"Steffi winning Wimbledon must have been the greatest moment of your career" "No actually it was when...
Gunther stabbed Monica Seles for me - because that moment I won about 6 slams in one day!!" Inviato da X-Privat.Org - Registrazione gratuita http://www.x-privat.org/join.php

Venus will be gone before saturday
So relax. but it is a pity Hingis lost. Venus is pathetic on clay. Hingis is much better on that surface. bad loss for Hingis

Poor Hingus
....still hexed by the Williams Roiders.

No1 priror 1973
http://staff.science.uva.nl/~jellekok/sports/tennis/tennis_matrix_ms_eng.html this site has listed them. i always wanted to ask how was that done prior to introduction of computer

NASA has recently answered to the prediction of a mega tsunami
NASA has recently answered with a world press release to the prediction of a mega tsunami, created by a possible impact of a fragment of the comet SW-3 on MAY 25, 2006 in the Atlantic Ocean....

NASA has recently answered to the prediction of a mega tsunami
NASA has recently answered with a world press release to the prediction of a mega tsunami, created by a possible impact of a fragment of the comet SW-3 on MAY 25, 2006 in the Atlantic Ocean....

why are the Fedbot fanboys starting doping rumors about Nadal!?!??
x-no-archive: yes nadal must sure has them scared! :D -------- VAMOS!

Video: Navratilova vs. Evert
http://download.yousendit.com/4EE3AC7935152DCB Clips from the DVD Wimbledon 1978 so if you have it don't bother with a download. As the current tennis situation is dull, dull, dull ...

Serena Williams
Doesn't come as a surprise really... but she just announced she is skipping both RG and Wimby this year... Daniela

Screw the 7543 crap. This is better!
based on surface importance (USO>FO>Wim>AO) 10 pts - 1 Year of domination 7 pts - USO 6 pts - FO 5 pts - Wim 4 pts - AO 3 pts - YEC 2 pts - slam runne...

Tursunov - Estoril Blogger Still in the Tournament
http://www.atptennis.com/en/blog/tursunov.asp Excerpts: === Right before the match I tried to do some sprints and some jumps to get the blood going, then I stared into the...

Over 50,000 posts already this year ...
http://groups.google.co.uk/group/rec.sport.tennis/about How many of them not utter bollocks ...?

754321 pyramid
95 Sampras(97) 90 85 80 75 70 65 Borg(65) 60 55 50 Connors(53), McEnroe(52) 45 Lendl (46) 40 Agassi (43), Federer (43) 35 Becker...

What is this on TC???
TC has 5 1/2 hours of nothing but tennis scheduled from 7-pm to 1-30am tomorrow. is this Warsaw coverage? stupid digital tv guide doesn't say what it is. just says tennis. how helpful! ...

safin v davydenko spoiler
Safin takes 1st set 6-4 against Davydenko is he back? :)

J&S Cup - Hingis - V. Williams
Hingis' last match prior to her "retirement" was against Venus on clay, I believe. She lost that match in straight sets. Career h2h is 10-9 in favor of Hingis. In matches t...

Agassi/Sampras h2h deceptive
It's easy to think that Sampras had Agassi's number. In a sense he did: but only because they played more often on surfaces that favoured Sampras. The fact of the matter is that Sampras wa...

Live webcast Tennis
That live webcast link that Srikanth posted is working a treat. Thanks man! I just have to be careful watching it in the office!! Nieminen vs Waske right now. http://mfile.akamai....

"Steffi, do you have a good relationsship with you FANs"? - "Yes, I do love them all. But espiecally I owe all to one FAN and his name ist"
..You guess who she is talking about?

What is Nadal saying?
From interview with the BBC after winning Barcelona and passing Borg with his 47th win in a row: "I`ve achieved my main objective here, and I`ve overtaken Borg`s number of wins...

Graf reveals her favorite novelist
"GŁnther Parche. Whoops! Sorry I meant GŁnter Grass. Freudian slip..." Inviato da X-Privat.Org - Registrazione gratuita http://www.x-privat.org/join.php

Graf KNIFED her way back to the top
12 slams went by and Graf only won 2 of them. Then a Fan brutally knifed the woman who had eclipsed her. Then of the next 12 Graf was able to win 7 only because her dominator had been crip...

Online Poll: Try Bush for War Crimes?
Online Poll: Try Bush for War Crimes? Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit A Poll Created by Howard Pearlman. See the Yahoo Group "Recall Bush"...

Whisper assumptions
1. Wimbledon is the pinnacle of the sport. Whoever wins it is the greatest and whoever wins it the most is the supercalafragilisticist.............. 2. All eras have the same number an...

Rivalries (player who ever played against each other) you wish could have happened
1. peak Graf (88-89) against peak Sharapova (maybe this year). Sharapova hasnt reached her peak. Both if she improves her game, she would be tough on grass, carpet and hardcourt for Graf bec...

US media ignorance of 'high crimes' in Iraq
Hollywood star Robbins blasts US media ignorance of 'high crimes' in Iraq May 02 9:50 AM US/Eastern Acclaimed American actor/director Tim Robbins blasted the US government's policy on ...

WTF? How is Petrova No.3?
She has won what like 4 titles her whole career? How many of those were Tier 1?

J&S Cup - Warsaw - Good day coming up
Everything from A to Z! A. Up and coming teens, the Radwanska sisters . . stars of today and yesterday Clijsters, Dementieva, Venus . . arguably the best(looking) doub...

Coria: the tailspin continues (spoiler)
Coria loses to Gremelmayr, 6-3, 2-6, 3-6. Gremelmayr current ranking is 132. Coria needs a confidence injection soon - maybe go to the challenger tour like Agassi did? ...

Berloq tells Calimero: Can you please borrow me a KNIFE?
Beause I need to plate an ENORMOUS BAGEL and an ENOURMOUS BREADSTICK!!! and they say this isn't a clown era...

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