In a media saturated world....
In a media saturated world, I think it's fantastic not to be able to view a Master's Series Final.... Right now ESPN 2 is showing a "heartwarming" Mother's day story that seems ...

New racket?
Get dad a new tennis racket for father's day at

i'm completely shocked (spoilers)
i'm stunned by Federer's fourth set! so far: 7-6 (7-0), 6-7 (5-7), 4-6, 6-2 can Fed pull off the upset?

5th set live on star sports now !
now !

Well like I said .........
shit happens man.

Re: May 18th, 1986 - Graf vs. Navratilova 6-2 6-3 (Berlin final)
By Rex Bellamy 1987 ITF Yearbook GERMAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ($150.000) Steffi Graf will remember her last two months as a 16-year-old. She had never won a professional tourna...

Nadal won 104 points to Federer's 103 points
Nadal is up two sets to one.

Federer hasn't had a break point against Nadal since set 1
Hmmm. Well, as least he's holding serve better. Rafa better run away with set four to make a point. Dave

From the stats
The match is very close while Nadal is a little better. I don't see the destruction or the crucifiction you talked about guys. Federer is getting closer to Nadal

What is Federer's incentive to win?
As opposed to getting a good feel for Nadal's game, and keeping his ultimate die-for-the-cause tennis for Roland Garros?

Henin-Petrova Spoiler
Petrova d. Henin 4-6, 6-4, 7-5. Now the #3 ranked player in the world, has won 4 of her last 5 events and 22 of her last 23 matches (not including Fed Cup). It will be interesting to see how...

In 90 minutes the Fed-Nadal final will be on Star Sports
In case anybody is interested.

Hey what happened ?
I though this was supposed to be a cakewalk for nadal ? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Federer - Nadal 1 set all
Nadal won the second set tiebreak (7 /5) So one set all now... Too bad no stream of that match... Feedback welcome from happy watchers :o) Manolo

More tiebreak love in the 2nd set....
Let's get it on!

Not looking good for Federer ...
He is having trouble getting any sort of points off nadal's serve in the second set. will surely lose the tie-breaker (if at all it reaches there). Federer should be lucky to get into a seco...

Ballsy pull out there by Fed...
Serving at 4-5, gets up to 30-love, falls to Ad Nadal, and then pulls the game out. Not bad, considering up to that point Fed was 1/4 and Nadal 1/1 on break point chances.

Nadal-Federer (spoilers)
What the heck happened to Nadal in the tiebreak? Federer jumps to a 6-0 lead.

is this a bagel in TB?

Federer's best chance yet
Nadal playing pretty awful with lots of errors and not much doing when returning serve. If Federer can't beat Nadal playing like this he never will.

Fed-Nadal Rome Final
Who is watching it live ? How does the play look so far ?

Is this match being webcast ?
I can't see it. They are showing the F1 race ! Please help.

Interseting Hamburg first round matchups
Moya - Blake Monfils - Murray Davydenko - Massu Federer - Scheuttler Nadal - Haas Still no Hewitt? Dave

Betfair odds Nadal vs Federer
Nadal - 1.46 Federer - 3.15

Federer & Laver
Regarding Federer winning the FO. He doesn't have to beat Nadal this year, or next year. What he does have to do is make sure his clay game is good enough that when Nadal slips, as he will o...

How many times did Sampras play Muster during his record clay run?
None. That's right a big fat ZERO. And remember Sampras was at his absolute peak at the time. And why didn't he play Muster? Because he wasn't good enough - he sucked on clay. No way can a...

Hamburg Draw
I suppose it is time for them to publish it, but cant get hold of it anywhere. Maybe they are put on hold till they can get any definitive news from the top seeds ;) bg

Will Fed stop Nadal tieing Vilas record ?
Ya know now that would be poetic justice. I sure hope it happens.

USC's Francis killed. Americans love to kill - Bush sets the example for all of us
USC's Francis killed Starting point guard shot to death in Louisiana Posted: Saturday May 13, 2006 2:40PM; Updated: Sunday May 14, 2006 1:07AM Rick Scuteri...

Former president Clinton bests Bush in honesty poll
Former president Clinton bests Bush in honesty poll 05/12/2006 @ 4:18 pm Filed by RAW STORY A new poll being reported by CNN's Wolf Blitzer has found that more Americans rate...

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