned Lamont over incumbent Joe Lieberman for Connecticut's Democratic primary race for the Senate, RAW STORY has found. ...

Just give the trophy to the Kimster now
Patty certainly won't beat Kim in the final. but i hope Patty gives it her all. and makes it a good match. its not hard to predict whats going to probably happen in this match. Patty's...

Dear friend: Welcome to our web--www.lanvs.com. There is lots of commodities on it, which is my favorite collection. For example, bags, shoes, guitar, violin even curios......

Gatlin admits failing drugs test

Two Handed Backhands Rule
At the risk of being crucified by all of you who love stylish-looking one-handed backhands, I have to say that the two-handed backhand is clearly superior. I've had the chance to watch a lit...

Nuff said.

I am a MAN
I freaking drink a lot. Eat a lot of meat and D.E.S.T. R.O.Y No freaking woman is gonna be stopping me from doing that. By the way Megadeth - 'Rust in Peace' ROCCCCCCCCCCCKS! BABE!

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