Federer leads Nadal 4-1
...in the trash talking department. ;-)

Nadal has had ONE good year won ONE slam and ...
You are all hyperventilating ! There is something amusing about that. Or, are you all nuts ?

Barcelona - Site, live scoring

Poll: Best Steffi Graf Photo
This one for Max ;-) I chose only the revealing ones 1. http://1stserve.com/images/steffi2.jpg Or 2. http://www.geocities.com/ruturaj_vartak/images/ssg6.jpg Or 3. http:/...

Nemeses for the GOATs
So, clearly Nadal is Fed's nemesis. Borg had MacEnroe. Lendl had Becker (in Grand Slams). Others?

Ya know what would be totally amusing ?
If Davedenko knocked Nadal out of Barcelona ! I guess that would make Nadal a *clown* ? Whisper would shit a brick (or two).

Nadal vs Lopez ?
It's lefty vs lefty. Can Lopez surprise ? *** For assholes like Hardcell & Groundaxe Please note this is NOT a prediction For opinion purposes only

Nice K-Swiss Online Cat
Nice online shopping experience...Classic, Verstad and others: http://www.discoforms.com/kswiss_shoes.htm

How close was MC really ?
Two points. Fed came withing two points of winning the 4th set. And, if it does to 5 Fed has the advantage and probably wins. Doesn't get much closer than that. ...

Chang is the greatest player of all time....
sampras, winner of 14 slams, considered greatest ever by some.... his worst defeat was in the hands of chang... 6-1,6-1,6-1 at FO. so Chang must be the greatest ever.....

Does Nadal seem inhumanly fast to you (a la Ben Johnson)?
I'm thinking Fed will wait him out, knowing Steroid-boy can only last so long.. And 7>1 (thanks Whimper!)

Nadal = Tiger Woods of tennis
doing stuff nobody has ever done in Tennis

Why can't Nadal win a (non-clay) Major?
His skipping of YEC and AO was typical- I won't win, so I won't play..

Nadal untested against a lot of top players ...
but Fed has beaten them all. I think any of these guys can whoop Nadal: Safin (any surface) Nalbandian (any surface) Murray (hard) Dent (ha...

Becker compares Fed to Sampras
"We are finally seeing a player with an old technique. He can serve and volley, can stay back, can slice and play the drop shot. He is a good example that you don't need a 135 mph serve or h...

Erich's Videos RePost: Nadal vs. Fed.
Sorry...Nothing new here, just a re-post of Erich's files of Nadal and Fed for any that may miss them as they get burried in the threads. Once again they are NOT new if you already have the...

Ze Truth of Life
Working from seven to eleven every night, It really makes life a drag, I don't think that's right. I've really, really been the best of fools, I did what I could. 'Cause I love you, bab...

Best against the best?
Nadal's phenomenal record against Federer led me to think -- "Who has been the best player ever, when playing against the best?" I have compiled a table of the H2Hs of all-time greats ...

Adidas sues Grand Slams over logo
http://www.sportsline.com/tennis/story/9395486 This includes sueing all of the *members* of the AELTC - not just the committee or the chairman or whatever (despite the club's attempts...

Wimbledon "morally indefensible" over unequal pay - Larry Scott
http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tennis/4942608.stm Wimbers maintains independence by refusing to pay ladies equal prize money. Mind you, it's not a big difference - =A3655,000 v =A362...

Dubai match was the real killer for Fed
Still think that the Dubai final was a big blow for Fed in the matchup v Nadal - and it played on his mind for the MC defeat. On a hard court, losing to Nadal after wiping him in the f...

fed=natural baseliner
fed = good natural baseliner, modest volley skills, good overhead, very good serve..his game is more naturally suited to clay than sampras. nadal = fantastic baseliner, modest volley ...

Nice article

Maximum Points Stats - Questions for 2006 and early 2007
From Hops' site tennis28.com, naturally. This is post 2000 maximum points reached by players. Points Player Rank Date 7275 Roger Federer 1 01/30/2006 5208* Andre Agassi 1 ...

Arsenal are through!
..to euro cup final! -- "when i visited Aden before collectivization, all the markets were full of fish product. After collectivization, the fish immediately disappear...

Excellent analysis of Nadal-Federer by Steve Tignor Full Monte Posted 4/24/2006 @ 12:32 AM The long, winding, scattered, sometimes-pointless pro tennis schedule ...

Roger gets a good Rogering
Even though I like Fed, thought this was funny ;-)

sad, sad Rogah
x-no-archive: yes the more he loses to better players the more pathetic and desparate he gets! --------------------------- Roger Federer can't seem to beat Rafael Nadal when...

Korolev takes out Moya in 2 sets! Korolev has a samprasesque take back on his forehand and is built like safin. He should be an interestinng player to watch in the future. srik...

Does Federer need to get mad to play Nadal?
Federer played some great tennis from 0-3 down in the 5th after losing his temper & smacking a ball out of the grounds. In the Miami match last year, he smashed his racket down when ge...

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